Early morning in West Valley. Some still slept, while some were already awake. Aware of the horrors that had transpired the night before. The West Valley killer had claimed another victim. Only this time, it was a well known name. Everly Martin, actress and notorious party girl, was dead. She was victim number five, killed in public at Surge, the local nightclub. If you listened to the news, it was all the same story. Everly had been in town to film a movie, titled Following Lust. After a long week of shooting, she and her costar, Jeremy Ashford, had hit up Surge to unwind and enjoy themselves over drinks.


Jeremy had left his drink on the bartop while they had gone to dance. According to police, they assumed that was when the killer had struck. Instead of striking her down with a knife, the killer had put rat poison in the drink. After returning from the dancefloor, Everly had chugged down the remainder of what was in Jeremy’s glass. The poison was meant for Jeremy, unaware of the contents of his drink, but Everly was the unfortunate one to bring the glass to her lips. Jeremy and several others had watched in horror as the actress gasped and choked before dropping to the floor, dead.


The news had showed the coroner wheeling Everly’s body out in a black rubber bodybag. A reporter tried getting a statement from Jeremy, who pushed the microphone out of his face. He yelled for some privacy and respect as he got into a police car that brought him to the station for routine questioning. In just a few hours since the crime had occured, Hollywood was abuzz with the news of Everly’s murder. Famous movie stars were churning out their sympathies and condolences and memories about Everly.


The news had interviewed the director of Following Lust, who was only able to get in a few words before he broke down in hysterical sobs. It was a media frenzy and Darcy watched it all on the television screen. She couldn’t sleep. She had tossed and turned, the voice of the killer replaying in her mind. The call had came the day before, when she was still at work. He revealed he was watching her, that he was going to kill her. It put her on edge. She didn’t want to admit it, but it had scared her. Every little noise she heard that night had her jumping in fear. She had turned on every light in the house until she had attempted to sleep.


Not being able to sleep, Darcy had gotten dressed and had wandered into the living room where she sat down on the couch, turning on the television. WVNC was covering the story about Everly, and Darcy watched with horrified fascination and wide eyes. It was getting too much for her to handle. As soon as the sun appeared in the sky, Darcy picked up the phone and made a call. Once she was done talking with her mother, she had puttered around the house for a while. She turned off the television, not wanting to hear anymore about the murder and the grim details. Now, her stomach grumbling, she made her way into the kitchen. She prepared a quick breakfast, some fruit and yogurt parfait.

 After cleaning up, she made her way to the dining table, sitting down and digging into the food. I can’t believe Everly Martin was murdered. she thought to herself with a frown on her pretty face. If it had happened out in the open like that, Darcy assumed the killer had been in normal clothes. From what she heard about the attack on Megan Whitlow, the killer wore a black cloak, his or her face hidden underneath a matching hood. No one had noticed anyone suspicious lurking at Surge, Darcy had learnt from the news coverage. It must have taken the killer a mere few seconds to slip the poison into the drink, for Jeremy and Everly had been on the dancefloor for just one song.


In some ways, Darcy thought it paralleled to what had happened to her. Something as innocent as having dinner and catching up with an old friend had ended in tragedy. Tammy wasn’t dead, but she would never see again. The killer had doused her with sulfuric acid, damaging her eyesight. She had been at the wrong place at the wrong time, and Darcy still felt guilty for what had happened. Maybe she was meant to be blinded instead of an innocent bystander. She was innocent too, but the killer had revealed he was more focused on her. Thinking about it now, Darcy saw it as a warning of things to come. The killer was out there, and he or she was watching.


Darcy sucked in a breath, unable to resist the urge to take a look out the window. Expecting to see someone staring in at her. There was no one, and Darcy relaxed. Living alone didn’t help. Maybe eventually getting a roommate was something to look into. If the saying was true, maybe there was safety in numbers. That, or get a dog. A mean one, like a doberman or a pitbull. Darcy thought to herself. Darcy turned, a frown on her face, when there was a knock at the front door. She wondered who was on the other side. She took a hesitant step forward, there was another knock at the door. Taking a deep breath, she crossed over to the door, unlocked it, grabbed the knob and pulled the door open.


Seeing who was on the other side, Darcy relaxed. A wary smile played on her lips. “Campbell! I wasn’t expecting you.” she told him.


He smiled briefly, his face serious. “Can I come in?” he asked her. Darcy stepped aside, letting him enter. She pulled the door closed behind him. He turned to face her, frowning. Darcy raised an eyebrow in curiousity.


“Everything okay?” she asked him. He shrugged, pacing.


“I kicked my brother out of the house yesterday.” he revealed to her. Her eyes widened in surprise.


“What? Why?” she asked.


“Because he’s  a backstabbing son of a bitch!” he said, tense.


“What did he do?” Darcy asked curiously, wondering what Thomas could have done to make Campbell so mad.


“He slept with Robin! While we were still together. She came by the house yesterday and gave me the news. I think she enjoyed it! She had this god-damn smile on her face, I wanted to slap it right off of her.” Campbell revealed, anger glinting in his eyes.


“Oh wow. That’s crazy! I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting her yesterday, too.” Darcy revealed. Campbell looked over to her with a frown.


“What did she say?” he asked.


“To stay away from you. I think she still has feelings for you!” Darcy revealed.


Campbell’s face flushed red with anger. “I’m going to kill her. I swear.” he seethed. His gaze caught sight of a suitcase, which made him stop. He looked at it curiously before turning back to Darcy. “Are you going somewhere?” he asked her.


Darcy blushed slightly. “I was going to call you and tell you. I’m leaving West Valley for a bit.” she explained to him.


His frowned deepened. “Leaving West Valley?” he repeated. “Why?” he asked her.


“I need to get away from the craziness here. At least for a little while. It’s taken a toll on me. Getting locked in that bathroom and almost dying, Tammy getting attacked and blinded, the phone call from who I was pretty sure was the killer, Robin telling me to stay away from you. It’s just been one thing after the other and I need some peace of mind!” she explained to him.


“Where are you going to go?” he asked her.


“I’m going to go and visit my parents. They’re very worried about me.” she told him.


“How long are you going to be gone for?” he asked with a frown.

“Not long. A week, probably?” she guessed. He nodded, seeming to be satisfied with her answer.


“When are you leaving?” he asked her.


Darcy blushed again. “I was just about to call a taxi.” she told him. Campbell seemed surprised before his face turned serious again.


“Go make the call. I’ll wait with you until the taxi gets here.” he told her. “Oh, and Darcy?” he said, as Darcy picked up her phone. She turned to look at him.


“Yes?” she asked curiously.


“I’m going to miss you.” he told her, his gaze softening. Darcy couldn’t help but to smile.






Ruby’s stomach was twisted in knots as she walked down the sidewalk. It would have been faster for her to drive to her destination, but Meredith had taken the car for the day. Anxiety was etched on her face as she made her through the neighbourhood, the sun warming her bare shoulders. Despite the heat, Ruby felt chilled to the bone. She had been woken up by a phone call from Jeremy. She had found it odd that he was calling her at four in the morning, but she had answered. Right away by the tone of his voice she could tell something was wrong.


He broke the news to her, telling her what had happened at Surge. How his glass had been filled with rat poison, but it was Everly who had drank from it, and she was dead. Ruby had gasped loudly on the phone, listening in disbelief. It shook her to her core how close to death Jeremy had come, without even realizing it. She must have apologized at least a dozen times, she knew he and Everly were close. They had worked and had known each other for years. Jeremy had spent hours at the police station, answering questions. He had just returned home when he had called Ruby, asking to see her in a few hours.

Ruby had told him she would give him some time to try to sleep before she would make her way over to his house. That’s where she was headed now, her purse swinging by her side. She hadn’t told Meredith what had happened. She was still recovering from her ordeal with the killer. But Ruby was sure she would hear about it eventually. It was all over the news and even on the front page of that day’s newspaper. It read : WEST VALLEY KILLER STRIKES AGAIN! The news were having a field day with the murders. Nothing this serious had happened in twenty years. Way back when, it had involved Brandon Covington, when he had killed his father in cold blood.


Ruby wasn’t so sure about some people’s theories. That Brandon Covington was back in town and picking off the people of West Valley one by one. She had heard that it was one of Fallon’s theories. Ruby believed the girl was just trying so hard to comprehend what was happening, that she just went with the first idea that had popped in her head. If it was Brandon, surely someone would recognize him? Ruby thought to herself with a frown creasing her forehead. She stopped on the sidewalk, waiting to run past a sprinkler that was wetting the concrete in front of her. When she was clear, she ran past and resumed walking to Jeremy’s house.


As she found herself approaching Jeremy’s house, Ruby heard a familiar voice calling her name. She turned to see Jeremy crossing the street over to her. She took in his appearance, frowning. He didn’t look so good. He looked worn out, heavy sadness reflecting in his eyes. They seemed to have lost their light, now dull. He smiled thinly at her as he stepped up on the curb next to her. She threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Ruby broke the hug, stepping back.


“Where were you coming from?” she asked him.


“I went for a walk. I needed some air, some time to think.” he explained to her.


She nodded. “Of course. How’re you doing? Did you get some sleep?” she asked with concern.


Jeremy shrugged slightly in reply. “A little. About two hours.” he explained. He sniffed, rubbing the back of his neck.


“What did the police have to say?” Ruby asked curiously.


“I only spoke with Officer Whitlow. He’s an alright guy.” Jeremy explained.


“Julie and Megan’s dad, sure. He really wants to get to the bottom of this.” Ruby told Jeremy, who nodded in reply.


“He really does, and  I don’t blame him. I could have been killed. It could have been me drinking from that glass. Instead, Everly..” he trailed off, sniffling, ticking his gaze down to the pavement. For a moment, Ruby thought he was going to cry. Instead, he raised his eyes, and took a deep breath.


“I’m so sorry, Jeremy! Hang in there.” she told him with a sympathetic gaze.


“I’m trying. I really am. Why don’t we go inside? I need to talk to you.” he revealed, looking into her eyes.


Ruby frowned, wondering what was going on. “Ok. Sure..Let’s go inside.” she agreed. Jeremy lead the way, making his way upto the front porch. Behind him, Ruby looked anxious. He pulled out his keys, stuck them in the lock and unlocked the front door. Pulling it open, he let Ruby enter first before he followed close behind, closing the door behind him. Ruby turned to look at him, he was rocking back on forth on his heels.


“You’re making me nervous.” she told him with a slight chuckle escaping her lips.


“Nothing to be nervous about. Let’s sit down.” he said, motioning to the couch. Ruby sat down, Jeremy sitting in the spot next to her. She turned to look at him as he took a deep breath. “So because of what happened to Everly..They need to find someone to take over her role.” he explained. Ruby nodded as he continued. “And also, with what happened, they don’t think it’s safe for me here in West Valley.” he said, clasping his hands together. Ruby listened attentively. “So they’re going to move the filming to Hollywood. Which means I have to go.” he told her.


“For how long?” she asked.


“A month, maximum! I promise I’ll be back after the filming.” he reassured her.


“Wow, Jeremy. I understand. When do you they want you there?” she asked him, arching an eyebrow in his direction.


“My flight leaves tonight.” he revealed. Ruby’s eyes widened for a moment. She let out a deep breath.


“Tonight? Wow. So soon!” she said.


“I’ll be back, I swear!” he told her, caressing her arm affectionately.


“So we better spend what few hours we have left together.” Ruby told him. Jeremy nodded.


“Will you help me pack?” he asked her.


She smiled, getting to her feet. “Count me in.” she told him. He smiled briefly as he got up from the couch, and the lead the way towards his bedroom.






Ellie made her way downtown, her high heels clicking on the pavement. She fought back the urge to pop in at work, remembering that the club was closed for a few days. There were already two deaths that had happened at Surge. Owen’s, and Everly’s. Ellie hadn’t been there when Jeremy and Everly had gone, she was at home with her mother and her son. She had gotten a call right after the coroner had left. Ellie had thought she was going to be sick as she listened in disbelief about what had happened to Everly Martin.


Not only did Ellie worry about the murder, but she also worried about the state of her club. She worried that the police would want her to shut it down for good. She couldn’t afford losing her only source of income. She made a lot of money in just one night. She had gotten a call that morning from the police. They asked her to come down to the station. She had gone, leaving her son Tyson with her mother. Walking into the station, her stomach had been in knots. She had been lead to Officer Whitlow’s desk, where he informed her she was to close the club down for at least a day or two.


At least it’s not closed down for good. she had thought to herself. Officer Whitlow had explained it was just while the police and the detectives searched for any kind of evidence that might have been left behind by the killer. Ellie understood, and after the police station, she had gone to Surge. She had eyed the building warily, at all the yellow police tape surrounding the building. There were reporters there, and they had bombarded Ellie with questions. Not only about Everly’s murder, but also about the murder of her own father. Ellie had answered enough questions about the murder of her father. Everywhere she went, she felt like that was all she was being asked.


She missed her father terribly. They were coping, her son, her mother, and herself. Lynn Jacks was trying to be brave. Tyson still couldn’t comprehend why someone would kill his grandfather. Ellie herself, was somewhere in between. It still hurt, she still felt pangs of sadness when her mother would come down stairs by herself. It was hard to find a gardener, since her father had taken care of that while he was still alive. Mostly all the gardening companies she had called were wary about working at a house where there had been a murder. In the garden, no less.


With a sigh, Ellie reached her destination. After leaving Surge, she had picked up the phone and called someone she hadn’t spoken to in a long time. She needed to talk to someone, and they had agreed to meet at a lounge further down Main Street. Ellie spotted a free table outside, sliding into the chair. She pondered ordering a drink, but images of Everly flashed through her mind. She decided against it and waited. Tapping her long black painted fingernails in a staccato beat on the tabletop. She rested her chin in her hands as she took a lazily gaze around.


The sidewalks were not particularly busy at this hour, which Ellie found strange. It was saturday at lunchtime, she wondered where everyone was. Were people scared to leave their houses now, even in daytime? Ellie arched an eyebrow, deep in thought. She snapped back to attention when the chair across the table from her moved, scraping against the concrete. She looked to see Gwen sitting down across from her. A thin smile played on Ellie’s lips. She took in Gwen’s outfit.


“You’re really dressed up. I didn’t know this was such a special occasion.” Ellie said, her tone dripping with sarcasm.


Gwen smiled. “It’s Marco’s mom’s birthday. We’re going to eat at some fancy restaurant in Rosewood.” she explained. “Which is why I have to make this visit short and sweet. I was surprised when you called. I thought I could squeeze you in before heading over there.” she told Ellie.


“You could have just cancelled on me. Clearly you have better things to do.” Ellie replied. “You look good.” she threw in, smiling at Gwen.


“Thanks! So do you. I love your top, it’s very.. see-through-y.” Gwen replied with a smirk.


A soft chuckle escaped Ellie’s lips. “Oh, you know me, edgy and all that.” she said, rolling her eyes in fake annoyance.


“I’m glad you called. It’s been a while since we last hung out.” Gwen said, her face turning serious.


“Years.” Ellie reminded her, nodding her head.


“How’re you doing? With everything?” Gwen asked, concern glinting in her eyes.


“Well, let’s see. My dad is dead. My ex-boyfriend from high school who I reconnected with, is dead. And a famous world-wide actress died in my club! Which is now closed for a few days. Mostly, I’m just pissed that this fucking psycho hasn’t been caught yet.” Ellie revealed.


“I know. Poor Owen. It’s because of me that he’s dead! Because I couldn’t answer the killer’s question.” Gwen said, lowering her eyes in shame.


“How are you supposed to know where Mayor Covington’s mistress from twenty years ago is? It’s not your fault. Don’t beat yourself up over it.” Ellie replied with a frown creasing her forehead.


“I should have just called the cops right away. Even though I didn’t know the killer would go after Owen.” Gwen said, sadly.


“There’s no way you could have possibly known. Although it is sad, first Felicia and then Owen?” Ellie said with a shudder.


“I’m sorry again about your dad. How’s your mom doing?” Gwen asked.


“She’s trying to hang in there. It breaks my heart, seeing her like that. I try to keep her distracted, so that she doesn’t have a complete mental breakdown.” Ellie said with a sniffle.


“Maybe I’ll come by the house one of these days. Come to see her and your son.” Gwen said. “And you too, of course.” she added in, her cheeks blushing slightly.


“Sure! You and Marco should come for dinner.” Ellie said with a small smile.


“Perfect! Listen, I gotta go. But we’ll see each other soon, okay?” Gwen said, looking at her watch and getting to her feet.


“Sounds like a plan. And thanks for coming.” Ellie said, getting to her feet as well. The two girls shared a hug. Breaking the hug, Gwen waved, and walked off. Ellie watched her go before she turned and headed for home.







Hanna’s eyes widened in disbelief, staring at the stranger in front of her. Suddenly, she laughed, and the reflection in the mirror laughed as well. She stood in the bathroom of the Cosgrove house, looking at her reflection. Skye stood next to her, a smile of contempt on her lips. She had just finished giving Hanna the makeover she had promised her weeks earlier. By the looks of it, Hanna was happy with how it had turned out. It had been much less of a process than she had thought. All it took was some hair dye, makeup and some new clothes.


Hanna had been at home helping her mother with chores when Skye had called her. She complained to her friend that she was bored, her parents had gone out for the day, and she was at home alone. She invited Hanna over, who had to ask her mother first. She was surprised when her mother had said yes. Stephanie had stopped her crying, but now walked around numbly, barely any expression on her face. The doctor had given her some pills to take to help her sleep. Hanna supposed it was better than if her mother would have started drinking again, like she had years before. She was worried her mother was going to relapse, but she had yet to see her start hitting the bottle.


Hanna was glad about that, in a way. Her mother was starting to get out of control before she seeked out help to stop her drinking. It had taken a while, but she eventually got sober. The thought of her mother was at the back of Hanna’s mind as she stared at herself in the Mirror. Skye whistled out a catcall, which made Hanna’s cheeks redden slightly. She admired herself, striking a few playful poses. Her eyes shined in excitement.


“Who is that hot bitch?!” Skye said, leaning in close to her friend. Hanna laughed in reply.


“I feel like Cinderella!” she told Skye.


“Just think of me as your fairy godmother! Only less fat, more young, and sexy!” Skye replied with a giggle.


Hanna giggled in reply. “I can’t wait to show my mom!” she revealed.


“I can’t wait for the boys at school to see you! They’re going to be lining down the block for a date with you!” Skye said, clapping her hands excitedly.


“You think so?” Hanna asked curiously.


“I know so! You know who I can see you with? Paul Hathaway.” Skye explained. Hanna’s eyes went wide.


“Oh my god, I wish! He’s like the most goodlooking boy in school!” she told Skye.


“Second most goodlooking! First being Charlie Olsen, duh!” Skye reminded her.


“Right, of course! I forgot.” Hanna said with a small smirk playing on her lips.


“You better not forget who made you, bitch! Me!” Skye said, patting herself on the shoulder.


“How can I forget that? You have my deepest gratitude!” Hanna replied with a chuckle. “Anyway, I should head home. I told my mom I wouldn’t be too long.” she told Skye.


“Yeah, Brad is supposed to be coming over. We’re going to watch movies. I’m going to force him to watch The Fault In Our Stars.” Skye revealed.


“Oh, he’s really going to love that!” Hanna replied sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Skye laughed, as she lead Hanna out of the bathroom. They made their way towards the front door. They hugged goodbye, Skye pulling the door open and closing it once her friend was out on the front porch.


She better not outshine me. Skye thought to herself with a frown.


A few minutes later, Hanna approached her house. She pulled out her house key as she made her way to the front door. She unlocked the front door, pulling it open and stepping inside the house. She closed the door behind her, listening. The house was eerily silent. A frown creased forehead as she poked her head inside the living room, expecting Quintin to be watching television. The room was empty. With a sigh, she made her way into the kitchen. She wished to see her father standing by the stove, preparing dinner, but he was dead and the kitchen was also empty.


Where is everyone? Hanna thought to herself. She stepped out of the kitchen and made her way towards the study. The door was closed, which Hanna found a little odd. The door was always open. She reached out, grabbing the knob. She didn’t know why, but her heart picked up it’s pace in her chest. She turned the knob, pulled the door open, and walked into the room. There, sitting at the desk, was her little brother, Quintin. He was typing slowly on the computer, not even looking up as Hanna entered the room.


“Hi to you too, Quintin.” Hanna said. Her little brother jumped slightly.


“Hannie! You made me jump. Do it again!” he laughed.


“Maybe some other time. Where’s mom?” she asked Quintin.


“Upstairs sleeping. I went to ask her if I could play outside but she didn’t wake up.” he explained.


“You know you’re not allowed to play outside by yourself.” Hanna reminded him.


“Which is why I’m on the computer!” he explained.


“Good! I’m going to see mom. As you were!” she joked before she headed out of the study. She was smiling softly to herself as she made her way to the stairs and ascended them to the second floor landing. Her mother’s bedroom door was closed, so Hanna knocked on it. No reply from within. With a frown, Hanna grabbed the knob and pushed the door open. She stepped into the room, her eyes falling on her mother, who was under the covers of the bed.


That’s weird. Hanna thought to herself. She stepped up to the bed. “Mom?” she called out. Her mother didn’t reply. She didn’t even stir. “Mom?” Hanna tried again. She reached out, shaking her mother’s shoulder. Nothing. Hanna swallowed hard. “Mother! Wake up!” she called out. Her mother remained limp under the covers. Hanna let out a shaky breath. Her gaze fell on something on the night table. It took her a moment to realize what the small yellow object was. It was a prescription bottle. The bottle that had once held her mother’s sleeping pills.


The bottle was now empty. Hanna’s eyes widened, her heart dropping. She looked back at her mother, realization hitting her. “Oh god! No! Please, no!” Hanna cried, throwing the covers off her mother, and placing two fingers at the side of her neck. There was a pulse, very faint. “MOM!” Hanna shrieked. “Mom, wake up! Oh god! Please!” she pleaded, shaking her mother, who remained limp. Gasping for breath, almost hyperventilating, Hanna pulled out her phone. She clicked it on, but before she could enter a number, she heard Quintin from downstairs.


“Hannie? What’s going on?” he called up the stairs, panic in his voice.


“Nothing! Stay downstairs! Do not come up here. I mean it!” she called back.


With shaking fingers she dialed 911. A dispatch operator answered right away. “Hello? I need an ambulance! It’s my mother, she took a whole bunch of pills!” she explained in a panic. She listened briefly to the voice on the other end of the line. “My name is Hanna Workman. I live at 3894 Elm Street. Please hurry!” she cried into the phone, blinking back tears. The dispatch operator was trying to keep her calm, but Hanna couldn’t hear a word she was saying. All she could do was stare wide eyed at her mother.






Dawn stood up from the couch, sighing. There were pictures scattered all over the living room table. She was nearly done the photo album. She was just missing a few more pictures. She stretched, having been sitting for what seemed like hours. She had no distractions, for everyone was off doing something. Charlie and Finn were out throwing a tennis ball in the backyard. Her mother, Regina, had gone for a walk around the neighbourhood. And Claire and Michael had gone to the movies. Dawn made her way over to the kitchen, grabbing a quick drink of water from the fridge. Her gaze ticked to the closed basement door.


There were still a lot more pictures to go through in the boxes in the storage room. So Dawn made her way to the basement door, pulling it open and clicking on the light. She descended the stairs, making her way through Claire and Michael’s living space. Reaching the storage room door, she pushed it open, flicking on the light and stepping into the room. Dawn shivered slightly, it was a bit chilly in there. She made her way over to the boxes. She opened one, pulling out a handful of pictures from within. She flipped through them, her gaze ticking back to the contents of the box. Her eyes fell on the stack of letters she had come across a few days earlier.


They were addressed to her mother, with no return address, she remembered. She wondered if they were maybe love letters from her father, when her parents were younger. A soft smile played on Dawn’s lips. Let’s see what they say. she thought to herself as she put the pictures in her hand down. She reached into the box, and pulled out the first envelope on the top of the pile. She pulled the yellowed paper out of the envelope, unfolding it. She scanned the letter with her eyes. Suddenly, her eyes widened. She stared in disbelief at what was written on the yellowed paper.


Her stomach flip-flopped as she read the letter. It said:


My dearest Regina,

It was so easy to tell Emma I was working all weekend.

She actually believed me and didn’t question.

If only she knew I had spent the weekend with you.

She would never forgive me if she found out.

Our little weekend getaway to Plum Grove meant so much to me.

It tears me apart that we can’t be together.

That we have to meet in secret and out of town.

You mean so much to me, even if you are married.

I wish we could run away and start a life together.

If it wasn’t for Emma and my little Brandon,

I’d be the happiest man on earth.

Perhaps one day we can be together.

All my love, Stuart.


Dawn felt like she was going to be sick. She tried to comprehend what she had just read. Mom and Mayor Covington were having an affair with each other! she thought to herself. She swallowed hard, blinking back tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks. Mom was Mayor Covington’s mistress! She caused what happened twenty years ago! she thought to herself, her eyes wide.


She caused Emma Covington to die. She’s the reason why Brandon went crazy and killed the mayor, his father! she thought. She couldn’t believe it. She wished it wasn’t true. But the proof was all there in the letter she held clutched in her hand. Dawn felt numb as she was hit with another realization. Not only did mom sleep with the mayor, she bought his house after he died! she thought to herself, her stomach churning. She put the letter back into the envelope, and grabbed another one from the pile.


As she unfolded the paper, she saw it was another letter from the mayor. It was similar to the first one she had read. The room spun as Dawn closed her eyes tight. Mom’s been keeping a huge secret for all these years! she thought to herself. She snapped her eyes open when she heard Charlie and Finn calling out for her from upstairs. She put the letter back in the envelope, putting it back in the pile and back into the box. She grabbed the photos she had found, and hurried quickly out of the room.






Night had fallen. A cool breeze shook the windows of the Whitlow house. Inside, it was silent. Suddenly, a bloodcurling scream broke the silence of the house. It was followed by another. Julie sat on the couch, watching a scary movie. Her eyes glued to the television screen. After dinner, while Megan had gone to her room, Julie had sat herself down in the living room, turning on the television. She had channel surfed, but found nothing that caught her interest. While flicking through the channels, she had come across Sorority Row, a slasher flick.


She sat back, getting comfortable. Her eyes reflecting the mayhem happening on the screen. She thought the movie was a little in poor taste, considering what was really happening in West Valley. But there was nothing else on, and Megan seemed to want to be left alone. Julie almost had the urge to call Megan over, to ask her to come watch the movie with her, but chose against it. If Megan wanted to spend time with her sister, she would have already been sitting next to her. Their father was at the police station, working another night shift. The two sisters had dinner together, mac & cheese, with salad on the side.


Another bloodcurling scream boomed out from the television. A slow icy cold shiver of fear snaked down Julie’s spine. Maybe watching a scary movie wasn’t such a good idea. she thought to herself with a slight frown on her pretty face. She felt uneasy, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end as she got the feeling she was being watched. She looked over her shoulder, revealing nothing out of the ordinary. As she turned back towards the television, a figure stepped into the room. Julie caught sight of it from the corner of her eye, and she jumped a mile. She was ready to let out a scream when she realized it was only Megan.


“Well, I’m out of here. See you tomorrow!” Megan said with a smile. Julie looked to see her sister with a bag slung over her shoulder. Julie frowned.


“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where do you think you’re going?” she asked Megan.


“To Becca’s house, I’m sleeping over.” Megan revealed.


“Umm, since when?” Julie asked, cocking an eyebrow at her sister.


“Since we planned it, four days ago. Dad knows about it. He said it was okay.” Megan explained.


“Oh. Well how about I walk you? It’s dark out.” she pointed out to Megan.


“Umm I think I can manage by myself. Considering she lives a block away.” Megan said with a frown.


“Alright. Well call me when you get there.” Julie said to her sister.


“I will. Have fun.. watching young girls get hacked to pieces..” Megan said with a frown, looking at the television screen. She turned, and made her way to the front door. She unlocked it, pulled the door open and stepped out into the night. She closed the door behind her and locked it from the outside with her key. Julie felt a little more uneasy now that she was home alone. She turned back to the television, engrossed in the action unfolding on the screen. About two minutes had passed when the chime of her phone caught her attention. Julie pulled it out, looking at the screen.


It was a text from Megan. It read:





A small smile played on Julie’s lips as she got up from the couch, putting her phone down. She made her way over to the front door. As she reached out to unlock it, she thought she heard something on the other side. Unlocking the front door, she pulled it open, expecting to see Megan on the front porch. It was empty, and Julie frowned, stepping outside, closing the door behind her. She looked around.


“Megan?” she called out. No reply. Suddenly, a figure stepped out of the shadows in front of her. A black clad figure, holding something up in his hand. It took a moment for Julie to realize the figure was holding Megan’s phone. Her eyes widened in terror as the figure tossed the phone aside.


“Who are y..” Julie trailed off, as the figure flashed forward. A loud scream of horror erupted from Julie’s throat as the killer pounced on her. He knocked her to the ground with a backhand, and swooped down onto her. Another scream rang out, filling the night air.






A car screeched to a halt at the curb in front of the Biggs house. The engine turned off, and the driver side door opened, Warren stepping out. He closed the car door, and locked it. He took a look around. The shadows in front of his home seemed thick, as if they were closing in on the house. Somewhere off in the distance, a dog howled. It almost sounded human, low and forlorn. Warren couldn’t help but shiver as he made his way to step on the curb.


He had just came back from dropping off Taylor at a friend’s house for a sleepover. Scarlett had stayed home with Kaitlyn, who had not been invited. The sleepover was being hosted by a classmate that Kaitlyn had stuck gum in her ponytail. It was so sticky that the girl’s mother had to cut it off, leaving her with boy-short hair. Like that wasn’t bad enough, Kaitlyn tormented her mercilessly about looking like a boy with her new haircut. Warren sighed, he had it up to his last nerve with Kaitlyn’s anticts. He wondered what they had done wrong for her to act the way she did.


Making his way to the front door, he unlocked it, pulled it open and stepped inside the house. He closed the door behind him. The house was silent. When he had left, Scarlett and Kaitlyn had been watching television.


“I’m back!” he called out. There was no reply. Did they go to bed already??  he thought to himself. He headed up the stairs. First he peeked into the room the girl’s shared. It was empty. With a frown he made his way into the bedroom he shared with Scarlett. Also empty. He made his way out into the hall and descended the stairs back to the main floor. He made his way into the living room, the television was off and the room was empty. Exiting, he went into the kitchen. The dishwasher was on, but there was no sign of Scarlett or Kaitlyn.


“Scarlett? Kaitlyn?” he called out, peering out the back window into the backyard. Thick shadows danced, but the yard was empty. Warren’s frown deepened as he headed for the last room to check. The dining room. The lights were on in the room as Warren stepped inside. Immediately his eyes fell on the body on the dining room floor. The body of his wife, Scarlett. Warren’s eyes widened in horror.


“SCARLETT?” he cried. His heart thundered in his chest, it was so loud he thought it was going to burst. The room spun crazily, his breathing hard as he looked over his at his wife. From where he stood, he could see the angry line of crimson across her throat. Oh my god, her throat’s been slashed! he screamed to himself. He felt like he was going to be sick, he swallowed hard. Scarlett’s body was limp, unmoving. Not breathing. Warren knew she was dead.


“KAITLYN!?” he screamed, his voice echoing through the house. Where’s my little girl? he thought to himself, averting his eyes from the grisly sight on the floor.


That’s when he noticed the message on the opposite wall. He wasn’t sure how he had missed it. There was writing, written in crimson. From where he stood, he knew it was written with Scarlett’s blood. His eyes almost bugged out of his head as his heart seemed to stop. He let out a gasp. Struggled to breathe. He felt like he had been punched in the stomach by a wrecking ball.


“NO!!” he shrieked, anger mixed with horror. He stared at the message scrawled on the wall.


Not my daughter. Not my daughter. Not my daughter. Not my daughter. he repeated to himself. “KAITLYN!!” he screamed out again, wishing for her to appear. “No. Please! Oh god, please, no!” he screamed as the tears began to pour down his cheeks. He staggered, and fell to his knees on the floor. Sobbing uncontrolably next to the dead body of his wife.

































7 thoughts on “S01xE10 – GONE (SEASON FINALE)

    1. Lol. Well theres only been 5 main character deaths and 1 side character death so a total of 6 in the first season!

      So now that u ended the first season, what did u like, didnt like, would you change anything or what would you like to see?


      1. Haha now I’m scared how many there will be in season 2 😛

        I like how the killer could be anyone at this point! And as creepy as they are, I like the phone calls…. I guess the only I didn’t like at first was how many characters there were, but I’m learning who they all are as I read so it’s not too bad

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I didn’t think he was going to kidnap Kaitlyn! I feel so sorry for Warren! He lost his wife and daughter all in one day!
    And I cant believe the mistress in Regina!
    Great Season! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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