It was another day in the town of West Valley. The fourteenth consecutive day without any madness. Two weeks of silence since the West Valley killer had claimed his latest victim. The whole town had heard about the murder. They’d had plenty of time to react to it. Reactions of sadness, surprise, shock, even relief. Relief that they … More S03xE08 – GLASS SMASH

S03xE06 – BURN

    Footsteps. Heels clicking on the sidewalk. It was morning in the town of West Valley. The day had dawned hot and sunny for the second day in a row. The downtown area was silent, void of any life. Until Hayley came into view. She made her way down the sidewalk, passing by stores and restaurants. … More S03xE06 – BURN

S03xE04 – MISERY

  Silence in the Adkins house. The main room was empty. The light of the sun shining in through the windows. Yet, there was something in the air. If you were in the house, you could feel it. It would creep up on you. Something had happened there. Not that long ago. Two weeks earlier, … More S03xE04 – MISERY