S04xE06 – CRY

  Death ends a life, not a relationship. It was a saying Darcy had heard before. Only she wasn’t quit sure from where. Had it been in a movie she had watched? Or in a book she had read? Or maybe it was something she had seen on the internet? On this particular day, that … More S04xE06 – CRY

S04xE05 – WORK

  Moonlight glowed in from the window. Basking Darcy in it’s soft white rays. She lay in bed, head on the pillow, her eyes closed. A small smile of contempt touching the corner of her lips. It was a few days after her wedding. And she was definitely enjoying the newlywed life. Her eyes fluttered … More S04xE05 – WORK


  Footsteps. They broke the peaceful silence that surrounded St-Gregory’s church. It was once again another beautiful summer morning in the town of West Valley. Despite the sun that shone in a cloudless blue sky, Bridget couldn’t fight the slow shiver of fear that ran down her spine. She couldn’t figure out what had brought … More S04xE03 – BETRAYED