Chaos, a state of utter confusion or disorder. It was something that had fallen onto the town of West Valley. Two days later and they were still trying to pick up the pieces. Regina Olsen was dead, found brutally slain by her daughter, Dawn. The nature of the crime was vicious. She had been found decapitated in her own bedroom. The entire police force had flocked to the scene of the crime, blocking off the road and setting up police tape around the house. Even they hadn’t been prepared for the grisly sight their eyes saw. The bedroom floor was stained with fresh crimson, the severed head resting near the bed. It’s eyes wide open in fear. The rest of the body had been found in the en-suite bathroom, a bloody stump where the head used to be. One police officer lost his dinner, bending over the toilet to retch.


The Olsen family was inconsolable. Dawn had to be taken to the hospital, suffering from shock. The police scoured the house from top to bottom, searching for even a fingerprint. Finding nothing, they went to the streets, searching the neighbourhood in case the killer was still skulking in the shadows. Neighbours began to poke their heads out of their houses, curious to what was going on. They were ordered back inside, their eyes glinting with anxiety. Three weeks of silence was too good to be true. Their worst fear had come true, the West Valley killer had returned, and had claimed another victim.


As if that wasn’t enough, as the force was returning to the station, another call came in. It was good news, that time around. Warren Biggs had called the station, informing them that his little girl Kaitlyn had been returned safe and sound. It was a miracle. When she had first gone missing, the police considered the worst. The killer had kidnapped her after murdering her mother, Scarlett. Would he do the same to the little girl? Everyone hoped not. The death of a child was worse than the death of an adult. She had her whole life ahead of her. The possibility of it ending so soon was something that no one wanted to rationalize. But Kaitlyn was back, and they were elated about that.


They gave Kaitlyn a day to get settled back in. To re-bond with her father and her sister. Harrison Whitlow had called Warren, asking if it was possible to stop by the house. Warren thought it was a little too soon for them to talk to Kaitlyn. She was still terrified, crying for her mother. She had seen her mother get murdered. Watched as the killer slit Scarlett’s throat before grabbing Kaitlyn and dissappearing into the night. Harrison revealed he didn’t want to talk to Kaitlyn, he wanted to talk to Warren, himself. There was no need to frighten the young girl any more. She had already been through so much. She had already confided in her father about what happened, how she had spent those three weeks.


Harrison wasted no time. It was early morning when he left his house. He got into this car, and zoomed off, heading for the Biggs house. He drove past the Olsen’s place, the house standing forebodingly with yellow crime scene tape around it. An icy cold shiver of fear snaked down Harrison’s spine. The image of Regina’s decapitated head would forever be burned in his memory. We need to find this son of a bitch. Before he wipes out the whole town. he thought to himself with a frown as he continued driving to his destination. A few minutes later, he pulled up to the curb in front of the Biggs house.


Harrison exited the car, closing the driver side door with a bump of his hip. He pressed on the automatic lock on his key chain, the car chirping in response. He made his way onto the curb in front of the house, and headed up the walkway towards the front door. He reached out, pressing his finger against the doorbell. He could hear the bell from inside the house. He hoped Warren was already awake, that he wasn’t still sleeping. A few moments later, the front door was pulled open. Harrison smiled sympathetically in greeting. Warren didn’t look too good. He stepped aside so Harrison could enter the house.

Closing the door behind him, Harrison followed Warren into the living room. Warren sat down on the couch, Harrison sitting down next to him. He turned to look at Warren. “How are you doing?” he asked.


Warren shrugged in reply. “Relieved that Kaitlyn is back. But I can’t believe Scarlett..” he trailed off, biting down on his lip and looking away.


“Is Kaitlyn here?” Harrison asked curiously.


Warren nodded in response. “She’s upstairs taking a nap. Taylor’s at school.” he explained.


“I’m glad Kaitlyn told you what happened. I don’t want to overwhelm her.” Harrison said, concern glinting in his eyes.


“Neither do I. She’s already been through so much.” Warren answered.


“So give me the whole story. What happened that night, according to Kaitlyn?” Harrison asked.


Warren took a deep breath. “It happened a few minutes after I left the house with Taylor. She was right here in this room, watching television.” he explained to Harrison.


“And Scarlett?” Harrison asked.


“Kaitlyn said she had gone into the kitchen.” Warren replied. He took another deep breath. It seemed to pain him to be talking about it. “She said Scarlett suddenly screamed. She went out into the hallway to see what was going on, and saw Scarlett run into the dining room, being chased.” Warren explained.


“By someone dressed in black?” Harrison asked.


Warren nodded. “He, or she, must have picked the lock on the backdoor in the kitchen. Anyway, Kaitlyn followed them into the dining room. She was standing in the doorway. She saw the killer slit Scarlett’s throat.” he explained, looking away, tears threatening to overflow from his eyes. He cleared his throat loudly.


“God.” Harrison replied softly. “And then what happened?” he asked.


“Kaitlyn said she tried to run. She tried to get out of the house, but the killer was faster. He grabbed her.” Warren replied.


“Did he hurt her?” Harrison asked with a deep frown creasing his forehead.


“She said he carried her out of the house, his hand over her mouth. He loaded her into the back of a van. She doesn’t remember what it looked like or what color it was.” Warren replied.


“But she knew it was a van? Not a car?” Harrison asked curiously.


“She said the back was really big. So I’m assuming it was a van or some sort of truck.” Warren explained.


“And he brought her somewhere?” Harrison asked.


“She said it looked like an old building. It was dirty, and it smelled bad inside.” Warren revealed.


“And then what happened?” Harrison asked.


“She said.. she said she was put into a room. It was cold and smelled bad. He blindfolded her and tied her hands behind her back.” Warren said, clenching his jaw.


“What a sick fuck. She’s just a little girl. But he fed her?” Harrison asked.

Warren nodded. “He fed her. He would come talk to her sometimes. She said he told her his name was Mr. X. And that he was her friend.” he explained.


“She’s very lucky he didn’t hurt her. But how did she escape?” Harrison asked with a frown.


“He let her go! She said he came into the room, picked her up and it was back into the van. Or truck. He took off her blindfold and untied her hands and drove her all the way home.” Warren explained, his eyes wide.


“Just like that?” Harrison asked curiously.


Warren nodded. “Just like that. He left her at the curb in front of the house. I wish I had heard something, seen the vehicle. All I heard was her crying, I opened the door, and there she was.” he told Harrison.


“That’s crazy.” Harrison replied.


“Please. Find this person. Make him pay for what he did to my wife, and to my little girl.” Warren pleaded.


“I will! You have my word.” Harrison reassured him, patting Warren on the back.








The front door of the Corbin house opened, but before Lilah entered, she turned to look back outside. A frown creased her pretty face as her eyes scanned the front yard. She seemed to be searching for something. Or perhaps someone. It was mid-morning, and she had just came back from the library. She had gone with Bridget, who had decided to stay there and study some more. Lilah had shrugged and headed home. The walk back had started out pleasant. It was another beautiful day in West Valley, and the golden orb that was the sun shone high above in the blue sky.


Lilah had only been walking for a few minutes when she thought she heard the sound of footsteps behind her. She thought nothing of it at first, and kept walking, a smile on her lips. The footsteps continued behind her, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She felt as if she was being watched. A casual glance over her shoulder revealed an empty sidewalk behind her. She had stopped in her tracks, looking around curiously. With a slight shrug, she kept moving. Sure enough, the sound of footsteps against the concrete met her ears. She spun around again, and caught a blur of motion a few yards away. Someone had ducked behind some bushes.


Lilah had frowned. Weird. she thought to herself as she kept moving. She was almost home now. The feeling of eyes burning into her back never seemed to cease. She tried to ignore the racing in her heart as she moved a little bit quicker, breaking into a jog. At least when she reached the house, she felt relieved. She fished out her keys, making her up to the front door. She unlocked it, sliding into the house. After a quick look around the yard, she closed the door and locked it behind her. She felt safer now that she was inside. She let out breath. The house was quiet. She wondered where everyone was.


“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” a voice said, startling Lilah, causing her to jump. She turned to see her housemate, Ivy, sitting on the couch. She held her IPAD in her hand, but placed it down on the coffee table before her when she saw the look on Lilah’s face.


“You okay?” Ivy asked as Lilah came around and sat down next to her on the couch. Lilah noticed that Ivy looked stunning, she always did. She was always so well dressed and put together. Lilah felt a little frumpy sitting next to her.


“Fine. It’s just.. you ever have that feeling you were being watched?” Lilah asked curiously, cocking an eyebrow in the other girl’s direction.


“Of course. You think someone was watching you? You didn’t see them?” Ivy asked.


Lilah shook her head. “I thought I saw someone. It was too quick, they ducked behind a bush.” she explained.


Ivy frowned. “That’s creepy. With all the craziness going on, do you think we should let the cops know?” she asked Lilah.


Lilah shrugged. “I’m not sure. It could have been nothing. Maybe they weren’t even following me. It could have been a kid playing hooky from school, as far as I know.” she explained.


“And they didn’t want you to see them so they hid. These kids today, so clever.” Ivy said with a small chuckle.


“But then again maybe it was something more serious. The killer is still out there.” Lilah pointed out.


“That’s what I was thinking, too.” Ivy explained.


“Where is everyone? Where’s you-know-who?” Lilah asked, looking around the room.

“Hayley and Robin went somewhere. Thomas went house hunting. I can’t believe even though she ratted him out, Thomas came to Robin asking for a place to stay.” Ivy explained, rolling her eyes in annoyance.


“He better find a place soon. We’re five girls, one guy. He’s already been here for almost a month.” Lilah replied, shaking her head.


“He’ll be out of our hair soon. I hope.” another voice chimed in. Ivy and Lilah looked to see Robin and Hayley standing behind them. Robin had a smug look on her face. Ivy and Lilah shared a look, they hadn’t heard the two girls come in.


“God, Robin. Wear one of those little bells so we can hear you coming.” Ivy said, rolling her eyes.


“That’s more of an Ellie Jacks thing to do. You know those goths, they’re kooky.” Robin replied.


“You were saying? Thomas might find a place?” Lilah asked Robin.


“For our sake, I hope so. I told him he could stay here as long as he wanted.” Robin revealed.


“You do realize my grandfather left me this house, right?” Ivy asked, raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow at the other girl.


“I feel kind of bad that I got him kicked out of his house.” Robin replied with a slight shrug.


“If you didn’t spill the beans, he wouldn’t have.” Hayley pointed out.


“A good point.” Robin said. She was about to say more when the ringing of the phone echoed through the room. “It’s mine.” Robin revealed, pulling out her phone. She clicked it on and brought it to her ear. “Hello?” she said. She listened, her face wearing no expression. She held her hand up, getting the other girls’ attention. Lilah frowned, glancing at Ivy who shrugged.


“What is it?” Hayley whispered.


Robin pressed a button, and the speakerphone came on. “Who is this?” she asked.


“You don’t know me. But I know you.” a distorted voice echoed through the room. Lilah shivered, the voice sounded so omnious.


“Of course you know me! I’m a very important person in this town!” Robin replied, a soft giggle escaping her lips. Hayley rolled her eyes.


“If you’re a very important person, why am I outshining you?” the voice on the other end of the line asked.

“How could you possibly outshine me? I’m cutting a record. What have you done?” Robin asked.


“I don’t cut records, but I cut people. Cut them nice and deep, the blade scrapes against bone.” the voice said.

“That’s disturbing.” Robin replied. Hayley and Lilah shared a look. Is she thinking what I’m thinking? Lilah thought to herself.


“Robin! What if that’s the West Valley killer you’re talking to?” Ivy whispered loudly.


Robin’s eyes widened. “I wouldn’t happen to be talking to the West Valley killer, am I?” she asked into the phone. Lilah let out a groan.


“You very possibly could be! And you and your housemates are going to find out soon enough! I’d watch out if I were you.” the voice said with a cruel laugh before hanging up.


“Robin! Are you stupid?! What if that was the killer? You can’t go provoking him like that!” Ivy cried.


“Chill out! It was probably Campbell, getting back at me for what I did!” Robin explained.


“For your sake, I hope you’re right!” Hayley chimed in, her eyes glinting with worry.







“This is Faye Abernathy. Join me again next week on The West Valley Murders podcast. Signing off, thank you for listening.” Faye said, switching off and unplugging the microphone that was hooked up to the computer. A small smile of contempt played on her lips as she leaned back in the desk chair she was sitting in. She sat in the study of the Jacks’ house, having just finished her weekly podcast. She was alone, the house was empty. Ellie had gone to an appointment, Tyson was in school, and Lynn had gone for a walk around the neighbourhood. Faye didn’t mind, there were no interruptions during her podcast.


I probably won’t even have to edit. she thought to herself. She loaded her podcast onto her website before turning off the computer. She pushed back the desk chair, and got to her feet. She made her way out of the study and into the living room. She liked the Jacks’ house. After hearing about the murders, and wanting to discuss her thoughts about them, she had made her way online to find a room for rent. She had found one, so she packed up her things and left Oasis Springs. It was a coincidence that the room she found happened to be in the house of one of the murder victims.


Faye had felt a little intrusive at first, but the family welcomed her with open arms. She was getting to know them. She was witnessing their coping with the murder of Richard. Ellie was determined to find the killer, Lynn missed her husband terribly, and Tyson would share memories of his grandfather. She went to them with questions, interviewed them. Anything that could help to find out the identity of the killer. Hopefully Faye could gather enough information to get the killer behind bars. West Valley was a nice little town, but deceiving. People were dying. There was no motive as to why. What is the killer trying to prove? Faye thought to herself with a frown.


She wished she had an answer to her question. She knew the story about what happened twenty years earlier. But she was skeptical that there was a connection with what was happening now. She had heard that some people believed Brandon Covington was back, but she herself doubted it. The latest victim, Regina Olsen, had a connection to Brandon. But everyone else just seemed to be picked at random. Faye had a list of their names, with her theories written beside them. Why not kill Regina first? Why murder six people before her? Faye thought to herself with a frown creasing her forehead.


“I’m home!” a voice called out. Faye looked up to see Ellie enter the room.


“Oh wow! Your hair! Was that your appointment?” Faye asked, taking in Ellie’s new look.


Ellie nodded. “I change my hair color every once in awhile. I get bored with it quickly.” she explained. She took a look around. “Where’s my mom at?” she asked Faye curiously.


“She said she was going for a walk.” Faye explained.


“She’ll probably walk over to St-Gregory’s and visit my father’s grave.” Ellie said.


“Does she do that often?” Faye asked.


Ellie nodded. “At least three times a week.” she explained to Faye.


“I’m still trying to get a feel about the victims. Would you mind if I asked you just a few more questions about your father? It’s off the record, and it would help me greatly.” Faye revealed.


“Sure. What do you want to know?” Ellie asked curiously, arching an eyebrow.


“What was he like, his personality?” Faye asked.


“He was a great man. He had a lot of patience. Especially with me. I didn’t make parenting easy on him, exactly. After a certain age I just started running around with a wrong crowd. I got into some trouble. I dissapointed him but he never stopped loving me. He always cared.” Ellie said, a soft smile on her lips as she remembered.


“And when you came home, pregnant with Tyson?” Faye asked curiously.


“I think that was the most dissapointed I’ve seen him. He told me I was too young to have a child. I was a child myself, I was only nineteen years old.” Ellie recalled, before continuing. “But he told me what I decided to do was completely upto me. I wanted to keep the baby. It was a responsibility I had to take. I should have been more careful, and that was the consequence.” she told Faye.


“But I’m sure he came to love Tyson. He’s a great kid. You did a great job.” Faye replied.


“Thanks. And yeah, he did. The first time he held Tyson in his arms, I could see that look of dissapointment turn into a look of pride. He, along with my mother, helped me raise Tyson. I don’t know if I would have been able to do that alone. A single mother, with her own business to worry about, on top of raising a child.” Ellie explained.


“That would be a lot on your plate.” Faye agreed. “What were his thoughts on the death of the first victim, Felicia Talley?” she asked curiously.


Ellie shrugged in reply. “He was surprised about it. He was shocked. He asked me if I was alright, since I knew Felicia’s husband, Owen.” she explained to Faye. “He was also a little worried.” she continued.


“Worried about the killer?” Faye asked.


Ellie nodded. “That there was no evidence as to who the killer was. That he, or she, hadn’t been caught.” she explained before continuing. “Did he know that he was going to be the next victim? No. None of us knew. How could we? We’re not mind readers. He couldn’t know that we’re a little past a month now, and the killer still hasn’t been caught. That we still have no fucking clue who this psycho is.” she told Faye.


“You don’t think it’s Brandon Covington?” Faye asked with an arched eyebrow in the other girl’s direction.


“At this point, it could be Paula Deen, and I’d believe it. How much longer until they find out who’s the person responsible? I’m scared that if they don’t find him, or her soon, this whole town is going to be wiped out.” Ellie explained with a frown creasing her forehead.


“That’s why I’m here. I hope I can shed some light on the subject and lead the way to the identity of the killer.” Faye told her reassuringly.


“And let’s hope that happens before it’s not too late.” Ellie said with concern.







The door to the clothing store opened, and Ruby stepped out into the warm sunshine. The door swung shut behind her. A small smile played on her lips. While trying on dresses, she had received a text from Jeremy. He was still out in Hollywood, filming his latest movie. He missed her, he had told her. She replied saying she missed him too. He wasn’t due back in West Valley for another week. They had kept in touch through texting, emails, Facetime, and on Skype. Ruby couldn’t wait for him to return. Perhaps she would feel safer with Jeremy around.


After three weeks of much needed silence and relaxation, darkness exploded once more onto the town of West Valley. The killer had struck again, and someone else had lost their life. Ruby couldn’t help the goosebumps that ran up and down her arms. She knew the Olsen family. She had babysat Finn a few times in the past. She liked Regina, she thought she was a pleasant lady. She wasn’t like most elders who tended to be grouchy. Regina was the exact opposite and she had a certain light to her. Ruby had seen it on the news, shocked that the killer was back in full force, it seemed.


Her eyes had widened when she heard how Regina had been killed. Ruby had felt like she was going to be sick. She wanted to reach out to the family, but it seemed like it was much too soon. She’d have to wait until the funeral. It seemed like there were a lot of funerals these days. There were no celebrations, only mourning. Ruby had her fair share and she wondered if things were ever going to get better. I hope they do. she thought to herself with a frown. She walked, her heels clicking, her purse swinging at her side as she stopped to peer into the window of a store.


The display window showed off a set of crystals, the sunlight causing them to sparkle in an explosion of color. Ruby knew some of them were healing crystals. Growing up, her mother had taken an interest in that. It was all very new age. Ruby went to visit her parents from time to time. Maybe I should bring mom some crystals next time I go visit. she thought to herself. She leaned in for a closer look. The employee inside saw her, and waved. Ruby waved back, straightening up, and was about to head inside, when a figure slid up behind her.


Ruby was oblivious as the figure reached out, covering her eyes with their hands. Ruby couldn’t stop the small gasp of surprise that escaped her lips. She felt breathing in her ear, and suddenly she was free. She spun around, her eyes flashing with fear. When she saw who had grabbed her, she frowned. And then a big smile erupted on her face. “What are YOU doing here?” she asked, her eyes lighting up.


“I’m done filming!” Jeremy said, a smile matching Ruby’s on his face. “I thought I’d text you and make you think I was still in Hollywood so I could surprise you!” he revealed to her. He wrapped her up in a big hug, planting a soft kiss on her cheek.


“I believed you!” she cried, letting out a laugh.


“Well I am an actor! I gotta be believable.” he said with a chuckle.


“How was Hollywood?” Ruby asked.


“Fine! Nobody died.” Jeremy said, his face serious for a moment. “I heard about Regina Olsen. That’s messed up.” he told Ruby. “You’re okay?” he asked her, concern flashing in his eyes.


“Just wishing that it was some other town being wiped out. But I am glad to see you! I missed you!” Ruby said. Jeremy smiled and ran a hand softly down her arm.


“Me too. I stopped by your place and Meredith told me I would find you here.” he explained.


“Just doing some shopping.” she told him with a soft smile.


“I hope you’re not busy enough to join me for dinner tonight?” he asked Ruby.


“I’m never too busy for you!” she told him.


“Great. I can’t wait. We have a lot of catching up to do.” he told her, lust in his eyes.


Ruby felt herself blush. “I’ll be there for seven.” she told him.


“Great! I’ll let you get back to your shopping. I’m gonna go hit the gym.” he told her.


“Don’t tire yourself out for later!” she told him, a seductive giggle escaping her lips.


“I never do. See you later.” he told her, kissing her on the cheek again. She watched him walk away, a smile playing on her lips.







Darcy had finished work for the day. She was exhausted. Customers had come into the store non-stop, and Darcy barely had any time to even sit down. She was always on her feet, running around the store like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Finally, what seemed like hours later, the store finally emptied. Darcy took that opportunity to close for the rest of the day. She locked up, and headed out into the afternoon sunshine. Main Street was bustling with activity, as usual. Darcy headed home, walking along the sidewalk, a small smile playing on her lips.


The peaceful walk home had suddenly been interrupted by the ringing of Darcy’s cellphone. Before she answered, she had peered at the screen. BLOCKED NUMBER flashed on the screen, and with a frown, she had answered. No one spoke on the other end of the line. All she could hear was soft breathing. That was the second time she had received a call like that. She didn’t think it was from the killer. He, or she, usually spoke. This caller just listened until Darcy hung up. She couldn’t help but glance a few times behind her as she walked home, paranoid.


She felt safer once her house came into view. She made her way to the door, unlocking it, and stepping inside, closing and locking the door behind her as she did so. The first thing she did was head to the bathroom. She took a quick shower, making her way into her bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. Once dressed, she made her way into the kitchen and made herself a tomato sandwich. Her stomach rumbled hungrily, all she had eaten that day was a buttery croissant. After she finished eating, she put her plate into the dishwasher, and made her way over to glance out the back window.


Night would be falling soon. An icy cold shiver of fear snaked down Darcy’s spine. She couldn’t suppress the thoughts that came to her mind. She had heard about the murder of Regina Olsen. She had heard how brutal it was. Is it the killer’s way to show he or she isn’t messing around? Darcy thought to herself with a frown creasing her forehead. She pressed her forehead against the glass, taking in the scenery outside the window. The killer was out there somewhere. He was watching her. He was biding his time to harm her once again. She had gotten away the first time, would she be so lucky the next time around?


With a sigh, Darcy stepped away from the window. She moved across the floor, making her way into the living room. She sat down on the couch, sitting back, getting comfortable. She reached over, grabbed the remote control off the coffee table, and turned on the television. She flicked through the channels, flicking through different reports about the latest murder. She finally found something that would keep her mind off of things. Hidden Lives, a soap opera she watched every once in a while when she had time. She let herself get lost in the action unfolding on the screen.


She had lost track of time, focusing on the soap opera, when the doorbell suddenly rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone, was I? Darcy thought to herself. She stayed seated on the couch, a frown on her face. The doorbell rang again. With a sigh, she got to her feet. She made her way over to the front door. She hesitated, her hand reaching out and gripping the knob. “Who is it?” she called out. No reply. Her frown deepened. Her other hand gripped the lock, turning it slowly. Darcy’s heart thumped a little stronger in her chest. She turned the doorknob, and pulled the door open.


She peered out to the figure who stood outside the door. Her eyes widened in fear, and she let out a loud gasp. The figure who stared back at her was an all too familiar face. A man she knew all too well. This can’t be real. He’s not really standing on my front porch. It can’t be. I’m dreaming. I fell asleep watching television and I’m going to wake up. Please let me wake up! she thought to herself. When the man smiled at her, Darcy knew it was real, she wasn’t dreaming. She felt like she had been submerged in icy cold water. Her eyes bugged out of her head, her heart thundering now in her chest.

“It’s YOU! What are you DOING here?!” she cried out in horror.


A cruel smile played on the man’s face. “Did you think you’d get away?” he asked her, his eyes shining with malice.







School had been let out a few hours ago. Sunset was fast approaching, and the doors to West Valley High swung open. Skye stepped out, followed by her friend Paige McCormick. The girls stood on the steps, chattering away. They had stayed after school, attending a dance comittee meeting. It was spring, which meant Spring Fling was approaching.


“Trust me, green and pink will be a great color scheme for the dance.” Skye explained to Paige.


“You always have the best ideas!” Paige said enthusiastically.


“Duh! That’s why I’m the dance comittee’s president!” Skye reminded her friend. “If I wasn’t, the dance comittee would be run by losers like Megan Whitlow, or Cassandra Goth.” she explained to Paige, rolling her eyes in disgust.


“Eww, Megan Whitlow is a gnat. How could Charlie Olsen possibly like her? Is he blind?” Paige asked.


“He might have been dropped on his head as a baby!” Skye replied with a giggle.


“I wouldn’t be surprised. Did you see Megan today? She’s wearing her hair differently, but she still looks like shit run over twice.” Paige said with a cruel laugh.


“And yet Charlie still follows her around like a little puppy dog. What is wrong with this town? Murders aside, most of the people here are lame as fuck.” Skye said with a frown on her face.


“I’m glad I just go to school here in West Valley. No murders in my town!” Paige said, concern glinting in her eyes.


“Even the cops here are a bunch of incompetent jerk-offs. Megan’s dad is on the force, and he still hasn’t been able to catch the killer. That is just a royal travesty. If it were me, the killer would have been caught already and fried in the fucking electric chair!” Skye told Paige.


“Why’d the killer kill two old people? They were going to croak soon anyway!” Paige explained.


“I know, right? Charlie’s grandma was Mayor Covington’s mistress back then! What a hussy! Like, keep your legs closed!” Skye said with a scoff.


“Speaking of keeping your legs closed, what’s up with you and Brad? Are you guys still together?” Paige asked curiously.


“Where were you when I told you I broke up with him? Do you not listen when I talk?” Skye asked with a frown.


“Who doesn’t listen when you talk?” another voice asked. Skye and Paige turned to reveal another girl walk out through the double glass doors. Ashley Fox, another popular girl, who was also on the dance comittee. She had a twin sister, and the only way to tell them apart was by how they wore their hair.


“This bitch!” Skye said, pointing to Paige.


Ashley arched an eyebrow at Paige. “Don’t mind her. Most of the time she’s thinking about Elliot Kirkpatrick!” she told Skye, puckering up her lips at Paige and making kissing noises.


“Hey! He’s a total fox!” Paige defended.


“So is Paul Hathaway! Who seems to be interested in our Hanna Workman!” Ashley said with a giggle escaping her lips. “Where is Hanna anyway?” she asked Skye.


“At home, babysitting her brother. Her mom is back to work.” Skye explained.


“I can’t believe her mom tried to overdose! Morbid much!” Ashley said with a frown.


“Her husband was killed! You’d freak out too!” Paige explained.


“I wouldn’t try overdosing on pills! That’s such a ninetys thing to do. Get with the times!” Ashley scoffed.


“Ashley would probably try to shoot herself but would forget to load bullets in the gun and think it was broken!” Skye told Paige with a laugh.


“Haha! You’re so funny.” Ashley said sarcastically.


Paige pulled out her phone and looked at the time on the screen. “I need to go. I don’t want to be in this town when the sun sets.” she revealed.


“Me neither! My dad is coming to pick me up. He’ll give you a ride home.” Ashley told Paige.


“You scaredy-cats! I’m walking home.” Skye told her friends.


“Good luck with that! Don’t call us when the West Valley killer is cutting up your bony ass!” Ashley told Skye with a laugh.


Skye sneered, raising her middle finger up. “Sit on it, and rotate, bitch!” she told Ashley.


Paige laughed and grabbed Ashley, pulling her away. “See you tomorrow!” Paige called out to Skye.


Skye shook her head, took an uncertain glance around, and hurried away.







Harrison hummed to himself as he made his way through the park. He had just finished work, and was on his way home. Night had fallen and the town of West Valley was silent. There were no other people out, as far as Harrison could see. The silence seemed to be closing in on him, so he hummed a familiar tune, his footsteps echoing around him. A light breeze swayed the leaves in the trees above. As he walked, Harrison couldn’t help but take a look over his shoulder. Shadows seemed to dance off in the distance, and he couldn’t help but frown.


He could have taken a car at the station, but since it was such a nice night, Harrison had decided he would walk. Now, he wasn’t so sure if that was a good idea. He couldn’t help the feeling that he was being  followed. There was no other sounds other than his own footsteps to make him think otherwise. You’re just on edge. he thought to himself. Everyone at the station was working harder than ever now. The chief was really coming down on them to find the killer. To stop their reign of terror on the small town. Harrison felt the chief’s frustration. Another victim had been claimed without warning.


That made Harrison’s mind wander to the thought of his daughters. Julie and Megan had both encountered the killer, and they had both escaped with their lives. He worried about them, and even though it had been three weeks without a word from the killer, he still had a patrol car pass by the house every few hours. He couldn’t take no chances. He wasn’t always home and couldn’t always be there to protect them. He felt a little better knowing that someone passed by to check up on them. He made sure the officers had guns equipped with them, just in case they would happen to run into the killer again.


Suddenly, Harrison heard a noise. He turned quickly. A twig had snapped nearby. His eyes scanned his surroundings, and then he calmed down when he realized it was just a squirrel hurrying past. It was at that moment that his phone decided to ring. He jumped, letting out a small yell of surprise as the ringing of the phone echoed around him. He pulled out his phone, his heart racing, and answered the call.


“Hello?” he said, a little too gruffly.


“Whitlow? Are you still at the station?” a voice asked from the other end of the line. Harrison recognized it, it was a fellow officer calling.


“No. I just left. Why?” Harrison asked curiously.


“I’m at home listening to the police radio and a call came in. Something about a disturbance at St-Gregory’s.” the other officer explained.


“I’m near the church, I’ll go check it out.” Harrison said.


“Alone? Are you sure?” the other officer asked.


“I’ll call the station if I need backup. It’s probably just some kids out past curfew.” Harrison explained.


“Alright. If it is kids, scare the shit out of them.” the other officer said with a chuckle.


“Will do.” Harrison said with a laugh escaping his lips. “Later.” he said, hanging up the call. He slid the phone back into his pocket, and headed towards the church. His face was serious as a few minutes later, he found himself standing in front of St-Gregory’s. The building loomed up above him. He shivered, frowned. Something about the building was giving him the creeps. He didn’t know what, or why. It was just a feeling that seemed to be wrapping around him. The thick dancing shadows seemed to reach out towards him as he took a step closer towards the church.


It’s just an old building. Calm down. he reassured himself. Squaring his shoulders, he made his way up the steps to the enormous wooden doors. He reached out, Grabbed the handle, and pulled. The door opened easily. Harrison frowned to himself. “It should be locked at this hour.” he softly said to himself. He stepped inside, the door shutting closed behind him. He couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, didn’t see anyone. However, the lights inside were on. “Hello?” he called out. His voice echoed through the empty church. “Father Gabriel?” he called out again. No one came into view.


Harrison frowned. “Father?” he called out, moving across the floor. “Hello? Is anyone here?” he asked, his footsteps echoing around him. I don’t like this. he thought to himself. He wished he had brought his gun with him. He turned to look when he heard a noise coming from the next room. It sounded like a chair scraping against the floor. “This is Officer Whitlow! If anyone is here, come out now!” he called out. A deep frown creased his face as he made his way towards the next room. Something was telling him to run, yet he couldn’t seem to turn around and head back the way he came.


Instead, he moved forward. He headed towards the archway that lead into the next room. That’s when someone stepped out from the other room. Harrison’s eyes took in the black cloak, the hood lowered over a face. His eyes widened, ticking his horrified  gaze to the figure’s hand. There was a flash of movement, and then a stinging pain at Harrison’s neck. Drops of crimson splattered to the floor as Harrison opened his mouth to protest. All that came out was a wet gurgle. Waves of stinging white hot pain rolled over Harrison as his throat opened up, spewing blood.


More crimson hit the floor as Harrison reached up, grasping his throat with his hands. Blood seeped through his fingers as he wavered dizzily on his feet before dropping to the ground. Before his vision went black, Harrison saw the killer run off. The hood came loose, falling away, exposing his attacker’s face. YOU! Harrison cried to himself before his eyes glazed over. Unblinking. His body limp on the floor. Dead.
















10 thoughts on “S02xE02 – CHEATED HEARTS

  1. Poor Kaitlyn, I wonder what the killer’s motive was when he took her… And why he released her. Am I right in assuming that guy on Darcy’s doorstep is her ex?

    It’s always bad when a policeman is killed. Hmm, he recognized the killer…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We’ll find out who the guy on the doorstep is next episode!

    One of the new characters was Faye, the podcaster. What did you think of her?

    Also no one has really mentioned what they think of Skye lol. I guess I made her unlikeable!

    Do you like the new looks I gave some of the characters? Which do you like most?

    And i’m trying to think as to why kaitlyn was kidnapped and released, there may not be an answer to that for a while! It’ll be addressed eventually.

    I just didn’t kill harrison for no reason. There’s a reason and it’ll be explained soon enough! Also i killed him off because i want the police to kind of take a backseat from now on and focus on the characters trying to solve the mystery themselves! If that makes sense?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really like Faye! I hope she can help solve the mystery of these killings. As for Skye, well… She reminds me of those gossipy girls I always hated in high school lol.

      Ellie looks awesome! I love her purple hair 🙂 Darcy is one of my ultimate favorites though, not really sure why… I’ve just liked her since the beginning haha, though maybe it’s because she seems connected to the murders?

      And yeah that makes sense! I look forward to seeing them work together to solve the mystery

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like it so far! It’d be cool if you could give a few more clues/teasers about the murderer and Brandon Covington while still keeping it a mystery, if that makes sense


      1. First of all I am sorry if you find misunderstandings, jabbing or grammar mistakes sometimes it’s extremely hard to speak English to me.

        Harrisson is the policeman in charge to track down the murderer, of course Shadow (I will call the murderer like that because it’s how victims describes him) threatened and menaced his girls but killing a policeman isn’t a good idea. Casually in crime novels, when a policeman is killed , the rest of the unit is determined more to track down the murderer. And the criminal is killed or put in jail quickier and easier. To kill a policeman isn’t a good idea for a criminal despite they always think their act as a trophee of war. Shadow awakes the a hord of starving hunters against them.
        And all criminal at a certain points do mistakes, inquiries isn’t aware first but after a certain times it become an obvious thing. That’s the main reason why I think killing Harrisson is a mistake, his first one because everybody does mistakes, a crime of a cop can’t be stay insolved and finding Shadow will be make them more under pressure.

        I know Shadow has a reason to kill Harrisson, to them, Harrisson was seeking in their dirty bag and his (Harrisson’s) curiosity killed him.

        Shadow is also determined to kill the whole city and he likes to kill people to do a buzz each time ,(and to tell you he didn’t wanted to kill Jérémy but the actress it was his goal, Jérémy isn’t that important).

        He needs attention and he needs people cry more as a devil that devoured wrong energy from humans. Sometimes they can kill on purpose (as the murder of the old woman) Now Shadow thinks he’s winning the game killing a cop , he puts the population into a psychosis make the town insecure , that nothing can stop him even not the Law.

        I know it’s not what I really wanted to say because I am limited in expressing myself in English but you got the rough idea.

        I know I don’t finish season 2 so I will discover more soon. I am maybe wrong .

        Liked by 1 person

  3. You make a good observation!

    I killed off Harrison because yes, I wanted to get the point across that not even the police can stop Shadow. If a police man could be killed, does the rest of the police force stand a chance? It’s discouraging for
    The town as well. Who’s going to help them? And when is it okay for the townspeople to take matters into their own hands? Harrison’s death may be the motivation for the people to try to find the killer’s identity on their own.


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