S02xE09 – CLOSER


 The body under the mountain of sheets moved slightly, causing the soft fabric to ripple. Sleeping, a small smile played on Amy’s lips. She stirred, reaching out with an arm to touch Shawn on the other side of the bed. And her hand touched empty space. Her eyes shot open, everything came rushing back to her. She sat up straight with a loud gasp that broke the silence of the room. She turned to look where Shawn used to sleep. The pillow remained untouched, undisturbed. A sign that Shawn no longer slept in the bed. The reality hit Amy once more. Shawn was dead. He would no longer be sleeping next to her. He now slept in a coffin, six feet under the ground.


A whimper escaped Amy’s lips, but she did not cry. She had no more tears left. She had cried the whole week and a half since Shawn had been murdered. She had cried when she had gotten the news about his death. She had cried at his funeral, and cried in the time between. She pulled the covers off of her as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. Sunshine poured in through the window. Another beautiful day in West Valley. It made Amy sick to her stomach. West Valley was deceiving. Behind the beauty was darkness, fear, and death. It had been a few months since there was a killer on the loose.


The killer was still out there, not even close to being caught. And Shawn had been one of his, or her’s, latest victims. Amy turned and quickly made the bed. She slid out of her pyjamas and went over to the dresser to change. A few moments later, she was done, staring at her reflection in the mirror. She placed her hand on her belly. A human life was growing inside her. A child. Who would never get to know their father. There was no future for Shawn. He’d never know the sex of the baby. Never get to hold it in the delivery room. He had been robbed of that. It wasn’t fair.


Amy wished it was all just a bad nightmare that she would wake up from. She’d wake up and everything would be fine. Shawn would be alive, and they would raise their child together. Maybe one day get married. But life had a funny way of working out. Fate had other plans in hand. The killer was playing god, choosing who lived and who died. A lot of people had died so far. The body count was up to twelve now. Twelve people in a matter of three months. Amy’s stomach churned as she made her way over to the bedroom door. She pulled it open and stepped out into the upstairs hallway.


Instead of descending the stairs to the main floor of the house, she stood still, remembering everything that had happened in the last week. She had returned from the pregnancy seminar to an empty house. Shawn didn’t seem to be home and had wondered where he could have gone. She didn’t think anything of it, looking over baby names, looking at baby furniture online. It was around eight that Shawn still wasn’t home. Amy had frowned and had called his cellphone. There was no answer. She was a little anxious, but not too worried. She had gone to relax in a nice hot bubble bath when the had phone rang.


She assumed it was going to be Shawn on the other end of the line, and had picked up the phone with a smile. It wasn’t Shawn. It was Stephanie Workman, and she sounded odd. Amy could hear sirens on the other end of the line, and she wondered why the woman was calling her. Amy pushed the memories away as she finally made her way down the stairs and headed into the kitchen. But she couldn’t keep her mind off it. Stephanie had explained that she had to come down to the banquet hall right away, that something had happened.


Amy had walked over to the hall as fast as she could. She saw the blue and red flashing lights of the police cars lighting up the darkness before she had even arrived. Butterflies fluttered around in her stomach as she picked up the pace. Had there been an accident? Amy had frowned, wondering what she had to do with it. Reaching the banquet hall, Stephanie had walked over to her, her cheeks wet with tears. A gurney holding a bodybag had wheeled past, and Amy felt her heart jump in her chest. Someone had died. That’s when the older woman broke the news. Told her why she had called her.


The pageant had been interrupted by a body falling from the rafters above. Shawn’s body. Amy didn’t fully comprehend for a few moments. It felt like all the air around her had been sucked away. Realization hit her, her eyes widening. The body bag that had wheeled past her was Shawn. Something inside her shattered as she dropped to her knees on the pavement. And let out a loud scream. Grief mixed with horror. Sobs racked her body as a few paramedics came to help her up. She could barely stand and they had to hold onto her in fear that she would collapse. The police escorted her to the morgue, where she had to identify the body.


She sobbed more loudly once they pulled the sheet back away from his face. It was Shawn, alright. She had looked away from the ghastly sight, nodding her head to the morgue attendant. The police had then escorted her home. Waited for her to be safe inside the four walls of the house. She didn’t remember how she had gotten upstairs, changed, and into bed. She had sobbed herself to sleep, clutching Shawn’s pillow tightly in her arms. Once morning had come, she was on the phone. She had to call Shawn’s parents and break the news to them. They were as devastated as she was. She let them take care of the funeral as she sat around crying, numb.


The funeral had passed in a blur. Amy didn’t really remember it. All she remembered was looking through the sea of somber faces, and not coming across Darcy. She couldn’t believe her once best friend was not there. She made a note to go confront the other girl when she was feeling a little bit better. And she had. This time it was she who had slapped Darcy. Or had tried to. When she walked into the store, she didn’t know what had come over her, but she had raised her hand to slap the other girl. That’s when the shrill ring of the phone snapped Amy out of her troubled thoughts. She made her way into the living room where her phone was on the fireplace mantle, picked it up and answered the phone.


“Hello?” she said into the phone.


“Hey, sis! It’s me. Again.” her sister’s voice said from the other end of the line.


“Hey, Jillyan.” Amy replied.


“Just called to see how you’re doing.” her sister explained.


Amy’s parents and her sister had come to West Valley for Shawn’s funeral. They had stayed a few hours. Amy had been grateful. She didn’t think she would have made it through the funeral if they hadn’t been there. It was nice to see them, even if for a short amount of time. “I’d like to say I’m doing better, but…” Amy trailed off.


“No one’s rushing you! Take all the time you need!” Jillyan told her.


“What if I never get over this?” Amy said softly.


“You will. You just have to be strong! For you and your baby.” Jillyan replied.


“I don’t know if I can.” Amy replied with a frown creasing her pretty face.


“Why don’t you come back to visit Newcrest? Stay as long as you want.” Jillyan told her.


Amy thought about it. “I just might take you up on that offer.” she told her sister.


“We’re all worried about you. At least you’ll be closer.” Jillyan replied.


“Alright, I’ll try to be there by tomorrow.” Amy told her sister.


“Oh, great! Mom and dad will be so relieved!” Jillyan replied.


“I’ll go start packing. ” Amy explained.


“Alright! I’ll talk to you later. Love you.” Jillyan said.


“Love you, too.” Amy replied before she hung up the phone. She put it back down on the fireplace mantle and made her way back up the stairs to her bedroom.







Campbell couldn’t wait to get his cast off. Only another week or so left. He was returning from the doctor’s office, where he had gotten the good news. His arm seemed to be fully healed, and he had booked an appointment to have his cast taken off. He peered down at the white plaster as he walked, looking at the signatures he had collected. The corners of his mouth raised up in a small smile as he headed down the sidewalk, heading home. His footsteps echoing off the pavement. He crossed the street, looking both ways before he stepped off the curb. He was being careful, the reason he had a cast in the first place was because he hadn’t been looking when he had stepped off a curb.


He had been fighting with Thomas. He had rushed off without looking and had gotten hit by a car. Thomas had made sure he had gotten to the hospital safely. Campbell’s arm was fracture, and it was going to take a while to heal. He missed his younger brother. Thomas had been killed. Campbell wished that things had been different. Thomas had gone to Sherwood Sanitarium with Blake and Fallon to find some answers about Brandon Covington, and had gotten killed in the process. Rest in peace, brother. Campbell thought to himself as he reached his house.


It was lonely living on his own. He had once shared the house with Thomas. But had kicked him out when he had found out about Thomas and Robin sleeping together. Robin had taken Thomas in while he looked for his own place. Unfortunately he had never gotten the chance to find his own place. The West Valley killer had added him to the town’s body count. Campbell let out a sigh as he headed up the walkway towards the house. He took out his house keys, sticking it into the lock. Before he could turn the key, the door swung open. A frown creased Campbell’s face as he pulled the key out and stepped inside the house.


He closed the door softly behind him. His senses on alert. He had definitely locked the door when he had left earlier. Had someone broken in? He tiptoed across the carpet, the living room was empty. He made his way into the kitchen, his eyes scanning his surroundings. It was also empty. What’s going on here? he thought to himself. He turned and made his way out of the kitchen, back into the living room. A feeling of unease wrapped itself around him, tightening. He glanced nervously towards the stairs, thinking he should go check on the second floor.


He had taken only a few steps when suddenly a figure appeared behind him. Campbell felt the presence and spun around, ready to lash out with a fist. He stopped when he realized he was gazing into familiar eyes. A familiar face. Darcy. He wouldn’t admit it to her, but she had startled him. He cocked an eyebrow in her direction, wondering how she had gotten in. She had a serious look on her face, something was bothering her. He wondered what it was.


“Darcy! What are you doing here? How did you get in?” he asked her.

“You showed me your hidden house key. The one underneath the welcome mat?” she replied.


He remembered now. “Oh, that’s right. I forgot.” he told her.


“It’s alright.” she told him.


“Is everything okay?” he asked curiously.


Darcy shrugged her shoulders. “I was on my way to work when I thought I should stop by. I.. I found out something about myself.” she said, shifting her gaze.


“And what would that be?” Campbell asked.


“I’m Rose.” she revealed. Campbell had a blank look on his face, so she elaborated. “I’m the girl Brandon Covington was obsessed with.” she explained.


Campbell frowned. “How do you know Brandon Covington?” he asked.


“We met when I was five. I… there was an.. accident that they thought I was responsible for, so I got admitted to Sherwood.” Darcy replied, not looking Campbell in the eyes.


“You were at Sherwood? The Sanitarium?” he asked.


Darcy nodded. “I don’t remember being there, or even meeting Brandon.” she explained.


“It was probably so long ago, you forgot.” Campbell tried to justify.


She nodded. “Brandon liked me. He called me Rose because I walked around holding a fake rose. But then I was released. And Brandon wasn’t happy about it. He threw a fit.” she explained.


“And we know he’s still alive, out there somewhere.” Campbell replied.


Darcy nodded. “I can’t help but feel this is all my fault. All those people are dead because of me.” she told him, ticking her gaze to the floor. She sniffled.


“Hey. I’ve gotten to know you. You’re a good person. What’s happening is not your fault. You didn’t even know it was connected to you up until now.” Campbell told her, raising her chin with his hand.


She looked him in the eyes. “I just need a break from this, you know? I need to clear my head.” she explained.


Campbell thought for a moment before breaking out into a smile. “I have a great idea.” he told her.


“What is it?” she asked curiously.


“Have you ever been to Rocky Point?” he asked her.


“I haven’t.” she replied, shaking her head.


“It’s great. You can rent out cabins, it’s secluded. Just you and nature.” he explained.


A small smile touched Darcy’s lips. “Sounds nice.” she said.


“I’ll see if they have anything available. We can go tonight!” Campbell replied, excited.


“That’s a great idea!” Darcy agreed. “But I have to head to work now. I’ll see you later.” she replied, kissing him on the cheek. He walked her to the door, pulling it open as she stepped outside. He waved and closed the door behind him.









Claire let out a cry of frustration as she hung up the phone. She fought back the urge to throw it across the room. She had just gotten off the phone with the police. And still they had no news. For it was already going on three days that Michael was missing. Claire was panicking. It wasn’t like Michael to just dissappear. He had never tried to contact her, and she had called his phone about a hundred times, she guessed. The phone had gone straight to voicemail and Claire’s messages had grown more and more frantic as time went on. Something had happened to him, she was sure of it.


At first, she didn’t think anything was amiss. She had returned from shopping and Michael wasn’t home. That was no reason for her to worry. She assumed he had just stepped out for a while. Dinner had been underway when she had called his phone to see what was keeping him. No answer, straight to voicemail. After dinner she had paced across the living room, peering out the window every few minutes to see if he was returning. Once dusk had fallen, Claire had gone to Dawn to express her concern. They had decided they were going to go look for him. Leaving Finn with Charlie, the two women hopped into Dawn’s car and went searching for Michael.


They searched the neighbourhood first, knocking on a few doors to see if anyone had seen him. Scott, Warren, Ellie and the Cosgroves all had the same answer. No one had seen him. Claire tried to remain calm as they got back into the car and went to search Michael’s usual haunts. He wasn’t at Surge, he wasn’t at the cafe or at the gym. Sharing a similar look, they had driven over to the police station. The officer on duty said he would make a note of it, but couldn’t report Michael missing for another fourty eight hours. Claire had hoped he would come back by then.


She had barely slept, keeping the phone close to her in case Michael would call. He never did. Claire felt more discouraged and worried sick as fourty eight hours passed. Michael hadn’t been seen or heard from for two whole days. Claire had returned to the police station, this time alone. She filled out the missing person’s report, which the police immediately began to handle. She had gone along in one of the police crusers as they searched. They too were unsuccessful. After dropping Claire at home, she had gone into her room to cry. Heavy sobs that racked her body. She hoped they would find him. That he was okay. That he hadn’t suffered the same fate as his mother did.


Claire had wondered if the West Valley killer was behind Michael’s dissappearance. She hoped not. Wouldn’t his body have been found by now? It wasn’t like the killer to hide the bodies of his victims. They were usually found in plain sight. To Claire, that meant that Michael could still be alive. Please come back to me. Claire thought to herself as she went over to sit down on the couch. For what seemed like the two thousandth time, she looked down at her phone. Her screen remained blank, her heart dropping to her stomach. A sigh escaped her lips as she sat quietly.


When the front door opened, Claire jumped to her feet. She hurried towards the door to see Dawn coming in. Claire stopped in her tracks, a frown on her face. “Oh, it’s you.” she said, dissapointment dripping from her tone.


“Any news?” Dawn asked anxiously. She watched as Claire turned back and went to sit on the couch once again.


“Nothing yet.” Claire said as Dawn sat down next to her.


“First my mother, now this.” Dawn said with a sniffle.


“Somebody hates the Olsen family.” Claire replied softly.


“It has to be Brandon, right? Considering he’s alive.” Dawn questioned with an arched eyebrow.


“I still don’t get how your mom was his father’s mistress. She didn’t seem like the hussy type.” Claire replied with a frown creasing her pretty face.


“You’re guess is as good as mine. But we’re paying for my mother’s sins. The whole town is.” Dawn replied.


“But, assuming Brandon killed your mother, why didn’t he stop the killings once your mom was out of the way?” Claire asked curiously.


“Maybe he, or she, or whoever it is, has a taste for the killing now and can’t stop.” Dawn said.


“That’s disturbing.” Claire said with a shiver.


“Whoever it is, must feel really powerful. Taking lives like that.” Dawn tried to reason.


“Don’t try to rationalize. Whoever it is, is just a psycho. Pure and simple.” Claire replied with a frown.


Dawn opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by the ringing of Claire’s phone. Claire dove for it, accepting the call. “Hello?” she said, her voice shrill.


The crackling of static on the other end. “Hello?” Claire repeated again.


A soft breath, and then someone finally spoke. “Hello, Claire.” the distorted voice said.


“Who is this?” Claire asked.


“You should be asking where your boyfriend is, not who I am!” the voice replied with a chuckle.


“You know where he is?” Claire asked, her eyes wide as she got to her feet. Dawn looked up at her, worried.


“Of course. He’s here with me. I’d let you talk to him, but he’s kind of…tied up at the moment.” the voice said with another chuckle.


“What have you DONE? Let him go!” Claire cried.


“In due time. Either you find him soon, or I take care of him.” the killer said omniously.


“Take care of him?” she repeated.


“Let’s just say he’ll need a closed casket.” the killer laughed.


“NOOO! Leave him alone!” Claire cried.


“Oh, don’t worry! He’s safe for now. The clock is ticking though.” the killer said before hanging up.


“What’s going on?” Dawn said, jumping to her feet. “Who was that?” she asked.


“Police station. NOW!” Claire cried, grabbing Dawn by the arm. The two women hurried for the door.









It was afternoon by the time Naomi found herself downtown. Parking had been an issue and she had to park the car a few blocks away and walk over. Her heels clicking on the pavement as she did so. She had spent the whole morning waiting at West Valley University. Going back to school was something she was interested in, and had gone to see if there was any spots left for the summer session. There was a limited number of available spots but she had been able to get one. She was happy. She’d been out of school for over a year now, and she wanted to get back into it.


First she had to choose a program. She made sure she chose carefully. That she would study something that interested her. Psychology was too common. Literature, too boring. She didn’t have the attention span to sit down and read a whole book from start to finish. She found herself to be somewhat creative, and had looked into creative arts. She almost chose that, but at the last minute, changed her mind. Something had caught her attention, and maybe it was because everything that was going on in the town of West Valley. Crimonology? Naomi contemplated it for half a second before she chose that.


She felt contempt after she had signed up. Classes would start in the summer, which was just three months away. She had walked out of the university with a smile playing on her lips. She had made her way to the car, and decided she would head downtown. She was in the mood for a celebratory cupcake, and had made her way to her favorite bakery. She hadn’t been there in a while. The last time was with Fallon. She had been spooked out, Fallon had revealed someone was watching them. And so she hadn’t returned to the bakery since. Now, thinking back, Naomi figured the person who had been watching them was the killer.


She couldn’t stop the icy cold shiver of fear that snaked down her spine. She took an uneasy glance around. Nobody stood out, everyone seemed to be minding their own business as they walked the sidewalks and came in and out of stores and restaurants. Calm yourself. Naomi thought to herself. She made her way up to the door, pulling it open and stepping inside the bakery. There was no one behind the counter but she heard noises coming from somewhere in the back. Naomi peered over the counter, calling out hello. Soon enough a worker came out, dusting flour off her hands. She seemed grateful that Naomi had interrupted her.


Naomi ordered a cinnamon and chocolate cupcake. The bakery worked fixed it up quickly, handing her a plate. Naomi thanked her and went over to sit down at a table. She grabbed a chair facing the window, just in case someone was planning on watching her again. You had to be careful nowadays in West Valley. Too many people, people she knew, had been killed. Like her best friend, Scarlett Biggs. She missed her. A lot. She couldn’t believe it when she had found out she had been murdered. So many things had happened that particular night. Scarlett was killed, her daughter had been abducted, and Julie Whitlow had been attacked.


Since Scarlett’s death, and since her daughter Kaitlyn had been returned home safely, Naomi went to visit the Biggs from time to time. To check up on them, to see how they were doing. Because they no longer had a mother, Naomi would play with them, help them with their homework, take them to the park to let loose. Warren seemed to appreciate it. He always thanked her for helping out. Naomi didn’t mind. It made her feel like she was still being Scarlett’s friend, even though she wasn’t ever coming back. A soft sigh escaped Naomi’s lips as she bit into her cupcake.


Minutes later all that was left of her cupcake was a few stray crumbs on the plate. The bakery worker came and took the plate, dissappearing to the back. Naomi wasn’t ready to go just yet. She remained seated, deep in thought. I’ll pick up some cupcakes for Kaitlyn and Taylor. she thought to herself. Scarlett always used to tell her how much her daughters loved the cupcakes from that particular bakery. Naomi thought it would be a nice gesture to do. The girls missed their mother. If it could take their minds off of it for just a few minutes, great.


Naomi was so deep in thought she didn’t hear the bakery door open. Didn’t see the lone figure enter. Suddenly, someone sat down next to her. Naomi startled, letting out a small cry of surprise. She looked up into the familiar face of Wendy Elliott.


“Wendy?” Naomi said with a frown, blinking.


“Naomi?” Wendy replied, arching an eyebrow at the other girl.


“What are you doing here? Also, hi!” Naomi said with a small smile on her lips.


Wendy let out a soft chuckle. “I was walking by, I saw you through the window.” she explained.


“Oh, that makes sense. How’s everything?” Naomi asked.


“Did you hear about Adam and Meredith? They’re dating. After Isabel had that whole pregnancy scare.” Wendy said, shaking her head in dissaproval.


“I heard about that. Adam as a father, that’s something I cannot see!” Naomi replied.


“I’m surprised Isabel didn’t warn Meredith. She knows what he’s like.” Wendy explained.


“Maybe he’s changed.” Naomi said.


“You can’t change guys. Once a player, always a player.” Wendy replied.


“So true. But maybe this time it’s different.” Naomi replied.


“Puh-lease. He’s going to get bored of her. She’s just the flavor of the week.” Wendy said, rolling her eyes.


Naomi giggled, shaking her head.


There wasn’t much of the afternoon left when Naomi returned home. She’d had a good time with Wendy. After the girls went their own seperate ways, Naomi had headed over to see Warren. She dropped off a box of cupcakes for Taylor and Kaitlyn. Now, she parked the car in front of the house. She slid the key out of the ignition, pushing open her door. She stepped out onto the street, closing the door with her hip and locking it before making her way to step onto the curb. She headed up the walkway, humming softly to herself.


She reached the front door, unlocking it and pushing it open. Entering the house, she closed the door behind her. She listened. There didn’t seem to be anyone home. She didn’t know where everyone was. That was fine with her. Peace and quiet was welcomed. Naomi rubbed the back of her neck as she made her way into the kitchen. She went over to a cupboard, pulled it open and pulled out a glass. She set it down on the counter as she made her way over to the fridge. She pulled the fridge door open, a blast of cool air hitting her in the face. She reached in and pulled out a jug of water. She placed it down on the counter when a noise caught her attention.


Naomi listened carefully. Was someone home? No. It didn’t sound like it. But something was definitely making noise. Leaving the jug and the glass on the counter, she went to investigate. Walking slowly, trying to find the location of the noise. She figured she was getting closer, the noise was becoming more clearer. It sounded like blinds flapping. Had someone left a window open? Naomi turned her head towards the closed office door. It seemed to be coming from inside there. She reached out, grabbed the doorknob and turned, pushing the door open. Her eyes ticked towards the window. It was the blinds indeed, flapping in the ligh breeze coming from outside.


Something crunched under her heel. She looked down to see broken glass all over the floor. She ticked her gaze back to the window. It hadn’t been left open. It had been shattered. Had someone broken in? Naomi’s pulse raced as she took a step closer to the shattered window. And noticed something on the desk. A picture. Of a little girl in a hospital gown. Holding a rose. Naomi took a closer look. She recognized the girl. A frown creased Naomi’s face. That’s Darcy. she thought to herself. She wondered where the picture had come from. And who had put it there.


That’s when she noticed the writing on the wall. Scrawled in blood red. A message. Something she had heard about. Something she didn’t want to experience. Naomi’s eyes widened in terror.









The water cascaded down on Christy. A sigh of contempt escaped her lips. She let the water rain down on her naked body, tilting her head upwards. After a long day of setting up at Surge, she had returned home and gone to take a shower. The grand reopening was just two days away. She was excited. She and Ellie were expecting a lot of people to attend. They were even going to be giving away free bottles of alcohol every half hour. They had stocked up, and had plenty to give away. Christy would be making money in no time. She had even gone and found the best DJ there was to play the club for that night.


09-02-16_1-07-20 AM

She was in a good mood. Things were going well. So right before she had left work, she had called Megan and told her she was taking her and Julie out for dinner. No staying in tonight. Megan had agreed and had told her she would get a hold of Julie. When she got home, Megan was already there and dressed for the restaurant. Julie had yet to come home. She was running a little bit late, according to her younger sister. Christy assumed she had enough time before Julie got home, so she went to take a shower. Now, she was done. She turned off the water, and slid the shower door open. A cloud of steam escaped behind her. She grabbed a towel, drying herself off.


A few minutes later the bathroom door opened, and Christy stepped out. She was dressed and ready. Still no sign of Julie. She could hear music blaring from Megan’s room. Christy rolled her eyes. She hated the music her daughter listened to. “Drain The Blood” by The Distillers was blaring out of Megan’s sound system. Shaking her head, Christy made her way over to the computer. She was supposed to be receiving an email about security for the reopening. She sat down at the chair in front of the computer, turning it on. Drumming her nails on the desktop as she waited for it to load.


Ellie had requested they get bouncers for the reopening, which Christy thought was a good idea. You could never be too careful. Two people had already died in that club. Owen Talley and Everly Martin. Christy had heard about it from Ellie. Surely nothing would go wrong if they had adequate security? Christy ticked her gaze back to the computer screen. It had loaded. Christy pressed a few keys, and frowned when a private message came up. I didn’t log on. she thought to herself. She then realized that Julie’s messenger hadn’t been logged off. Christy pondered what to do, seeing the words PLAY ME flash underneath a video file that had suddenly popped up in the message.


Christy knew she shouldn’t go into Julie’s private things, but she couldn’t help to click on the video file. She watched, it was from someone’s point of view. The camera approached a closed door, and a hand reached out and knocked. There was a moment before the door opened, revealing a woman. She looked into the camera, her eyes widening in horror, and let out a piercing scream. The hand of the person holding the camera lashed out, there was a blur of silver and then the woman’s cheek was bleeding from a nasty gash. Christy let out a gasp of surprise as she watched. She couldn’t take her eyes off the computer screen.


The woman backed up in terror, the person following. Stepping into an office. The woman screamed again as she turned, and ran for the window. She was struggling with it when the camera caught up to her, the person slashing her across the back. Blood splattered as she screamed in pain. She spun around and hobbled into a corner. The person followed, the woman raised her hands and screamed again as a knife was brought down, slashing into her stomach. Another scream erupted from the woman’s throat as she dropped to the floor. Another slash, blood was flying.


09-02-16_1-26-03 AM

Christy thought she was going to be sick. And yet she didn’t move. She kept watching in horror. The woman crawled on her stomach, dragging herself weakly towards the door. A boot came down on her hand, there was a loud crunch of bone. Christy winced at the sound it made. She watched the knife slash down again, it was raised, it’s blade stained with crimson. The knife came down again, blood flying into the camera screen. Christy let out a small shriek, startled. Through the crimson, a hand grabbed the woman by the hair, raising her head. The woman was barely alive, she had lost so much blood.


The woman gazed into the camera, her eyes losing their light. And then the knife was rammed into her temple. The blade exiting from the other side with a wet crunch. Christy clamped her hand over her mouth to stifle the scream that escaped from her lips. The woman’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head before glazing over. Her eyes unblinking. She was dead. Christy let out a whimper. And then suddenly, the video stopped. It had ended. Christy took a deep breath, trying not to be sick. She swallowed hard, tears stinging her eyes. I just saw someone get murdered! she thought to herself.


That’s when Christy heard the whimper behind her. She turned to see Megan standing there. Her daughter’s face was pale, her eyes wide.


“M..Me..Megan? What did you see?” Christy stuttered.


“That was.. that was Dr. Greene!” Megan whispered.


“What did you see?” Christy repeated.


“Where she got.. stabbed. In the head.” Megan said with wide eyes. “Where did you get that video?” she asked her mother.


“Through Julie’s Messenger. Someone sent it to her!” Christy explained.


“She can’t see that. It’s bad enough she was the one who found the body!” Megan revealed.


“I’ll send it to the police and then delete it.” Christy explained as she clicked a few buttons.


“That was..” Megan replied, trailing off. She couldn’t find the words.








After packing a bag, Darcy headed out of her house, locking the door behind her. She looked up, the sun was setting in the sky. The clouds were tinged pink and she thought how good of a photo opportunity it would have been, but decided against it. She just wanted out of town. She stood on the front porch, holding her bag, rocking on the heels of her shoes. Campbell would be there any minute to come pick her up. She headed down the walkway, stopping and waiting at the curb. A few moments passed before a car came into view. It honked it’s horn and Darcy smiled as it pulled up in front of her. Campbell had arrived.


After putting her bag in the backseat, Darcy hopped into the passenger seat next to Campbell. He gave her a kiss on the cheek before putting the car in drive and pulled away from the curb. The drive to Rocky Point wasn’t supposed to take very long. The estimated time according to Campbell’s GPS was in about fourty five minutes. So Darcy sat back against her seat and talked with Campbell. They avoided talking about the murders, instead talking about their lives growing up, and Darcy found she was actually enjoying herself. Soon the town of West Valley was replaced by forest.


Things in the car were quiet now as Campbell turned the car onto a small dirt road. The car headlights illuminated the darkness around them. Darcy stared out the passenger side window. The headlights illuminated a house before them. They had arrived. Pretty big cabin. Darcy thought to herself as Campbell parked the car. He smiled as he pulled the keys out of the ignition and pushed his door open. Darcy opened her door and stepped out, closing the door and making her way to grab her bag. She followed Campbell onto the front porch as he found the keys to the cabin.


He unlocked the door, pulling it open and entered, Darcy followed him inside as he flicked on the lights. They stood in a cozy main room. There was a television in the corner, and a fireplace. A small smile played on Darcy’s lips as she put down her bag, walking across the floor, taking in her surroundings. Behind her, Campbell closed the door.


“What do you think?” he asked.


“I like it! It’s cozy!” Darcy replied.


“There’s a kitchen and a bathroom on this floor. And one more bathroom and a bedroom upstairs.” he explained.


“Just one bedroom? You mean we’re sleeping in the same bed?” Darcy said sarcastically.


“And out of wedlock, too!” Campbell replied with a chuckle.


Darcy chuckled, pulling out her phone. She frowned when she saw a NO SIGNAL sign flashing in the corner of her screen. “I don’t have a signal. Do you?” she asked Campbell.


“I should have told you reception sucks out here. To get a signal you have to be closer to the road.” he explained to Darcy.


“In the morning, then.” she said, putting her phone away.


“Oh! There is this, though. The owner of this place told me in his email. Let me see..” Campbell said, moving over to the corner where there was a dressing screen. Darcy had found it odd, out of place, but he looked behind it, his eyes shining as he pulled out a shotgun. “Check this out!” he told her.


Darcy’s eyes widened. “Whoa! What’s that doing here?” she asked.


“They have hunting season around here.” Campbell told her. “Have you ever tried one of these things?” he asked her.


“I have, actually. Not since high school. I had a friend, her dad loved to hunt. He taught us how to shoot.” Darcy explained, taking the shotgun and opening up the chamber. There were bullets inside. She closed it back up and handed it to Campbell. “Put it away though. It makes me nervous.” she told him.


He put it back where he had found it. He walked back over to Darcy. “Can I ask you something?” he asked her.


“Of course. What is it?” she asked curiously.


“How did you know you were Rose?” he asked.


“I got a text from an unknown number. I assume it was the killer. He told me the truth about my past was at my parents house. So I went. I was about to go in when I noticed Scott’s car. I had no idea why he and Fallon were there, so I snuck into the backyard. There was a window open, and I listened.” Darcy explained with a frown.


“And you heard them talking?” Campbell asked.


Darcy nodded. “I shouldn’t have been snooping. But I needed to know. Now I know why I’m being targeted.” she said, her gaze serious.


“It’s not your fault.” Campbell told her. She shivered, crossing her arms over her chest. “Are you cold?” he asked.


“It’s getting chilly, yeah.” she told him.


“I’ll go get some firewood and we can start up the fireplace.” he told her.


“Sounds good!” she told him as he went over to the front door and pulled it open. He stepped out into the night, closing the door behind him as he did so. Darcy made her way over to the couch and sat down. She looked around, the silence was making her uncomfortable. She got to her feet, and wandered over to the front door. She pulled it open, looking out into the darkness beyond. “Do you need any help?” she called out to Campbell. No reply. A sudden gust of wind made her shiver again. “Campbell?” she called out. Silence. A frown creased Darcy’s pretty face. The thick black shadows seemed to be pulling in closer to her.


09-02-16_4-53-31 PM

She stepped back inside the cabin and shut the door. She heard the creak of footsteps out on the front porch. She turned to the door, expecting for Campbell to walk in. But he didn’t. Her pulse racing, she made her way over to the window. She stepped closer to the glass, peering out into the shadows. Suddenly, there was movement out of the corner of her eye and she turned as a figure appeared right on the other side of the window. Her heart leapt into her throat as she stumbled back with a shriek. NO! It can’t be! she thought to herself.


The figure on the other side wore a black hooded cloak. It was the killer. He stared at Darcy through the window as she looked around frantically. With her mind racing, she didn’t know how she had thought about the shotgun but she hurried to get it. Tripping over her bag as she did so. She regained her footing quickly and yanked the dressing screen to the ground. It landed with a crash as she grabbed the shotgun and spun around towards the window. There was no one on the other side of the glass now. Still, Darcy wasn’t taking any chances. She approached the front door, slowly. Cautiously. The shotgun ready to fire.


When the front door finally opened, Darcy braced herself. Her finger on the trigger. But it was Campbell who walked in. His eyes widened at the gun aiming at him. “Whoa!” he cried, raising his hands.


“Campbell! Where were you?” Darcy asked.


“I was getting firewood when I heard a noise. It sounded like footsteps. I went to check it out. And got kind of lost coming back.”he replied sheepishly. “What’s going on? Why do you have the shotgun?” he asked her.


“He’s here! The killer! He was right outside. He must have followed us here!” Darcy cried.


“What?” Campbell asked in disbelief. “You’re kidding!” he said.


“I wish I was! He was out there. Staring at me through the window.” Darcy explained.


“Should I go take a look?” Campbell asked her.


09-02-16_5-06-59 PM

“I’ll pay you back the deposit, but I think we should get out of here.” Darcy told him.


“That’s a good idea. Grab your stuff, we’re leaving!” Campbell replied.


After putting the dress screen back and placing the shotgun behind it, Darcy and Campbell headed out of the cabin. Darcy glanced around the nervously. The killer could have still been out there, watching them. Darcy grabbed Campbell’s hand as they hurried to the car. Opening the back door, they threw their bags in before jumping into the driver and passenger seats. Campbell started the car, the headlights illuminating the thick darkness surrounding them.


Darcy didn’t know if she was imagining it, but she thought she had caught sight of movement somewhere in the trees. She shivered in fear as Campbell backed the car down the dirt path, distancing themselves from the cabin. Darcy couldn’t wait to get back to West Valley.








It was almost two hours later when Robin stepped out into the night. She closed the door quietly behind her. She didn’t want the other girls to know she had left. The light of the moon lit her way as she headed down the walkway to the sidewalk. She turned and looked back up at the house. It loomed over her, silent and dark. The windows peering down at her like blank eyes. She planned on walking to her destination. If she took the car, surely it would wake one of the girls up. So she walked, her heels clicking along the sidewalk as she walked by dark, silent houses. The town of West Valley had retired for the night, safe behind the four walls of their homes.


If Robin would have told the other girls where she was going, she was sure they were going to try to talk her out of it. She could just picture the looks of disdain on their faces. So what if I’m going to Campbell’s house. she thought to herself. Was it a crime to see if he was home? She had heard a rumour that he and Darcy had gone away for the night. She just wanted to see if it was true. He wouldn’t even know she was there. He was already mad at her. Robin hoped he would start talking to her again soon.


As she walked, Robin thought she heard the sound of footsteps coming from somewhere behind her. She looked over her shoulder, but didn’t see anyone. She frowned. And then shrugged her shoulders, continuing to walk to her destination. She cut across someone’s front lawn, crossing the street and finding herself on Barnwell Drive, Campbell’s street. She slowed her pace as she approached the house. Soon she found herself standing on his front lawn. The house was dark. No light shone from inside.


Another noise. Behind her. For a moment, she thought Campbell had found her. She turned, but no one was there. A sigh escaped her lips as she moved closer to the house. She made her way over to a window, and stood on the point of her toes to get a good look inside. It was too dark, she couldn’t see a thing. With a sigh she pulled away from the window. I have an idea! she thought to herself. A small giggle escaped her lips as she made her way around the side of the house. Making her way into the backyard. She made her way over to the backdoor and peered through the glass. She cursed under her breath. The curtains were drawn. She moved over to a window and once again peered inside.


I can’t see a damn thing! Is he in there? Robin asked herself. Suddenly, there was a burst of movement behind her. Before she could even realize what was going on, someone was standing right behind her. There was a flash of silver and Robin’s eyes widened in surprise. Her mouth opened and she let out a shriek of pain. She could feel the wetness of something flowing down her back. It took her a moment to realize it was her own blood. She had been slashed in the back, and she stared at her reflection in the window. Behind her stood a shadowy black clad figure. Another scream erupted from Robin’s throat as she spun around.


The blade of a knife flashed down towards her. She shielded her face with her hands as the blade slashed into her arm. More Crimson poured out from the gash as Robin screamed again. She grabbed her slashed arm with her other hand to stench the blood flow. She looked up with wide eyes as the knife came down again. It cut into her cheek as she stumbled back against the back wall of the house. The killer pounced towards her as she ducked under his outstretched arms. She moved as fast as she could across the backyard, overturning a wooden lawn chair in the killer’s path to slow him down. It worked, and he tumbled to the ground with a crash.


Robin stumbled along the side of the house, heading for the front. She was dizzy from the blood loss, the world spinning around her. She threw a glance over her shoulder. The killer was moving slowly behind her, stalking her. Taking his time, as if he already knew he was going to catch her. It reminded her of one of those silent killers who walked after their prey in slasher movies. They would always walk so slow and yet somehow catch up to their victims. With all the strength she could muster, Robin was able to pull ahead and gain some distance from the killer. She screamed again.


Did no one hear the commotion that was going on outside? The houses remained dark. Why was no one coming to help? Were they too scared to? Before she could scream again, she reached the sidewalk. And stumbled. Tripped, and suddenly fell. The ground rushed up to meet her. Robin was sure this was it. This was the moment the killer would catch her. This was when she was going to die. She sat up on the concrete, and turned to look behind her. There was no one there. The killer had vanished. Robin climbed to her feet, trying to steady herself. She was growing more and more dizzy.


Robin looked around with wide eyes. Scanning her surroundings for the killer. Where is he? she thought to herself. She hoped he had given up on her. Wincing in pain, trying to keep her balance through the dizziness, Robin limped down the sidewalk. Maybe if she could just get home. They could call an ambulance and have her taken to the hospital. Tears overflowed in Robin’s eyes, streaming down her cheeks. She sobbed quietly to herself as she clutched her bleeding arm. Bright crimson dropped onto the concrete.


Suddenly, she heard a noise. She stopped in her tracks. Her breath coming out in ragged gasps. Trying to pinpoint the location of where the sound was coming from. Up ahead, she saw someone bringing their garbage can to curb. A familiar face, someone she recognized. Warren Biggs. She was just two houses away. Relief welled in Robin’s eyes as she limped towards Warren. He was oblivious to her presence. Warren! He’ll help me! she thought to herself. She tried to call out to him but she was too weak. She was just a few yards away now. She tried to move more quickly, stumbling as she passed by some bushes lining the sidewalk.


Someone pounced out of the bushes and grabbed her roughly from behind. Her eyes widened and before she could scream, a gloved hand clamped over her mouth. As she was dragged back into the bushes, she saw Warren head inside, closing the front door behind him. She struggled weakly, knowing the killer had caught her. There was a flash of silver and Robin’s eyes went wide. Blood poured down the front of her dress from the nasty slash at her throat. She let out a small gurgle of a gasp before going limp in the killer’s arms. Her eyes wide and unblinking. Dead. He released her as her limp body fell onto the sidewalk. The black clad figure slipped back into the thick shadows, dissappearing into the night.
























10 thoughts on “S02xE09 – CLOSER

  1. Amy is having Shawn’s baby?! Whoa, I did not expect that twist! I liked the part where the killer put a picture of Rose in Naomi’s house, that was a cool way to build suspense. I’m pretty convinced the killer is Brandon now, unless it’s someone trying to frame Brandon by dropping obvious hints (for example, the picture…) And how did the killer manage to follow Darcy to the cabin, then go back and kill Robin? Gosh, this guy gets around…

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  2. Loll, it’s been mentioned since like episode 3 of season 2 that amy is pregnant with shawn’s baby! i think it was even mentioned in season 1 at some point!

    everything will be answered the next episode (the season finale!) and hahah, i mentioned that there was a time gap of a few hours between the cabin and robin’s death.. plenty of time for the killer to get back to west valley!

    working on the season finale now. i have a bit of the first scene done so far.

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    1. Lol!

      Nah, no multiple personalities for Darcy. Although it would be a good twist! Darcy’s as sane as they come.. for now. I’m sure eventually all the craziness will start affecting her, but we shall see!

      Right now she’s becoming more of a fighter. She’s starting to know how to handle herself in these crazy situations. Or at least she’s becoming more resourceful.

      For example, when the killer showed up : instead of just freaking out she was smart enough to grab the shotgun.

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  3. HEY HEY to all you lovely people who read the episodes and DON’T comment. I’d love to hear from you, so comment on my épisodes please! It would be nice to get a discussion or something going!



    1. me too I wish the same but nobody really cares of putting a comment on my poor story.
      If I don’t comment everything it’s because I have nothing to say. Sorry ! But I read and enjoy.


  4. Warren Biggs the killer … I quote ” As she was dragged back into the bushes, she saw Warren head inside, closing the front door behind him. She struggled weakly, knowing the killer had caught her. There was a flash of silver and Robin’s eyes went wide. Blood poured down the front of her dress from the nasty slash at her throat.” what a scoop !! I probably missunderstood but.. I am chocked.

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