Footsteps. They broke the peaceful silence that surrounded St-Gregory’s church. It was once again another beautiful summer morning in the town of West Valley. Despite the sun that shone in a cloudless blue sky, Bridget couldn’t fight the slow shiver of fear that ran down her spine. She couldn’t figure out what had brought … More S04xE03 – BETRAYED

S04xE01 – ESCAPE

  Today marks month two in the search for Darcy Adkins, a West Valley resident. She was last seen at St-Gregory’s church, on what was supposed to be her wedding day. If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call the number on the bottom of the screen. She’s five feet, five inches tall, … More S04xE01 – ESCAPE


It was another day in the town of West Valley. The fourteenth consecutive day without any madness. Two weeks of silence since the West Valley killer had claimed his latest victim. The whole town had heard about the murder. They’d had plenty of time to react to it. Reactions of sadness, surprise, shock, even relief. Relief that they … More S03xE08 – GLASS SMASH