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 It was as if a dark cloud hung over the Corbin residence. The girls who lived there were grieving. For they had lost one of their own. Someone else had become the West Valley killer’s latest victim. This time, it was Robin. Two days had passed since her murder. And the housemates were still in shock. They didn’t want to believe it, it didn’t seem real. Hayley stood peering out the window, remembering everything that had happened. It had been early in the morning when they had received a phone call. The shrill noise of the phone echoed through the house, waking the girls up.


It had been Hayley who had gotten to the phone first, picking it up, wondering who would have been calling at such a time. It was Campbell on the other end of the line. He sounded very serious as he explained what had happened. He had returned home from spending the night at Darcy’s. And as he had gotten out of the car, he had spotted a body lying on the sidewalk not too far from his house. He had gone to investigate, and had discovered it was Robin. She was dead. He was calling to let them know before the police were going to be on their way. Hayley’s scream of grief had sent the girls running over, asking her what was wrong as she had dropped the phone to the floor.


Ivy had picked up the phone and spoke to Campbell, she had let out a loud gasp and repeated what he had told her so that Bridget and Lilah could hear. Lilah and Hayley were sobbing, holding onto each other for comfort. Ivy’s eyes were wet, tears threatening to cascade down her cheeks as she gripped the phone tightly. Bridget had a blank look on her face, which none of the other girls had noticed. Ivy had thanked Campbell for calling, hanging up the phone as the tears finally came. They ran down her cheeks as she sobbed with grief. She revealed she would be the one who would have to call Robin’s parents and deliver the devastating news.


She was distracted by the ringing of the doorbell. The girls all looked at each other before Ivy had gone to answer the door. It was the police. Ivy let them in as they sat around, questioning the girls. When was the last time they saw Robin? Had they heard her leave the house? Could she have gone to meet someone? They had no idea. Hayley did find a bit weird that Robin’s body was found near Campbell’s house, so she had mentioned it to the police. They revealed they had already spoken to Campbell after he had made the emergency call. They had already questioned him.


After the police had left, the girls had sat around, staring numbly off into space. Robin’s missing presence was definately felt. Trying her best to calm herself, Ivy had called Mr. and Mrs. Calloway. Hayley sniffled, wiping her eyes, having heard Robin’s mother’s cries of anguish coming from the other end of the phone line. Now, two days later, her parents had come to West Valley to identify the body. It was indeed their daughter, and after visiting the morgue, they had come over to the house. Hayley remembered the look on their faces. She would never forget it. They had looked broken. Former shells of the people they used to be.


All the girls except for Bridget had hugged Mr. and Mrs. Calloway. Bridget hung back, the same blank look on her face. Hayley had noticed it that time. She had gone to ask Bridget if she was okay, but the other girl completely dismissed her. Remembering, a deep frown creased Hayley’s forehead. She didn’t get a chance to try to talk to Bridget again. The other girl was either locked away in her bedroom, or at school or at the library. Hayley hoped she would get a chance to talk to her eventually. As she made her way into the kitchen, Hayley glanced at Robin’s closed bedroom door.


She expected the door to open, for Robin to walk out fashionably dressed. But the bedroom door remained closed, and Hayley blinked back tears. Would they look for another housemate? Someone to replace Robin, or would it be just the four of them now? Would anyone even want to move in once they asked what had happened to the last girl? Hayley tried to push those thoughts aside as she prepared herself a cup of coffee. Once the coffee machine beeped, Hayley made her way to sit at the dining room table. She took a sip from her cup, looking around. Everywhere she looked, something reminded her of Robin.


The fridge, where Robin would store her bottles of wine. The large screen television that she would watch The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills on. The couch, where she would sit and talk with the other girls. Even the dining room table, where Robin liked to read her magazines. She won’t ever do those things again. Hayley thought to herself. She took another sip of her coffee and looked up as someone walked into the room. It was Bridget, who seemed in her own little world. She went over to the fridge, oblivious that Hayley was sitting a few feet away. Hayley loudly cleared her throat.


Bridget jumped, turning to look at Hayley with an arched eyebrow. “Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there.” she told Hayley.


“Morning.” Hayley said, eyeing the other girl curiously.


“I didn’t know anyone else was up. Couldn’t sleep?” Bridget asked.


“Not really. How about you?” Hayley replied.


“I’m a morning person, I’m always up early.” Bridget explained.


“Yeah, I noticed! You’re almost always never home. Like in the past two days..” Hayley trailed off.


“…Lots to do.” Bridget replied, hesitating at first, as if she had to think of an answer.


“Are you okay, Bridget?” Hayley asked.


“What do you mean?” Bridget replied with a frown creasing her forehead.


“You’ve had the weirdest look on your face since.. since we found out about Robin.” Hayley explained, choosing her words carefully.


“Oh, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it!” Bridget replied, but the look on her face said otherwise.


“What’s going on? Something is clearly bothering you. You can tell me.” Hayley told her.


“I…I don’t know if I can. You’re going to think I’m a terrible person.” Bridget said, hesitating.


“Bridge, it’s me. You know you can talk to me about anything.” Hayley reassured her.


“Well…You know Robin wasn’t very nice to me.” Bridget explained.


“I never understood why. You’re a sweetheart.” Hayley replied with a small smile on her lips.


“Thanks. Well, you know she loved to torment me. I guess I’m…” she trailed off, mumbled something from under her breath.


“You’re?..” Hayley waited for her to continue.


“I’m a little glad she’s dead.” Bridget revealed, speaking a bit louder.


Hayley’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh man. Bridget, make sure the other girls don’t hear you say that.” she explained.


“Don’t say anything! Please!” Bridget pleaded with her.


“It’ll stay between us. I promise!” Hayley reassured her.


“She was never nice to me when all I did was be nice to her. She’d always go out of her way to personally attack me.” Bridget pointed out.


“That’s just the way Robin was! Either she liked you, or she didn’t. There was no in between for her!” Hayley explained.


“Well, we lived together. She could have TRIED to be pleasant. But… she just wasn’t.” Bridget replied.


“I’m sorry she treated you that way.” Hayley said. “Maybe I should have said something to her. Confronted her about it.” she said with a frown.


“There was no use of getting on her bad side.” Bridget explained.


“I just can’t believe she’s actually gone.” Hayley said, sniffling.


Bridget leaned over and patted her hand sympathetically. “Just promise me you won’t tell Ivy and Lilah what I said.” she said, her gaze intense.


“I promise.” Hayley replied. If they would have heard what Bridget said, she knew it would cause problems between them.








Gwen stirred in her sleep, turning to cuddle up against Marco, and discovered he wasn’t there in the bed with her. Her eyes opened, blinking against the harsh sunlight that poured into the bedroom. Where’s Marco? she thought to herself as she pushed the covers off her, swinging her legs out of the bed. She rose to her feet, listening. The house was silent. A frown creased Gwen’s face as she padded into the bathroom. She went straight into the shower like she did every morning, it helped her to wake up. After making her way back into her bedroom, she slipped off the towel she wore. Letting it drop to the floor.


She got dressed for the day, applying accessories and makeup. Once she was ready, she made her way across the bedroom. Stepping through the doorway into the upstairs hall. She called out for Marco. There was no reply. She descended the stairs, reaching the main floor of the house. She stopped to peer out the backdoor into the backyard. It was empty. No sign of Marco. It wasn’t like him to just up and leave without saying something to her first. Even if she was sleeping, he would wake her up. Not today. He’d left without a word. Gwen peered at the clock, it was too early for Marco to already be heading out to work.


With a sigh escaping her lips, Gwen made her way over to the phone. She picked it up and dialed in a number. It rang once, twice. Finally someone picked up. She called the gym where Marco worked. She asked if he was there, and was put on hold. She crossed her arms over her chest as she waited. Finally, the person came back on the line. Marco wasn’t there at the gym, and today was his day off. Gwen hung up without saying thank you. Instead of hanging up the phone, she dialed another number. It rang once, twice, on the sixth ring, voicemail picked up.


Having dialed Marco’s number, she left a message, asking him to call her as soon as possible. She hung up the phone and made her way into the kitchen. Her stomach rumbled hungrily as she prepared herself an omelet. Once it was done cooking, she sat down at the kitchen table and ate. She hoped Marco was okay. She couldn’t help but think of Michael Olsen, who was still missing. It was a few days now he was nowhere to be found. His family, especially Dawn and Claire, were frantic to find him. Gwen hoped that wasn’t the case with Marco. Too much tragedy had come to the town of West Valley.


She was still in shock about Robin’s murder. She had found out what had happened the day after. She had sat down, turned on the television and was shocked to see another report declaring the West Valley killer had struck again. Gwen had listened in stunned silence. She knew Robin. They weren’t close, but they saw each other around town. They were friendly. Gwen thought the other girl had a bit of a bad attitude, but it wasn’t something that bothered her too much. She’d heard from Fallon that Robin was trying to get in between Campbell and Darcy, but she didn’t ask for further details because she didn’t think it was any of her business.


Once she was done eating, Gwen tossed her plate into the dishwasher. It came in handy when she wasn’t in the mood to wash the dishes in the sink. She and Marco would do the dishes together. She would wash, he would dry. It was something that she enjoyed doing, even if it was something so simple and domestic. They would talk, laugh and joke around. Thinking about it, Gwen realized it had been a while since they had last done the dishes together. Are we drifting apart? she thought to herself with a frown. Closing the dishwasher door, Gwen made her way out of the kitchen.


She made her way over to the backdoor. Unlocked it, and slid the door open. She stepped outside, closing the door behind her. The sun shone in a cloudless blue sky. A light breeze ruffled the leaves of the trees. A small smile played on Gwen’s lips as she made her way over to the patio set. She pulled a chair back and sat down. Tilting her head towards the warm rays of the sun. She pulled out her phone, looking down at the screen. No call from Marco, not even a text. Worry started to creep up on Gwen. She couldn’t help but think of all the horror that had happened in the past few months.


Suddenly, she heard the backdoor slide open. She turned in her seat to reveal Marco. “Marco!” she cried in relief.


His face was set, serious. “Hey.” he said simply.


“Where were you?” she asked him.


He shrugged his shoulders. “I was driving around.” he explained.


“But.. you didn’t let me know. I woke up and you were gone.” Gwen replied with a frown.


“You were sleeping so soundly, I didn’t want to wake you.” he told her as he walked over and stood by her chair.


She cocked an eyebrow at him. “That hasn’t stopped you before.” she told him. She motioned to the free chair next to her. “Sit down.” she continued.


He sat, staring down at his hands. Gwen found he was acting weird.


“Are you okay?” she asked.


A sigh escaped his lips. “Gwen, we need to talk.” he told her, looking her in the eyes.


Gwen’s heart picked up the pace in her chest. “Talk about what?” she asked.


“I know lately you’ve been talking about our future..” he explained.


“You mean marriage and kids?” she asked him.


He nodded. “I don’t want that. I’ve been having these thoughts lately, and…” he trailed off, averting his eyes.


“And what?” she replied anxiously. She swallowed down the lump in her throat.


“I don’t see us having a future together.” he told her.


Gwen’s eyes went wide in surprise. “W-what? No future together?” she asked in disbelief.


He shook his head sadly. “No. I’m sorry. I think maybe it would be better if we go our seperate ways.” he told her.


“Marco? Are you serious? We’ve been together for years!” Gwen explained.


“I know. But I feel like we want different things. And also, the spark isn’t there anymore.” he told her.


“For you!” she protested.


“You don’t have to worry. I took care of everything. You can keep the house.” he told her.


“But..where are you going to go?” she asked.


“I’m leaving town.” he told her.


That was a slap in the face. Her heart dropped. “You’re leaving!?!” she cried.


“Tomorrow.” he revealed.


The tears came suddenly, streaming down Gwen’s face as she and Marco sat staring at each other.








The backdoor to Darcy’s Closet opened, a sound of a struggle pouring out into the alleyway between the store and the gym. A few moments passed before someone stepped out through the door. Darcy, struggling with a big black garbage bag. She huffed and puffed as she carried the heavy weight over to the row of trash cans lined against the wall. She placed the bag down on the ground, her face red with strain. She stepped upto a trash can, and flipped the lid open. She took a step back, in case a rat or something was inside. When nothing jumped out at her, she reached down and picked up the garbage bag.


She hefted it over her shoulder and tossed it inside the can. She closed the lid of the garbage can, wiping off her hands as she made her way back to the door. She stepped back into the store, closing the door behind her. Business was slow this particular morning, the store void of any customers. Darcy had taken that opportunity to throw out some garbage that had collected for the past two days. Once she had returned from the cabin in Rocky Point, Darcy had thrown herself back into her work. It would help her keep her mind off of things. Like how the killer followed me upto the cabin. she thought to herself with a frown.


Once she and Campbell had returned to West Valley, they had gone to the police. Explaining how the killer had followed them to Rocky Point. Darcy was really starting to get scared now. It seemed as if the killer was getting bolder, was getting closer to make her his next victim. Was the killer Brandon Convington? Or someone else? Someone she knew? Or was it a complete stranger. Darcy puttered around the store, trying to push those troubling thoughts away. That’s when she heard the creaking of the ceiling above her head. She stopped, listening carefully.


Someone was walking around on the second floor. As if against her own will, Darcy made her way over to the stairs. She peered up the shadowy stairwell, and began climbing the stairs. Ascending to the second floor. Once she reached the landing, she looked around. Spotted a loose mannequin arm leaning in a corner. She grabbed it, holding it like a baseball bat as she took a few hesitant steps forward. She heard another noise, coming from her office. Her heart thudded loudly as she slinked over to the ajar office door, and kicked it open, charging into the room with a loud battle cry.


The person in the room jumped a mile, letting out a loud gasp of surprise. Darcy relaxed when she saw who it was. She lowered the mannequin arm, tossing it aside. Gazing into an all too familiar face. “What are you doing up here?” Darcy asked Fallon.


“Looking for you! I came into the store and you weren’t around. So I figured you might have been up here.” Fallon said with wide eyes.


Darcy couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on her friend’s face. “You scared the crap out of me!” she told Fallon.


“I scared you??! You scared me!” Fallon said, placing her hand on her chest to stop the racing of her heart.


“Sorry, I’m still on edge since what happened at the cabin.” Darcy explained.


“What happened at the cabin?” Fallon asked with a frown.


“That’s right! I didn’t tell you! I only spoke to you briefly to tell you about Robin!” Darcy recalled.


“So what happened at the cabin?” Fallon asked curiously.


“The killer was there!” Darcy revealed.


Fallon’s eyes went wide in surprise. “What? Oh my god! He followed you there?” she asked, horror glinting in her eyes.


“He did! He was staring at me through the window. Whoever it is, sure gets around.” Darcy replied.


“Did he do anything?” Fallon asked.


“He ran off once I found a shotgun.” Darcy explained to her friend.


“That’s so scary! Following you around like that. It’s like he’s constantly watching.” Fallon replied, as the two girls took an uneasy glance around the office.


“Yeah. I’m laying low. That’s why I’m not going to the reopening of Surge tonight.” Darcy told Fallon.


“Yeah, I’m not going either. Hey, why don’t you come over? Scott, Naomi and Blake are gonna be at the reopening. You can come over and we can bake some cookies or something, watch a movie.” Fallon suggested.


“Or crack open a bottle of wine? Sounds good! I’m in.” Darcy replied with a small smile on her lips.


“Great! They’re leaving for eight, so come over anytime after that.” Fallon explained.


“Will do! Thanks.” Darcy said.


“Anyway, I’m off. I’ll see you later!” Fallon replied, she leaned over and gave Darcy a tight hug.


“See you later! Thanks for stopping by!” Darcy replied as Fallon made her way out of the office.









Claire closed the door to the house behind her as she stepped out into the afternoon sunshine. A sigh escaped from between her lips. After locking the front door, she headed down the porch steps, and made her way down the walkway to the sidewalk in front of the house. It was another day, and Michael was still missing. The police were still searching, but had no luck in finding him. Claire was beyond frustrated at this point. She was fearing the worst. Why can’t they find him?! she thought to herself with a deep frown creasing her pretty face. It had been five days, and so far they had all been unsuccessful.


That’s why Claire was going out searching on her own. She was dressed very casually, for she had no clue where her search would lead her. She had the West Valley Police Station on speed dial on her phone in case she found something. She headed down the sidewalk, ignoring the looks people were giving her as she passed. She couldn’t figure why they were looking at her. Was it because they knew about Michael, or was it because they had never seen her leave the house so casually dressed? Claire loved fashion, and made sure she looked amazing every time she stepped out of the house. As if she belonged in a fashion magazine.


Today, that was the least of her worries. She had to find Michael. There had been another murder, and Claire and the whole Olsen family were terrified. What if Michael had also become a victim to the killer? Would they ever find him? Claire blinked hard, once, twice. Trying to keep the tears that threatened to fall, away. She walked, heading downtown, her heels clicking on the pavement. She didn’t know what was guiding her there, but she thought it would be a good place to check out. It was as if her concious was guiding her. Please let today be the day we find him. Please. she thought to herself.


She wasn’t one to pray, but she prayed to god that things would end up working out. That Michael would return, safe and sound. Crossing the street, she found herself downtown. She walk by the playground, a pang of sadness hitting her hard. She and Michael would take Finn there every once in a while. They’d sit and talk while Finn would run around. She prayed they would get to do that again sometime in the near future. She kept moving, passing by Darcy’s Closet, and the gym. She stopped in front of Surge, looking at the large banner that advertised the grand reopening that was taking place that night. She didn’t plan on attending.


Not really in the party mood. she thought to herself as she kept moving down the sidewalk. Soon she found herself heading into the old section of Main Street. She glanced around with a frown. And kept moving, passing by stores and restaurants. She cupped her hands around her mouth and called Michael’s name. Listened, no reply. Yet something told her to keep looking, to keep moving. She peered down a shadowy alley. It was empty, as far as she could see. Something ran across the ground, startling her. She jumped. It was just a cat.


She called out to Michael again. This time, she heard something. She frowned, listening carefully. She took a few more steps forward. She found herself standing in front of a flower shop. She looked around, calling out to Michael again. Very faintly, she was answered. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. She heard a noise. Above her head. She looked up. There were two small windows on the second floor. The glass of one of the windows was vibrating, as if something was banging against it. Could it be?! Claire thought to herself, her eyes widening.


She pulled open the door to the flower shop, running inside. There was a girl standing behind the counter. Claire asked her what was upstairs. The girl explained it was a storage space. Asking who owned it, the girl explained she didn’t know his name, but it was a male owner. She explained he was young, probably in his twenties, and goodlooking. Claire asked how she could get up there and if there was a key hanging around. No key, the girl explained, but pointed Claire in the direction of the stairs that lead to the second floor. Claire thanked her before she hurried for the stairs, her heart hammering in her chest.


She reached the upstairs landing. There was nowhere to go but through a door. She gripped the knob and turned. It didn’t budge. She pounded a fist on the door, and called out Michael’s name. And got a reply! It sounded like Michael. He pounded his fist on the other side of the door, calling for help. Claire couldn’t believe it! She had found him! She tried the door again but it was locked shut. She slammed her shoulder into it, trying anything to get it to open. To get Michael out of there. She pressed her ear to the door, telling Michael she was there.


He begged to be let out. Promising to be right back, Claire hurried down the stairs. She ran through the flower shop, and pushed the door open, stepping outside into the sunshine. She pulled out her phone, hitting speed dial, calling the police station. Someone picked up, and frantically, she explained what had happened. They were sending a squad car and an ambulance right away. Claire paced the sidewalk out front of the flower shop, waiting for them to arrive. After a few minutes, the sound of sirens filled the air. Not one, but two cop cars and an ambulance screeched to a halt in front of the shop.


With a quick phone call to Dawn, explaining that Michael had been found, Claire followed the police and medics through the flower shop. They made their way up the stairs and over to the door. One of the police officers tried the knob. Still locked tight. He looked over to his partner, who told the medic and Claire to take a few steps back. Claire did what she was told, as the police officer pulled out his revolver. He aimed it at the doorknob, and pulled the trigger. The sound of the blast made Claire clap her hands over her ears. Shit, that was loud! she thought to herself. Her ears rang, but she tried not to think about it.


The knob shattered into pieces as the police officer slid his revolver back into it’s hoslter. He cried to Michael to stand back, and gave the door a swift kick. It flew open from the impact. The police and medic swarmed into the storage unit before Claire stepped through the door. Relief flooded her as she peered over to Michael. He was very pale, and there was dried blood on his face. She flew at him, as he wrapped her in a hug. He held her tight as she sniffled, holding back tears of happiness. She kissed him, long and tender. She pulled back and eyed his appearance as the police and medics gave them a moment to themselves.


“What happened?!” she asked him.


“I was attacked!” he explained with wide eyes.


“By who?” Claire asked, even though she had a feeling she knew the answer.


“The killer! Pretending to be you!” Michael revealed.


A gasp escaped Claire’s lips. “Me??!” she said in disbelief.


“Do you still have your phone?” he asked.


She held it up. “Of course.” she replied.


Michael frowned. “That’s so weird.” he said.


The medic interrupted them. Stating it was time to take Michael to the hospital. Claire insisted she was going with them in the ambulance. She held onto Michael as they descended the stairs, making their way out into the warm sunshine.








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The day was finally here. It had finally come. After preparing all day, now Ellie could finally stand back and enjoy herself. Surge was ready to be reopened. She and Christy Whitlow were officially now business partners and co-owners of the club. Ellie couldn’t hold back her excitement. Stepping out of the storage room, she couldn’t help but smile. In less than an hour, the doors to Surge would be opened to the public once more. They were expecting a lot of people, and Ellie had a feeling that they would make a ton of cash that night.


Ellie was proud of herself. Hiring Christy had been a good idea, after all. Ellie had the tendency to trust her instincts, and something about it had just felt right. Now, she could focus more of her attention on her family life. She could spend more time with her son, who was the world to her. And she could be around more for her mom, who wasn’t getting any younger. I wish dad could see this. He’d be proud. Ellie thought to herself. She ticked her gaze towards the bar, where the bartenders were beginning to prepare. They felt her staring, turned to look at her with wide smiles. They seemed excited as she did.


Ellie gave them a thumbs up, and they went back to preparing the bottles for the night. Ellie had ordered at least thirty cases that held ten bottles each. It should be more than enough. she thought to herself as she bopped her head to the music that blared out of the soundystem speakers. The DJ had set up, he was testing his equipment. It sounded great. Ellie went over to him and gave him a high five. She went to a quiet corner and pulled out her phone. She dialed her house, her mother answering on the second ring. She had left them at home for the night. Her mother reassured her everything was fine, Tyson had finished his homework and was watching some television before bed.


Ellie said goodbye and hung up the phone. She noticed the bouncers had arrived. She nodded to them. They nodded in reply and went outside to set up the red velvet rope. An event this big, it was better to be safe than sorry. She didn’t want any surprises. Nothing was going to happen here tonight. Not on my watch. Ellie thought to herself with a frown creasing her pretty face. Everyone who entered the club would be searched. She wondered if the killer would actually have the nerve to show up when the club was going to be packed with people. But then again, it hadn’t stopped him when he had killed the actress, Everly Martin.


Ellie turned, hearing someone calling her name. It was Christy, and Faye. They walked over to where she stood.


“You look great!” Faye gushed, hugging Ellie.


“I know! So do you!” Ellie said with a smile and a wink.


Faye giggled and twirled, showing off her skin-tight short green dress. “You like? Courtesy of Darcy’s Closet!” she revealed.


Christy rolled her eyes at them, but smiled. “It’s going to be a great turn-out! I just know it.” she told Ellie.


“Christy, I can’t thank you enough!” Ellie said graciously.


“Well, I can’t thank you enough for giving me a chance!” Christy replied.


“I can see us being in business together for a long time!” Ellie explained.


“Or until I retire. I’m fourty, so another twenty years.” Christy said with a chuckle.


“Geez, you’re old!” another voice said. They had begun letting people in, and Julie had gone over to join them.


“Please excuse my first born.” Christy said, rolling her eyes.


Julie took a glance around the club. “You did good, mom.” she said in approval.


“I should have recorded that! It’s been a long while since she last gave me a compliment!” Christy revealed.


“Oh, brother.” Julie said, a smile playing on her lips.


“I think we have to go make the announcement.” Ellie said, looking at the DJ who was motioning for her to come over. He held a microphone in his hand.


“I’m nervous! Speaking in public was never my cup of tea!” Christy said, blushing.


“You’ll do great! Come on!” Ellie said, leading the way.








Darcy locked the front door of her house, sliding her keys into her pocket. She slid out her phone, gazing down at the screen. It was fifteen minutes past eight. It was time to head over to Fallon’s. She headed across the front lawn and over to the sidewalk. Letting the light of the moon guide her path. She looked up, the moon a bright orb shining in an ocean of blackness overhead. She was glad she wasn’t spending the night alone, that she had company. She had called Campbell earlier to see if he wanted to join them, to which he had passed on.


He was okay with it being a girl’s night, to which he had told her to have fun. Darcy walked along the sidewalk. Fallon’s house was a few blocks away, which Darcy didn’t mind walking to. She was a little on edge, catching sight of dancing shadows in the light breeze out of the corner of her eye. But she kept moving, trying not to think about the fact that she was out there all by herself. There was a killer out there, and no one knew when he would strike next. Darcy stopped in her tracks. A frown creasing her forehead. Did she hear something, or was it just her imagination?


She listened carefully. And rolled her eyes when she heard the hoot of an owl. Paranoid much? she thought to herself as she kept moving. Yet she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. She stole a glance over her shoulder. The sidewalk behind her was empty. A soft sigh escaped from between her lips as she walked on. Another two blocks to go before she’d reach Fallon’s house. Darcy hummed to herself, to break the eerie silence around her. There wasn’t a soul outside tonight. Darcy wondered if it was such a good idea for her to be out alone.


Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, movement. Darcy turned, her breath catching in her throat. She almost called out, but decided against it. Who is that, lurking in Gwen’s yard? she thought to herself. It was too dark to tell. It could have been Gwen, or Marco. Or someone completely different. Darcy wasn’t sticking around to find out. She kept moving, she was almost there. Her phone rang, and Darcy jumped a mile. Her heart thundered in her chest as she pulled out her phone, looked at the screen. UNKNOWN NUMBER flashed on it. Darcy had a bad feeling about it, but still accepted the call.


She brought the phone to her ear, and before she could say a word, there was an explosion of movement from behind her. Darcy spun around, eyes wide. The blade of a knife coming at her filled her vision. She let out a scream, dropping her phone as she ducked under the swipe of the blade. She was able to get a good look at her attacker. Black hooded cloak covering his face. It’s the killer! she thought to herself. She spun around and ran. She didn’t get very far, a few steps, and he had grabbed her by the arm. Another scream tore out from her throat as she turned and lashed out with a foot, kicking him hard in the thigh.


He fell backwards onto the pavement, his hood almost falling off. For a brief second, Darcy was tempted to pull it off and see who it was hiding underneath. Instead, she kicked the knife away, it fell off the edge of the sidewalk and dropped through a manhole grate. Darcy blinked, surprised. With his weapon gone, the killer climbed to his feet. Darcy took off, running as fast she could. Her feet slapping against the pavement. She stole a glance behind her, he was following, running after her. Another scream escaped her lips as she ran, glancing around. Taking in her surroundings. There’s got to be a faster way to get to Fallon’s! she cried to herself.


She kept moving, ducking through someone’s yard. A motion sensor light flashed on, but Darcy kept moving. Her life depended on it. She couldn’t stop. She ran through the backyard, listening. She could hear the killer’s running footsteps on the sidewalk. She had mere moments before he would find her. Suddenly, a fence blocked her way. It didn’t stop her, she jumped, grabbed the top of the fence, and climbed over. She dropped down on the other side, landing next to a garbage can. She could hear him, right on the other side of the fence. He began to climb, pulling himself up.


Thinking fast, Darcy grabbed the garbage can and swung at him as hard as she could. It hit him square in the torso, and knocked him backwards off the fence. He hit the grass with a grunt, and Darcy was off running again. She raced through another backyard, running along the side of the house until she reached the sidewalk. Her chest heaved as she looked at the house across the street. Fallon’s house. Somewhere behind her, she heard the sound of running footsteps. Darcy screamed again and raced across the street, not even bothering to check if any cars were coming. She raced up the walkway to the front door, stealing a look over her shoulder. The killer was now walking slowly, still across the street.


Another scream escaped Darcy’s lips as she pounded her fists on the door. “HELP! FALLON! HELP ME! HE’S RIGHT BEHIND ME!” she screamed. Suddenly, the door was pulled open. Fallon’s worried face peered out at her before Darcy threw herself inside the house. “CLOSE THE DOOR! LOCK IT!” she screamed at Fallon.


With wide eyes, Fallon did what she was told. She closed and locked the front door. “What’s going on?” she asked nervously.


“The killer’s right outside!” Darcy gasped, trying to catch her breath.


Behind her glasses, Fallon’s eyes widened even more. “I’ll call the police!” she cried. She ran over to the house phone, picked it up. And frowned.


“What is it?” Darcy asked anxiously.


“The phone’s not working. I don’t know if it’s dead, there’s just air on the other end.” Fallon explained.


This can’t be happening! Darcy thought to herself. “Try your cellphone!” she told her friend.


Fallon slid out her cellphone and clicked it on. She brought it to her ear, and looked at Darcy with wide eyes. “Same thing! Just air!” she told her.


Darcy hurried into the living room, Fallon following after her. “What are we going to do?” Darcy asked.


Before Fallon could answer, the front door opened. Both girls turned, letting out screams of horror. They expected the killer to walk in, but instead it was only Scott. He jumped, startled by their screams. “Whoa! It’s just me!” he said, closing the front door and locking it behind him.


“Scott! Oh thank god you’re here!” Fallon cried in relief.


“What’s the matter?” Scott asked with a frown.


“The killer was here! He was outside!” Darcy cried.


Scott’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?! Outside?” he said, turning and walking over to the window. He pulled back the curtains to peer out into the night.


“Is he still out there?” Darcy asked.


“He’s not out there. He’s in here!” Scott replied, turning away from the window. He held something in his hands. It took Darcy a moment to realize it was a gun. And he was pointing it at her and Fallon.


“What are you doing with that?” Fallon asked with wide eyes.


“Both of you, sit down and shut the fuck up!” he commanded them.


With her heart in her stomach, Darcy had a bad feeling about this. She did what she was told. Sitting down in an armchair. Fallon did the same.


“Scott! Stop joking around!” Fallon protested.


Darcy couldn’t keep her eyes off the gun in Scott’s hand. “Fallon, I think he’s serious.” she told her friend.


“Of course I’m serious.” Scott replied, stonefaced.


Fallon’s eyes widened as she peered over her shoulder to the front door. Scott must have known what she was thinking. “I’d shoot you both before you even get a chance to get up from your chair, so don’t fucking try it!” he seethed.


“But why are you doing th..” Fallon trailed off, realization hitting her. “No. No please! It can’t be! It’s you?!” she cried.


Scott smiled. “Surprise!” he said with glee.


Darcy thought she was going to throw up. “You’re the killer? You’ve been behind this the whole time?” she asked.


Scott nodded. “It was me!” he told them.


“But.. I know you, Scott! You’ve been living here for…” Fallon trailed off.


“I’ve been living here in town for four years. Think about it. You’ve never met my parents, you didn’t know me before that night you met me at Surge. And you asked me to move into your house!” he said, shaking his head.


“You’d complain about your really small apartment, and Naomi suggested we ask you to move in with us because we had the exra room.” Fallon remembered.


“Dumb move on your part. Would you have asked if you would have known that Brandon is my best friend?” Scott asked.


Darcy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You’re best friend is..is… Brandon Covington?” she asked.


Scott nodded happily. “Who do you think told me to come to West Valley? To work my way into people’s lives? And imagine my surprise when ROSE also moved here!” Scott said, looking over at Darcy.



“But… why did you kill all those people?” Fallon asked.


“For Brandon! He’s never going to set foot in this town again. He hated it so much, he said I could kill whoever I wanted!” Scott explained.


“Even me?” Darcy asked.


“He wanted me to scare you. To toy with you until I bring you to him.” Scott revealed.


Darcy gasped. “You’ll never get me to go see him!” she told Scott.


“That won’t be a problem! I have to bring you to him, dead or alive!” Scott chuckled.


Darcy shuddered, looking away.


“How’d you do all this?” Fallon asked with a frown.


“I know I didn’t seem it, but I’m pretty tech savvy. Cloning IP addresses and cellphones, hell, I even made my own voice changer! I knew where everyone was at all times because of these cool cameras I had hidden all around town!” he explained.


“You’re sick!” Darcy spat out.


“But it was so much fun playing sane!” Scott revealed with a wide smile.



“You won’t get away with this!” Darcy hissed.


“I have so far! I even made it seem like the killer was targeting the people in this house!” Scott revealed.


“You mean the thing with Naomi?” Fallon asked.


“All I did was break a window, put a picture of Rose on the desk, and write on the wall! You should have heard how scared she was when she confided in me!” Scott let out a chuckle.


“And you killed Thomas?!” Darcy asked.


“He was sticking his nose in business that didn’t concern him!” Scott explained.


“That was you, who kidnapped Kaitlyn Biggs?” Fallon asked.


“Brandon’s idea! He too was just a kid when this town destroyed him.” Scott replied.


“I can’t believe I trusted you!” Fallon cried.


“Everyone trusted me! It was all part of the plan!” Scott revealed.


“You’re a psycho!” Darcy spat out.


Scott raised the gun, ready to hit her across the face with it. “Careful what you say, ROSE!” he hissed at her.


“You’re not going to kill us!” Darcy replied.



“Oh yeah? Let’s see!” Scott said, raising the gun and pointing it at Fallon. Her eyes widened in terror as he began to squeeze the trigger.


“NO!” Darcy screamed. Suddenly, the front door burst open and police officers ran into the house. Darcy counted at least eleven of them. Scott turned to look at them, eyes wide. Before he could say anything, three police officers fired their guns. The bullets ripped into Scott’s chest and head. Darcy and Fallon screamed at the deafening sound of the gunshots in such close range. They watched as Scott fell to the floor, dead. While some officers swarmed the body, the others lead Darcy and Fallon out of the house. They stepped out into the night, being lead over to wait on the front lawn. It’s over. It’s finally over. The West valley killer is dead. Darcy thought to herself as she crossed her arms over her chest.


That’s when she heard someone calling her name. Darcy brought her attention to the female who was running up the lawn to them. It was Amy.


“Are you okay?” Amy asked, concern glinting in her eyes.


“What are you doing here?” Darcy asked the other girl.


“I’m the one who called the police. I live right across the street. I was getting ready to go to the reopening of Surge, when I heard screaming. I looked out the window and saw you. I also saw the killer! Once you got inside, he took off his costume and tossed it into the bushes and went into the house.” Amy explained.


“You saved us!” Fallon said.


“Thank you.” Darcy said. She couldn’t help it, she pulled Amy into a hug.








It was nearly midnight when Darcy returned home. After answering many questions, Amy had driven her home. She thanked her again as she stepped out of the car. Closing the passenger side door. She stifled a yawn. She was exhausted. She made her way up the walkway to the front door. Sliding out her keys, she stuck them in the lock and unlocked the door. Pulling it open as she stepped inside the house. The lights were on, and someone was standing in the kitchen. Instead of being startled, she looked up and saw Campbell staring at her with concern in his eyes. She flashed him a thin smile as she closed the door behind her. She didn’t bother to clock it. Campbell hurried over to her.


“Are you okay?!” he asked, pulling her in a hug.


“You heard?” she asked him.


“It was all over the news.” he told her with a nod.


“It’s finally over. Scott’s dead. Your brother’s killer is dead.” she told him.



“I guess that’s something to celebrate.” Campbell replied, stepping aside. On the kitchen counter was a box of chocolates, a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, and a ring.


Darcy’s eyes widened in surprise. “Campbell! What is this?” she asked.


“I was so scared I was going to lose you. So I went to get these things for you. I don’t ever want to lose you. In fact, I want you with me forever.” he told her.


“That’s so sweet.” she said, blinking back tears.


“I love you, Darcy.” he told her.



“I love you too!” she said with a smile. She looked at the ring, and then back to Campbell.


“I guess what I’m trying to say is, will you be with me forever? Will you marry me?” he asked her.










It was nearly morning when a lone female figure appeared on the sidewalk. She walked, her high heels clicking against the pavement. It was Skye, dressed in a short form fitting dress. She was just returning from the reopening of Surge. She wasn’t able to drink, she was too young. She had her hand stamped to identify that she was underage. And yet she still had a good time. She’d danced a lot with Hanna, Lori, Matt, Austin and Paige. They had all gone home at some point of the night, but Skye had stayed until the morning. She had stepped out of the club, surprised to see the sun was rising in the sky.


As she walked, she hoped she would get home before her parents did. They had gone away for a day. They were supposed to come home that morning. She’d be in so much trouble if they caught her coming in at five in the morning. Would she have enough time to go home, sleep an hour and then get ready for school? Maybe I’ll just make a coffee and stay up. she thought to herself as she crossed the street. Crickets chirped and a light dew clung to the grass. Once she reached her house, she let out a sigh of relief. Her parents weren’t home yet. Their car was not parked at the curb in front of the house.


Awesome! Skye thought to herself as she pulled out her keys. She headed up the walkway, ascending the stairs onto the front porch. Unlocking the front door, she stepped into the house, closing the door behind her. Before changing for school, she would have her cup of coffee. With a smirk on her lips, she headed into the kitchen. Outside, the Cosgrove house was silent as the sun began to rise. But suddenly, the silence of the house was broken by Skye’s terrified screams. And then, silence once again.


Ten minutes later a car came screeching to a halt in front of the Cosgrove house. The engine shut off, and Edwin exited from the driver side. Olivia stepped out from the passenger side, closing the door behind her. They could get their luggage out of the car later. Olivia just wanted to go inside, to prepare breakfast before Skye had to be off to school for the day. They headed up the walkway to the front door, unlocking it and making their way inside the house. It was eerily silent. Olivia figured Skye was still asleep in her bedroom. Edwin was off to take a shower, dissappearing up the stairs. Olivia kept moving through the first floor of the house until she stepped into the kitchen.



I’ll make waffles. she thought to herself as she crossed the kitchen floor. And then stopped in her tracks. Her breath catching in her throat. She stared down at the body on the floor. Olivia thought she was imagining things. That she needed to get some sleep. She blinked. The body didn’t move, it remained where it was. Skye’s body. Limp and unblinking. Blood splattered on her skin and dress. Olivia opened her mouth, no sound escaped. All she could do was stare at her daughter’s outstretched hand, at the knife rammed through her eye.


Olivia took a step back, her knees wobbling. She sucked in a deep breath. And screamed. And screamed again. Screaming loudly, it echoed through the kitchen.


















7 thoughts on “S02xE10 – PSYCHO (SEASON FINALE)

  1. Oh whaaaa? So Scott was the killer the whole time. It does make sense. But he isn’t Brandon, which means Brandon is still out there. Did Brandon or Scott kill Skye?

    Great ending to the season! Can’t wait for the next season 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My guess is Brandon or one of Skye’s personal enemies?? I was surprised she died since she was one of the more main characters. It was super well written though!


  2. What about campbell proposing to darcy?
    What do you think her answer was!!?

    I’ll start working on season 3 soon, just need some
    Time for that finale to sink in, maybe have more ppl
    Read it, lol. If u have anyone u think would like the series
    Send em the link!


  3. I was sure Skye will die really but I can’t explain why.
    I don’t think Scott is a real killer, he has an other crime companion.


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