S01xE07 – RUN HOME

A walk through the neighbourhood was exactly what Ruby needed. Some fresh air from being cooped up inside the house all morning. Something was holding her back from stepping foot outside the house. She couldn’t quite pinpoint the cause. Perhaps it was the fact that another member of the community had been killed. Or maybe it was the fact that the killer was still out there, somewhere. Or that someone had threatened Meredith, her housemate, and best friend, just a week prior. Someone dressed in a black cloak, their face hidden. He or she had skulked the shadows outside their house, terrifying Meredith so much that they had called the police.


Ruby hadn’t been home when it had happened. She had entered mere moments after the black clad figure dissappeared into the night. But Meredith was very shaken, and Ruby was concerned about their safety. What if the figure returned? He knew where they lived. They weren’t always home together at the same time, and Ruby could have easily been the one who would have experienced that terrifying situation. A shiver of fear slowly slid down Ruby’s back. The town of West Valley had changed in the past month. Someone was out there, a murderer, tormenting them all. There were three victims so far. Felicia Talley, Richard Jacks, and Owen Talley.


Owen was the latest victim. A week had passed since his death. He was found in the restroom of his workplace, Surge. It was a club that operated twenty-four hours. A bartender had heard a scream, and had ran in to find Owen on the floor, a knife stabbed into his eye. His wife, Felicia, the first victim, had died identically weeks before. The second victim, Richard Jacks, an elderly man was found by his family in his own backyard, beaten to death. The murder weapon, which police concluded to be a shovel, was missing. That was up until a week ago. It had been found at a church near the outskirts of town. No one knows who had found it, for an anonymous tip had been called into the police.


The police were grateful to have any kind of evidence. Since nothing, not a fingerprint or DNA could be recovered from the crime scenes. It was almost as if the killer was a ghost himself. Or herself. Whoever was responsible for the deaths was a true psychopath. Between the killings, the townspeople were receiving threatening phone calls, messages and warnings in the form of near-death experiences. Ruby hadn’t thought too much about it. She thought the chaos going on around town wouldn’t touch her. But now she was wrong, and in a way, she already felt like a victim. She hoped it was a joke, but seeing how shaken up Meredith was, and how serious the police had taken it, she knew it was something to be worried about.


It was a little past lunchtime when Ruby decided to leave the house. It was another beautiful day and she had found herself getting restless. Meredith was out somewhere, so after locking up the house, Ruby ventured out on her own. It was always nice weather in West Valley, an odd contrast against the horrible things that were happening in the town. During the day people would carry on with their every day lives. But when night fell, whoever was smart enough would hide behind the safety of locked doors and windows.


With Jeremy’s house as her destination, Ruby walked along the sidewalk. She wanted to pinch herself, she was kind of seeing Jeremy Ashford, heartthrob actor. He had moved away from the shallowness of Hollywood to live a more quiet life in West Valley. While he was also in town to film a movie, he and Ruby had met online. What had started as a favor to help him go over his lines, had become something more. They had gone out a few times already on official dates, and spent a lot of time getting to know each other. Ruby smiled softly to herself. As she passed a familiar house, Ruby stopped, and turned to look at it. A wave of sadness flowed over her.


The Talley house, where Owen and Felicia had lived. Now, it was void of life. It stood silently, a constant reminder of what had happened. She expected to see Felicia or Owen walk out of the house like she always did, but the front door remained shut. Ruby wasn’t close to the Talley’s, but they were friendly and she had seen them around town and at a few house parties. Felicia was outgoing and spoke to everyone while Owen was a bit more quiet, letting his wife do most of the talking.


Ruby wondered what would happen to the house now that it was empty. It’ll probably be put up on the market. I hope the new buyers don’t ask what happened to the previous owners. she thought to herself with a frown creasing her pretty face. She took one final glance at the house before she kept moving, her heels clicking against the pavement below her feet. She didn’t want to show up late at Jeremy’s, he was waiting for her to arrive. With a soft sigh, she walked, the sun shining brightly above in the sky.












A long day of school was finally over. Hanna wasn’t sure how she had made it through six periods of class. The day seemed to drag on, she thought she was going to die of boredom. She thought the end bell would never ring. Once it did, she was out of her physics class like a bullet. She had weaved her way through the crowds in the hallway to her locker. Once she had it open, she put her books away, grabbed the ones she needed, and grabbed her backpack. As she was closing her locker, she had spotted Charlie and Megan walking down the hallway together, laughing and looking at each other with infactuation. Hanna frowned, looking around to see if Skye was anywhere nearby. She would have caused a scene if she had seen them. With Skye nowhere in sight, Hanna made her way to the exit, pushing it open and stepping out into the daylight.


There was no Skye waiting for her as she pushed open the school doors and headed down the steps to the sidewalk. Hanna wondered where her friend was. She always seemed to get out of class a few minutes earlier, and would wait for her outside by the entrance. The last time Hanna had seen Skye was at lunch. They always occupied a whole table at the back of the cafeteria, where all the popular girls sat. She hadn’t mentioned that she wouldn’t be waiting so Hanna found it a little bit odd. She decided to wait, standing by the school steps and trying to see if she could spot Skye in the wave of students that were coming out the door.


She didn’t spot Skye but she did see Charlie and Megan once more. Megan was playfully bumping into Charlie as they walked home together. As she passed Hanna, Megan narrowed her eyes and gave her an icy stare from behind heavy black eyelined eyes. Hanna raised her eyebrows at the other girl, but didn’t say anything. Hanna snapped back to attention when she heard someone calling her name. She had thought it was Skye, but as she followed the sound of the voice with her eyes, she saw it was only Cassandra Goth. A friend, and another popular girl, who was calling out to her and waving goodbye. Hanna smiled and waved in reply.


Hanna looked at her watch before deciding she better head home. Skye had probably had another commitment, and had bailed on her. With a soft sigh escaping her lips, Hanna ambled down the sidewalk towards home. She walked briskly, she had to get home before her little brother Quintin got back from school. Both her parents worked and she had to watch Quintin until they got home. Minutes later she found herself standing in front of her house. She was early, the school bus dropping off Quintin had not arrived yet. She had let herself in, taking out her homework from her bag before settling down at the dining room table to start it.


She had just began to work on her english homework when Hanna heard the boom of an engine outside. A small smile played on her lips. She knew that noise, it was the school bus dropping Quintin off. A few moments later, her little brother sauntered into the room, his own homework in his hands. Hanna was glad someone else was home. With the recent murders, and the threatening phone call she had received, she didn’t like being in the house alone. Every little noise would make her paranoid.


“Hiyah, Hannie!” Quintin said in greeting as he sat across the table from her.


“Hiyah, Squirt! How was school?” she asked him as he opened his workbook.


“Fun! I got to feed Mr. Wiggles. That’s the class guinea pig!” her little brother explained with excitement.


“Oooh, that’s a big job for a second grader!” Hanna lightly teased in response.


“Did you have to do that when you were my age?” Quintin asked curiously.


Thinking back to her younger years, Hanna had gone to the same elementary school Quintin was attending. Instead of a guinea pig, they had a hamster. Which Skye had lost, getting the brilliant idea of setting it free from it’s cage.


“Oh, no, we didn’t. We weren’t allowed to have pets then.” she lied to him. He seemed to accept her answer, nodding in reply.


“Hannie? Can I ask you something?” he asked, looking up at her behind his glasses.


“Sure, what is it?” she replied.


“Is it true there’s a boogeyman in this town? Kaitlyn Biggs, she’s in my class, she said the people who died were killed by the boogeyman. And that if we didn’t behave, he would come kill us too.” Quintin revealed, worry glinting in his eyes.


Goosebumps formed on Hanna’s arms. She didn’t know how to answer that question. There was a killer out there. And he or she had killed three people already. The police were even saying that the threatening phone calls people were receiving was probably from the killer. Hanna had received one of those calls. She could still hear the distorted voice in her ear, threatening her. Even Skye had confided in her about receiving a threatening phone call a week prior. It was beyond creepy and Hanna was worried. But at the moment, she tried to seem brave for Quintin. She looked over at her little brother, trying her best to fake a reassuring smile.


“There’s no such thing as a boogeyman. There’s just a… bad man. But he would never hurt little kids.” she reassured Quintin.


He seemed to be contemplating what she had said before he flashed her a smile. “Oh, ok. Good!” he said to her.


This psycho wouldn’t go after little kids, would he? Hanna thought to herself with a frown before bringing her attention back to her homework.


They sat working in silence for a few minutes until they heard the front door opening. Hanna looked up as their mother walked into the room.


“Kids! I’m home!” Stephanie Workman said with a smile on her lips. She seemed pleased to see they were both working on their homework. “Oh good! You’ve started your homework. What are you working on?” she asked. While she did have a lot of things on her mind, their mother tried to spend some quality time with them.


“English homework. We have to write an essay for this book we’re reading, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.” Hanna explained.


“And I have math problems. Mommy, what’s four times three?” Quintin asked.


“You know the answer to that. We practiced it the other day, remember?” Stephanie replied, ruffling Quintin’s hair affectionately.


“Is it… umm… twelve?” Quintin asked.


“That’s right! You’re getting good!” their mother praised as Quintin beamed proudly.


Suddenly, the front door opened again. “Daddy’s home!” a voice called out.


“Daddy!” Quintin cried, running to get a hug from their father who had just walked into the kitchen. He had a thin smile on his lips, Hanna knew that look. Her father got it when something was bothering him.


“Hi Quinty! Hanna-banana!” he said with a chuckle as Hanna rolled her eyes in reply.


“Dad, you haven’t called me that since I was eight years old.” she reminded him.


“I can’t be retro?” he asked, arching an eyebrow. Hanna couldn’t help but laugh.


“How was your day, dear?” Stephanie asked her husband with a smile.


Frankie Workman shot his wife a serious look. “It was.. interesting. Can we talk for a moment in the other room?” he asked her.


A frown creased his wife’s forehead. “Sure.” she said, as they walked out of the kitchen. Hanna followed, stopping at the kitchen door to listen to them talk as they stood in the foyer. They were unaware she was listening.


 “What is it?” Stephanie asked, concern glinting in her eyes.


“I got a weird phone call today at work.” Frankie replied.


“A phone call? From who?” Stephanie asked curiously.


“I have no idea. But whoever it was, threatened me.” Frankie replied seriously.


Listening, Hanna’s eyes widened. She almost let out a gasp but remained quiet. She didn’t want to be caught eavesdropping.


“Dear, that’s serious. Have you been watching the news? They say the killer has been calling people, threatening them.” Hanna heard her mother say.


“Which is why I called the police. They tried to trace the call but couldn’t figure out where they’re coming from.” her father explained with concern.


First me, now dad. What does the killer want with our family? Hanna thought to herself with a shudder as she headed back to sit down.











It was a little past seven in the evening when Robin snuck away to her room. Living with four other girls was a challenge. Some of the girls shared rooms and some had their own. Robin was lucky that she didn’t have to share a room with one of her housemates, she liked having her privacy. The house was large enough, it had once belonged to Ivy Corbin’s grandfather. Once he passed away, she had inherited it, and had gotten her closest friends to move in with her. Robin was impressed, it wasn’t every day that one inherited a house. And a large house, for that matter. It was just her and Hayley Summers for dinner that night. Bridget Wong and Lilah Shull had gone off to the library.


And Ivy had said she was going over to see Isabel. Robin and Hayley had sat down at the large dining table and feasted on handmade sushi and ceasar salad. Once the plates were cleaned up and put in the dishwasher, the two girls had gone to sit on the couch. Robin had turned on the television and channel surfed until she came across a movie. Easy A, a movie she enjoyed. She and Hayley sat back and became engrossed into the movie.


A half hour passed before Robin could feel herself becoming restless. She stole a glance at Hayley, who had her eyes glued to the television screen. Robin got up, and made her way over to her bedroom. Once she entered, she closed the door behind her as she went over to her dresser. She opened the top drawer and pulled out some lingerie, looking it over with a mischevious smirk on her lips. She began removing her clothing, and a few minutes later, she was staring at her reflection in the mirror, dressed in the black lingerie. Looks amazing. Campbell better watch out! she thought to herself as she struck a few sexy poses.


She loved the way the lingerie clung to her body, accentuating her every curve. She blew her reflection a kiss, a laugh escaping from her lips. She turned slowly, admiring herself. Robin looked up as there was a knock on her bedroom door.


“Hey Robin, where did you g..Whoa!” Hayley said as she opened the bedroom door and stepped inside. Her eyes widened in surprise as she took in Robin’s appearance.


“What do you think?” Robin asked with a smile on her lips.


“I think I’m turning lesbian right now!” Hayley said with a smile. She laughed, cocking an eyebrow in Robin’s direction. “What are you wearing that for?” she asked curiously.


“It’s for Campbell. Do you think he’ll like it?” Robin asked her friend.


“If he doesn’t die from the heart attack you give him, sure, he’ll like it!” Hayley responsed with a giggle. A frown creased Hayley’s face. “But why are you trying that on for Campbell? Last time I checked, he was spending time with that Darcy girl.” she told Robin.


Robin scoffed in reply. “Let me change out of this and we’ll talk.” she said. Hayley nodded and exited the room, closing the door behind her as she did so. Robin stripped off the lingerie and got back into casual clothes. She went over and pulled the door open, stepping out into the hallway, where Hayley was standing.


“That’s better. Things were getting sexy in there!” Hayley joked. Her face then turned serious. “So what was that about Campbell?” she asked curiously.


“I want him back!” Robin explained.


Hayley frowned in response. “But isn’t he seeing Darcy?” she asked, confused.


“He is. For now. I’ve got help, so I’m trying to get myself back in the picture with Campbell.” Robin explained.


“Help? From who?” Hayley asked.


“I can’t say. You just have to trust me on this. Once Campbell sees me in that hot lingerie, he’ll be dying to take it off. With his teeth.” Robin said with a mischevious grin playing on her lips.


“I’m not trying to get you down, but there’s a reason why you guys broke up. And it’s been almost a year. If he was still interested, don’t you think he would have made a move by now? You haven’t even spoken in so long!” Hayley explained.


Robin frowned in response. “You’re not helping. I’m going to get him back. Just you wait and see!” she told Hayley before she brushed past her, making her way into her bedroom and slamming the door shut behind her. Hayley stood in the hallway, dumbfounded at her friend’s behavior.












Darkness soon fell upon the town. The moon shone brightly overhead in the black velvet canopy that was the sky. It was quiet now downtown. Most of the businesses had closed up for the night. The sidewalks were bare of life. A light breeze ruffled the leaves of branches overhead. With heels clicking on the blacktop, Ellie approached Surge. She gazed at it warily. It had been a crime scene last week. She had been at home, still mourning the loss of her father when she had gotten a phone call.


It was Landon, a bartender from Surge on the other end of the line, he was in a frenzy. She could barely make out what he was saying as he rambled in panic. It took a few tries until Ellie understood clearly. Owen had passed by the club to take care of some errands she had asked him to do. He had gone into one of the restrooms to take care of a burnt out light. It had only been a minute before Landon heard a terrifying shriek coming from the restroom. Someone had ran out, running out of the nearest exit. Landon hadn’t gotten a good look at whoever it was. The shadowy figure was dressed all in black, his or her face hidden. Landon had gone to the restroom to see what the whole commotion was about, and had discovered Owen’s body.


Landon found Owen on the floor, a knife buried deep in his eye. His face splattered with crimson. After throwing up, Landon ran to the nearest phone to call the police. After he had made that call, he called Ellie. She had raced over as fast she could, her heart thundering loudly in her chest. First her father had been killed, and now an old friend of her’s. By the time she had gotten there, the coroner was wheeling Owen’s body out in a black rubber bodybag. Ellie felt like her heart dropped into her stomach as the world tilted and spun around her. Sensing her distress, a detective had gotten her a chair.


They asked her a few questions as police put yellow crime scene tape around the perimeter of the club. It seemed unreal to Ellie, and she had blinked hard, wishing it was all a bad dream that she was going to wake from. But it wasn’t a dream and once they were done, Ellie didn’t look back as she had made her way home. Now, a week later, she took a deep breath, approaching the doors to Surge, and pushed them open, entering the club. Since it was a little past ten, there weren’t many people inside. Music boomed all around her as she caught sight of a familiar face behind the bar. She made her way towards it.


“Ellie! You’re here!” Tess Houston, the bartender said as Ellie slid onto a chair across from the bar.


“Miss me?” Ellie replied with a smirk curling up the corners of her lips. People began to enter the club, some heading to grab the free seats next to her.


“Of course! How are you?” Tess asked curiously.


“Hanging in there. If I could wake up from this nightmare, that’d be great.” Ellie replied with a slight shrug.


“I have just the thing to help. It’s on the house, since, you know, you own this place.” Tess said with a giggle as she took out a bottle and poured the liquid into a glass. She slid it over to Ellie, who raised it over her head.


“Cheers!” she said, gulping the drink down. She placed the glass down on the countertop once she was done. “Yummy.” she said with a smile as Tess got rid of the empty glass.


“I knew you’d like it!” Tess replied, smiling proudly.


“Well I just came to see how things were going. You seem to have everything under control here.” Ellie said as she got to her feet. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? I should be in by ten. Have a good night!” she told Tess as she turned away from the bar.


Ellie made her way across the floor, heading for the exit. Pushing the door open, she stepped out into the night, the door swinging shut behind her. The light breeze ruffled her hair as she scanned her surroundings behind heavily eyelined eyes. It was quiet outside, the light breeze skipping a few stray leaves along the sidewalk. Ellie took a deep breath, sucking in fresh air from her nose. She stepped towards the edge of the curb when her phone rang, startling her.


With a scoff, Ellie pulled out her phone. She wondered who was calling her at this hour. She clicked the phone on. “Hello?” she answered.


“Hello, Ellie.” the distorted voice on the other end of the line said.


“Hi. Who is this?” Ellie asked curiously. She didn’t recognize the voice.


“Who this is doesn’t matter. What matters is where am I.” the voice answered with an omnious laugh.


“Oh, great. A prank call.” Ellie said, rolling her eyes.


“Wrong, Ellie. This a very serious call. You may say it’s life or death.” the voice on the other end said.


“Look, whoever this is, I am not in the mood, okay?” she said warily.


“And yet you leave the house to go to Surge. Were you in the mood when you left your mother to watch your son?” the voice asked.


How do they know where I am? And how did they know I left Tyson with my mom? Ellie thought to herself with a deep frown creasing her face.


“Who is this?” Ellie asked more seriously.


“Someone who knows that your son is asleep in his bed. And that your mother is, too. I’m standing right outside her bedroom door.” the voice replied with an eerie laugh.


“What?” Ellie said in disbelief as her eyes widened.


“Do you think you’ll make it home in time? I killed your father already, I have no problem making your son and mother join him.” the distorted voice cackled.


“Fuck you, you sick son of a bitch!” Ellie seethed, hanging up the phone. Her heart raced in her chest. She looked around. She had walked over, and there was no trolley or taxi in sight. So she did the only thing she could think of, she ran as fast as she could.


Please let me get there in time! she thought to herself as she ran. It wasn’t easy running in spiked heels, and she almost fell once or twice. She ran through the warm glow of the street lamps, and the cold darkness of the shadows. Her blood pumped through her veins, letting adrenaline take over as she made her way home. Once the house came into view, Ellie didn’t slow down. It had taken her record time to make it there. She usually could make it home in ten minutes, but now, with her family in danger, she made it in five. She raced across the lawn, her heels sinking into the soft grass as she made her way upto the front porch.


She pulled out her keys. With shaking hands she tried to stick the key into the lock, but dropped them. “Shit!” she said, breathing hard as she bent down to retrieve them. She tried again, successful. The lock clicked and she pushed open the door. She didn’t bother closing the front door or turning on any lights as she raced to her mother’s bedroom. The bedroom door was closed and Ellie was frightened to see what was behind it. She took a deep breath, grabbed the knob and pushed open the door, stepping into the bedroom.


It took Ellie a moment for her eyes to adjust in the darkness. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary in her mother’s bedroom. She was about to call out to her mother when she heard the older woman snoring. Ellie let out a sigh of relief. Her mother was sleeping just fine. Ellie stood in the dark, waiting for her heart to stop racing.












The silence of the night was broken by the sound of running footsteps. A lone blonde figure ran down the sidewalk, gasping for breath. She ran through the dancing black shadows that seemed to be reaching out for her. Her heart thudded in her chest, her long blonde hair flying behind her as she ran. Her feet pounded against the pavement as she ran towards an unknown destination. It was quiet in the suburbs of West Valley, the time was nearing midnight. The citizens of the town had retired for the night, safe behind the walls of their homes. Unaware of what was going on outside.


The warm glow of a streetlamp revealed who the figure was. It was Darcy, her arms pumping at her sides as she raced down the sidewalk. Suddenly, she came to a stop, reaching her home. A small smiled played on her lips as she bent down to catch her breath. Waiting for the pounding of her heart to subside. She straightened up, pulling out earphones from her ears as she wrapped the cord around her ipod and slid it into her pocket. She stretched, rolled her neck. After a long day at work, Darcy had gone home. She had let herself into the empty house, locking the door behind her. She had headed straight for the kitchen, making herself a grilled cheese sandwich that she practically inhaled. She was surprised at how hungry she had been, for she hadn’t eaten in a few hours. She had herself a cup of tea before she had headed into the living room and had turned on the television.


A documentary on cyber stalking had caught her attention, and so watched, interested. It wasn’t before long that her phone had rang, snapping her attention away from the television screen. It was her mother on the other end of the line, calling to check in. Darcy was happy to hear her mother’s voice. It had been a few days since they had last spoke. They spoke about Darcy’s work, about how her mother had begun to take wine tasting classes, about the weather. They spoke about how her parents were looking to get a dog, and discussed what kind of breeds they were interested in. Darcy herself wondered if she should get a pet, perferably a cat, to keep her company. She made a mental note to herself to check out the animal shelter as soon as she had a chance.


After hanging up with her mother, Darcy grew restless. She paced the house, trying to figure out what to do with herself. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. She hurried into her bedroom, changed out of her street clothes, and into her workout clothes. She grabbed her ipod and her keys, and headed outside, stepping out into the night as she locked the door behind her. A run sounded like a good idea to her. The sidewalks were bare of life, the night was quiet. The moon hung lazily in the black velvet sky, stars twinkling around it. Sticking her earphones in her ears and turning on her ipod, Darcy moved, running down the blacktop. Music blared into her ears as she moved, losing herself into it for almost an hour, focused on her workout. A distraction from the thoughts that had been swirling around in her head.


Now, returning home, Darcy made her way up to the front door, unlocking it and pulling it open as she stepped inside the dark, quiet house. She closed and locked the front door behind her. A quick glance at herself in the mirror revealed a slight sheen of sweat covering her skin.


Shower. she thought to herself. She made her way through the house, stepping into the bathroom. She pulled open the shower door, turning the handles until the water temperature was just right. She slid out of her clothes, and stepped under the water that cascaded down on her. She hummed slightly to herself, deep in thought. It was a week later, but she still couldn’t believe that Owen was dead. That he had lost his life. Murdered the same way as his wife. When she had heard the news, Darcy thought it had been some kind of cruel joke. The more she heard about what happened, the more she realized it wasn’t a joke. She had gotten to know Owen after his wife Felicia had died, and she considered him a friend. It had been difficult going to his funeral, but she felt like she needed to be there. Darcy had stood with Campbell, his brother Thomas, Fallon, Scott and Julie Whitlow.


Darcy had stared at the closed black casket, trying not to imagine Owen lying inside. Fallon was inconsolable, tears pouring down her cheeks from her eyes. Darcy felt bad for her, first her best friend Felicia had been murdered, and now her best friend’s husband. Scott had taken Fallon into his arms, and for one brief moment Darcy wondered if they were together. Or perhaps she was just reading too much into it and all Scott was doing was comforting a friend. Darcy also noticed another girl she didn’t recognize, staring daggers at her and Campbell from across the room. Only later had Darcy asked Scott who that was, and he had told her it was Robin Calloway, Campbell’s ex-girlfriend. Campbell had never mentioned her before. But then again bringing up ex’s was always a touchy matter. She just didn’t like the way Robin had been glaring at them.


Darcy turned the shower off, pushing open the door and stepping out onto the tiled floor. She wrapped a towel around herself, feeling refreshed. She made her way out of the bathroom, padding on bare feet over to her bedroom. Once she was inside the room, she got rid of the towel and changed into her pyjamas, a tanktop and shorts ensemble. Fatigue began to catch up to her as she let out a yawn. She looked over to the bed, it looked mighty inviting.


Darcy frowned as her phone began to ring. Who’s calling at this hour? she asked herself. With a sigh, she found her phone and accepted the call.


“Hello?” she said into the phone.


There was no answer on the other end.


“Hello?!” Darcy said again, raising an eyebrow.


No reply, Darcy could hear soft breathing on the other end of the line.


“Hello!? Who is this?!” she said into the phone.


Another soft breath, and then the dial tone rang in Darcy’s ear. The other person had hung up.


That was weird. And creepy. Darcy thought to herself as she put the phone down. An uneasy feeling settled in the pit of her stomach. The shadows of the bedroom seemed to grow darker. A crease played on Darcy’s pretty face as she took a glance around the bedroom before making her way to bed. She pulled the covers back, and slid in. Pulling the covers over her, her head on the soft pillow. She stared up at the ceiling, breathing slowly. She wondered if moving to West Valley was such a good idea. Her arrival to town had soon brought murder and chaos. She herself had almost been killed. Three people were dead. Two of them were people she knew. No one knew who the killer was, and why he or she were doing this. Darcy shuddered, pulling the covers tighter to her.


She closed her eyes, trying to clear these troubling thoughts from her mind.











Birds chirped, the sun bright in a blue cloudless sky. It was early morning, West Valley was just beginning to awake. Isabel was already awake, and stepped out from the yellow taxi that screeched to a stop in front of her home. She payed the driver, closed the back passenger side door and looked up at the house. She smiled, the taxi taking off with a roar of it’s engine. She made her way up the walkway, fishing out her keys. Unlocking the front door, she pulled it open and stepped into the house. She quietly closed the door behind her, trying to keep noise at a minimum. She didn’t want to wake anyone up. She didn’t want any of her housemates to know she had left during the night. She had waited until they were all asleep, got dressed, and snuck out of the house.


She had walked over to the corner before taking out her phone and calling a taxi. A few minutes later, she was getting into the backseat of the taxi. She told the driver her destination, and had sat back against the seat, waiting to arrive. Soon the taxi pulled up in front of the hospital. Isabel got out, paying the driver, and had made her way into the building. It had taken a few hours, but Isabel had walked out of the hospital with a wide smile. She had called a taxi to pick her up and take her home. Now back at home, all Isabel wanted to do was go to bed. She made her way towards the stairs when a voice stopped her in her tracks. She turned to see the scowling face of her housemate, Wendy.


“Isabel? Are you just coming home?” the other girl asked curiously.


“Wendy? What are you doing up so early?” Isabel asked, dodging Wendy’s question.


“Derek and I are going away for the day.” Wendy explained. Derek Vance was her boyfriend, who was also a housemate of Isabel’s.


“Where are you guys going?” Isabel asked curiously.


“To Lakewood. But you never answered my question. Where are you coming from? Are you doing the walk of shame?” Wendy asked, cocking an eyebrow in Isabel’s direction.


Isabel rolled her eyes in reply. “I’m not doing the walk of shame! I just came from the hospital.” she explained to Wendy.


Wendy’s accusing glare softened. “Are you okay? Is it about the baby?” she asked. A wide smile played on Isabel’s lips.


“There is no baby!” Isabel announced happily.


Wendy seemed stunned. Her face grew serious. “Oh. Oh wow. I didn’t think you would make that kind of decision.” she said, shifting her gaze uncomfortably.


“Oh! You thought I meant… no! That’s not what I meant! I mean, it crossed my mind, but I’m not even pregnant. I never was!” Isabel explained.


A frown creased Wendy’s face. “I’m confused.” she told Isabel.


“I went to see a doctor. They did an ultrasound. And there’s no baby in there! He said it happens sometimes. You have all the symptoms, the pregnancy test shows you are, but you’re actually not.” Isabel explained with a smile.

“Well that’s good! You seriously dodged a huge bullet there. You don’t know who else Adam has stuck himself into. He’s probably got kids all over town and doesn’t even know it.” Wendy replied with a chuckle.


“You don’t think I’m a slut, do you?” Isabel asked with a frown.


“No! I mean, Adam’s attractive. He’s douchey, but attractive. I see why you would hook up with him. But can I make a suggestion?” Wendy asked.


“What suggestion?” Isabel asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.


“Put a lock on your vadge, girl! You don’t want another pregnancy scare, do you?” Wendy said with a smirk on her lips.


A laugh escaped Isabel’s lips. “Will do! You’re totally right!” she told Wendy. “I’m going to take a nap. See you later?” she said to her friend.


“Yeah, see you. And whatever you do, don’t invite Adam into your bedroom, k?” Wendy replied with a scoff.


Isabel shook her head in amusement, a smile on her lips as she dissappeared up the stairs.












An hour later, Jeremy stirred, his eyes opening slowly. Sunshine flooded the bedroom as he sat up, rubbing his eyes. The bed sheets lay tangled around him. He thought back to the day before, and smiled. He had spent the whole day with Ruby. They lay low, watching movies on the couch. A movie marathon, Ruby had called it. They had even eaten in front of the television. A sort of indoor picnic. Jeremy had enjoyed himself very much. It was getting late when Ruby announced she had to go home. She didn’t want to leave Meredith alone. Jeremy understood, and fought back the urge to ask her to spend the night. They could have watched more movies, or slept together in his bed. He wasn’t going to push her to do anything she didn’t want to. He found himself attracted to her, and felt they were becoming close. He didn’t know how she would react if he had asked. She seemed to like him too.


When she had left, she had given him a goodnight kiss on the cheek. Jeremy thought that was cute, and thinking back to it, he couldn’t help but blush a little.

Pushing the sheets aside, Jeremy rose from the bed. He wore a pair of pyjama pants, and no shirt. He stretched, letting out a yawn as he did so. He thought about his plans for the day. He had to be on set after lunch. He ticked his gaze to the clock, he still had a few hours before he had to leave. Filming on Following Lust had officially begun. For today’s shoot he had to be at St-Gregory’s church. He wondered what time the car would come around to pick him up. There was a lot of preparation before filming the scene. Going over the script with the director, being fitted for wardrobe and having his makeup applied. Jeremy was thankful that today’s scenes didn’t have Everly in them. He wasn’t quite sure where she was, he assumed in her hotel room. They had gone out with the director the night before shooting began, and Everly had caused a scene.


They had ordered drinks. Jeremy asked for a vodka tonic, and Everly had asked for a lychee martini. When the drinks were brought to their table, Everly had thrown a tantrum. Apparently there wasn’t enough lychee in her drink, so she had insulted the waitress, and knocked her glass off the table. The glass had shattered, the liquid all over the floor. The waitress had looked like she was about to cry, as Everly began ranting about how poor the service was, and how she found the town to be extremely boring. Jeremy was used to her tantrums. He felt bad for the waitress who hurried to get a broom and a mop to clean up the mess of the spilt drink. Thinking back now, Jeremy shook his head. He wasn’t sure why Everly had been cast opposite himself. There were many other actresses out there who could have gotten the role.


With a sigh, Jeremy made his way out of the bedroom. He remembered that there was a script that was supposed to be delivered to his house. He wondered if he had received it yet. On bare feet, he made his way towards the front door. Jeremy unlocked the door, grabbed the knob, and pulled the door open. He was met with the blast of warm air. He smiled slightly to himself as he made his way across the porch, and over to the mailbox. He pulled it open and peered inside the small space. There was no script yet. I’ll try again later. he thought to himself. He made his way across the grass and back onto the porch when something caught his eye. Red scrawled on the wall of his house. Jeremy frowned, moving in for a closer look. It was a message, one sole word that sent a shiver of fear snaking down Jeremy’s spine.






































































16 thoughts on “S01xE07 – RUN HOME

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for reading!
      Haha I guess you’ll see who is next! I’m guessing you didn’t read episode 8 yet?

      I’m writing episode 9 right now, should be done in a few days! And then episode 10 is the season finale before i move onto season 2!

      What are you liking about the series? Any favorite characters?


      1. Nope, I’m about to read episode 8 now. I love mystery stories (I always have) and I love the fact that there are absolutely zero clues to point to who the killer is, sort of like how PLL was with A in the first season. My favorite character are probably Darcy and Ruby.


      2. Well I did say when I was describing this series it would be a little like PLL. I’m a big fan of that show, just a little behind! I need to start season 6!

        Hmmm.. Favorite death so far in my series? There’s been quite a few, lol.


  1. Yes the same soon than Darcy had , maybe an other wrong hint as the murderer like to play with all people in this town. He keeps the people very confusing and none of us can guess who’s the real next one. His psychological war is toxic, even kids are afraid.

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