A lot can change in two months. And it had, for the small town of West Valley. It had returned to normal. People could walk freely at night, not worrying about who could be hiding in the thick black shadows. You didn’t have to worry about going off alone in your own backyard. If you had to walk across a deserted parking lot to your car, you’d hold your head up high and not have to pick up your pace in fear that someone was following you. People had even gone back to leaving their doors unlocked. It was almost like a huge weight had been lifted from the shoulders of the town.


People were starting to smile again. They were no longer giving strangers who passed them on the street wary looks. And there was a reason for that. The West Valley killer was dead. He had lost at his own sick, twisted game. However, he wasn’t a stranger. It wasn’t some unknown run of the mill psychopath. He was someone who was known in the community. Someone who had friends and people who cared about him, who trusted him. Whoever you asked all had the same reaction, they had no idea that Scott Emerson was behind all the madness that had come to West Valley.


Scott had claimed one final victim before being gunned down by the police. Skye Cosgrove was dead, making the body count to over a dozen. All the victims were gone, but not forgotten. They were all laid to rest in the graveyard behind St-Gregory’s Church. As for Scott, his body had been sent away to his family. The town Council had a meeting, refusing to bury his body there in town. He didn’t deserve to be buried alongside his victims. Everyone who had attended the meeting had concured. Perhaps if his body was sent away, it would be easier to forget the terror he had reigned on West Valley.


The peaceful silence surrounding St- Gregory’s was suddenly shattered by the sound of a roaring engine, squealing tires. A white convertible sports car came zooming around the bend, and stopped in front of the Church. The engine idled for a few moments before turning off. Another moment, and the driver side door opened. A familiar face stepped out of the car, closing the door behind her. She made her way around the back of the car and stepped up onto the curb in front of the Church. She peered up at the building with uncertainty reflecting in her troubled eyes.


No one had seen Olivia Cosgrove for over a month. At first people thought she was hiding away from the world by never leaving her house. But that wasn’t the case. The truth, which they’d found out about later, was that Olivia and her husband Edwin had left town. They’d gone up to a grief retreat in Plum Grove. They were beyond devastated about their only daughter’s untimely death. She was their only child, and was only fifteen years old. They had found her in their own kitchen, a knife stabbed into her eye. It was an image that they both would never forget for as long as they lived.


They had just returned from the retreat the day earlier. Edwin dove right back into his work, he was at the office that particular day. Olivia had been reading a book on the couch when she had suddenly grown restless. She had put the book down, grabbed her purse and headed out of the house to the car. Her destination, St-Gregory’s. To visit Skye’s grave once more. Since the funeral and leaving for the retreat, she had only gone twice so far. So she had drove, hands gripping the steering wheel tightly as she headed to the far side of town. Now, she was there. She let out a deep breath of apprehension.


Olivia made her way across the lush, green grass. The weather was beautiful, a bright yellow sun burning in a cloudless ocean blue sky. Spring was here, summer was right around the corner. Summer was Skye’s favorite season. She was always so happy once school was done. she thought to herself as she made her way around the building towards the back. A pang of crippling grief struck her, and Oliva stopped in her tracks. She closed her eyes, remembering what she had learnt at the retreat. She counted slowly down from ten, opening her eyes as the feeling dissapated a little.


She had reached the back of the building. She stopped to gaze at some of the headstones. Robin Calloway, Shawn Evans, Harrison Whitlow, Thomas Roe, Felicia Talley. Olivia knew some of those people. It still seemed surreal that they were truly gone forever. Walking past a few more headstones, she stopped and gazed at the one before her. She blinked back tears as she reached out and laid a hand on top of the gravestone. Mother’s here, my Darling. she thought to herself. Skye’s grave. She shook her head, she couldn’t believe she was standing there. When it seemed like it was just yesterday that Skye had been born.


Skye had been a fussy baby. She didn’t like anyone but her mother to hold her. As a toddler, she had become independent. Once grade school came  around, she started to pay attention to fashion and boys. Her little girl was growing up, blossoming into the popular high school she had left the world as. She had many friends, all of them had attended her funeral. All of them giving their sympathies to Olivia and Edwin. But that was the last she had seen of them. The only one who had come around right before they left for the retreat, was Hanna. Although sometimes she was at odds with Stephanie Workman, Olivia liked Hanna.


Hanna had been an emotional wreck at Skye’s funeral. Even though she was going through her own grief, Olivia had noticed it. Hanna had been sobbing loudly, being consoled by Paul Hathaway. At the end of the service, Hanna had come over and given Olivia a hug that had lasted a good three minutes. She had held the shaking girl in her arms, closing her eyes, imagining it was Skye. I’ll call and check up on Hanna soon. Olivia thought to herself. She reached her hand out and once again touched the top of her daughter’s gravestone before turning and walking off.


She lost herself in her thoughts, a frown on her face. Oblivious to the fact that someone was calling her name. It was only when a hand touched her shoulder that she snapped out of it. She startled, looking over to see who had touched her. Looking into the familiar face of Stephanie Workman. The other woman was looking at her with a curious look on her face.


“Olivia? Didn’t you hear me calling you?” she asked.


“Stephanie? What are you doing here?” Olivia asked, arching an eyebrow.


“I came to see my husband.” Stephanie replied, motioning towards Frankie’s gravestone.


“Oh, of course.” Olivia replied with a nod, almost forgetting he too was buried there. Also a victim of Scott’s.


“How have you been? I heard you just got back?” Stephanie asked. Olivia noticed that for once, the other woman looked genuinely concerned.


“We got back yesterday. The retreat was helpful. It was good to get away from her for a while.” Olivia replied.


“I know I didn’t lose my daughter, but I did lose my husband. And there was that whole.. issue I had with the pills..I know what you’re going through.” Stephanie explained.


Olivia cleared her throat. Trying to keep a brave face on. “A lot of people in West Valley have lost someone close to them.” she replied.


“Just don’t do what I did. Swallowing a bottle of pills is not the answer. Plus, it’s cowardly.” Stephanie said sympathetically.


“I know we’ve had our differences, but I appreciate this. You reaching out.” Olivia replied.


“I think about Skye…I see how Hanna is wrecked, I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now.” Stephanie explained.


Olivia swallowed down the lump in her throat. “The death of a child is always tragic. They’re supposed to outlive you. Not the other way around.” she said.


“If anything would happen to Hanna or Quintin…” Stephanie trailed off, shaking her head.


“You don’t have to worry about that. The West Valley killer is dead.” Olivia reassured her.


“I would say that’s something to celebrate about. What do you think of coming for dinner at our place one of these nights? You and Edwin, and me and the kids?” Stephanie asked.


“That doesn’t sound too bad, actually. I haven’t been over to your place in forever.” Olivia replied.


“Great! We’ll try to plan something for soon. Maybe tomorrow night?” Stephanie replied.


“Sounds fine! Anyway, I’ve got to run. And I’ll let you get to your visit.” Olivia said.


“Alright! I’ll call you about the dinner.” Stephanie said with a small smile playing on her lips.


Maybe things will start looking up now. Olivia thought to herself. If only she would have known how wrong she was about to be.








Gwen was slowly getting used to waking up alone. She’d wake up, finding herself stretched out in the middle of the bed. It had been a few months now that she didn’t have to share her bed anymore. Her ex-boyfriend Marco, was now gone. He’d walked out on her. At first it was weird to wake up and not have anyone occupying the space next to her. But with time, Gwen had found it was becoming easier and easier. Marco had even begun crossing her mind less and less. No more did she wonder about where he had ended up, about what he was doing.


After a quick shower, Gwen had made her way back into the bedroom to get dressed. She applied some makeup and jewelry, making her way over to gaze at her reflection in the mirror. After Marco had left, she had read about reinventing yourself after a breakup in one of those magazines she had seen in the supermarket. She thought it wasn’t such a bad idea. So that’s what she had done. She let her hair grow out, began wearing more makeup, and had completely changed her wardrobe. She still dressed classy, but there was a touch of sexiness to it, as well.


I wish Marco would see me now. Gwen thought to herself. Contempt with the way she looked, she moved away from the mirror. She made her way out of the bedroom, through the upstairs hall, and over to the stairs. She descended them, making her way down to the main floor of the house. She glanced around, all traces of Marco were gone. There was no sign that he had ever lived there. He’d left the house to Gwen, but had taken most of his stuff with him. What he had left behind, Gwen had given it away to charity. She’d got rid of it without a second glance or thought.


She made her way into the kitchen, glancing at the phone on the wall. Two whole months, and Marco hadn’t even called to see how she was doing. Perhaps it was for the better. Perhaps it was what she needed to eventually move on. She wasn’t looking for anything right now. She was still trying to pick up the pieces from Marco’s departure. Getting into another relationship now was the last thing on her mind. There wasn’t even anyone around who caught her interest, but that was besides the point. She went over to the fridge, pulling the door open and pulling out a carton of orange juice. She went in search for a glass, pulling one out from one of the kitchen cupboards.


With her glass of juice, Gwen went over to sit at the dining room table. Losing herself in her thoughts. She thought about how she had spent the last two months. She’d actually grown closer and got to know more people who she now considered her friends. She had grown closer to Ellie. She had gotten to know Darcy better, she had even become friends with Amy Rayburn, who she knew had a complicated past with Darcy. From what she had learned, the two women were actually on good terms now. They were civil with each other. After all, it had been Amy who had saved the day.


With her quick thinking, Amy had been the one who had called the police on Scott Emerson. They had arrived just in time, bursting into the house before Scott could shoot Fallon. Gwen had thought that was a pretty brave move. They also had quite a bit in common. Amy and Gwen had no men in their lives. Marco was gone, and Shawn Evans had been one of Scott’s many victims. Gwen sympathized for the other girl, she was left to raise a baby without a father. Amy was almost five months along in her pregnancy. The baby was due by the end of the summer. Amy confided in Gwen that not only was she excited, she was also extremely nervous.


Amy also confided to Gwen about the sex of the baby. She didn’t want to know at first, but with the murder of Shawn, she had changed her mind. Amy was having a girl. Something she only told a few select people. Gwen was one of them. She had gone with Amy to pick the paint for the baby’s nursery, had gone to pick up the furniture as well. They set up the room just the two of them, painting the room and assembling the furniture. Gwen had found she had actually enjoyed herself. And Amy had been preoccupied, focused more on what was going on around her, and not thinking about what had happened to Shawn.


Her glass now empty, Gwen got to her feet, pushing the dining chair back. She carried the glass into the kitchen, placing it inside the dishwasher. She didn’t have to find dirty dishes in the sink anymore. A habit of Marco’s. It used to annoy her so much. She didn’t miss that, and she rolled her eyes in annoyance as she remembered. Typical guy. she thought to herself as she closed the dishwasher door. She grabbed a sponge out of the sink and wiped down the counter. She tossed the sponge back into the sink and made her way through the house, making her way over to the front door.


She pulled the door open and stepped outside into the warm sunshine. The smell of lilacs invaded her senses as she took a deep breath. Spring is my favorite season. Gwen thought to herself with a small smile playing on her lips. Suddenly, she heard the sound of heels on the walkway. She looked up into Ellie’s familiar face. The other girl looked different, and it took Gwen a moment to realize it was because of her hair. “Ellie, you changed your hair again?” she asked curiously. She arched an eyebrow in Ellie’s direction.


“You know I get bored with my hair easily.” Ellie replied with a small chuckle escaping her lips. “You like it?” she asked Gwen.


“It’s really bright!” Gwen replied, wincing. She shielded her eyes with her hand.


Another chuckle escaped Ellie’s lips. “Now, you’ll be able to see me coming.” she joked lightly.


Gwen laughed in reply. “What brings you here? We didn’t have plans, did we? If so, I completely flaked!” she told Ellie.


“No, we didn’t have plans. I just thought I’d drop by for a visit.” Ellie explained.


“You’re loving this more time on you hands thing, huh?” Gwen asked.


“It’s nice! Christy is at the club today. I had breakfast with my mom and Tyson before I walked him to school. I actually walked my son to school, I usually load him up onto the school bus.” Ellie explained.


“I’m sure he was happy!” Gwen replied.


“Oh, he was! And the strangest thing happened when I got back home.” Ellie said.


“Which was?” Gwen asked, a frown creasing her face.


“Gage called.” Ellie explained.


“Gage?.. You mean Tyson’s father?” Gwen asked curiously.


“Just because he donated his sperm doesn’t make him a father. But yes, that Gage. My ex.” Ellie replied.


“What did he want?” Gwen asked, her interest piqued.


“He’d heard about Scott, and called to see if we were okay.” Ellie explained, rolling her eyes.


“He was worried.” Gwen stated.


“He called like two months too late. He didn’t even call when my father was killed. Plus I had tried getting a hold of him before that. He’s good with computers and I wanted to see if he could track the location of where those private messages were coming from. But he never got back to me.” Ellie replied.


“Better late than never!” Gwen said.


“I guess your right.” Ellie replied.


“At least he called. I haven’t heard from Marco since he left town.” Gwen revealed.


“I still can’t believe that stunt he pulled. What an ass.” Ellie seethed.


“You can’t trust guys.” Gwen explained.


“Amen to that!” Ellie replied with a small smile on her lips.


“Sometimes I feel like giving up on men altogether.” Gwen revealed.


“You’re not the only one!” Ellie replied with a chuckle.


“We’re strong, independent women and we don’t need a man!” Gwen cheered.


“That’s the spirit! Come on, let’s go get some drinks at the club. It’s on the house!” Ellie replied with a chuckle.


“But it’s still morning!” Gwen revealed.


“I know! C’mon!” Ellie said, grabbing Gwen by the hand and pulling her away.








Silence in the bedroom. A female figure lay on the bed, sleeping soundly. It was Fallon. Suddenly, the silence of the room was shattered by Fallon sitting up, a loud gasp escaping her lips. Her wide eyes gazed around the room, momentarily bewildered as to where she was. Focusing, she realized she was in her bedroom. She reached over, Grabbed her glasses from the night table, and slid them on. She peered at the digital alarm clock. It was a little after noon. I took a nap. she remembered. She sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for the pounding of her heart to subside.


She’d had the same dream again. No, not a dream, it was more like a memory. Of that night. Her and Darcy sitting in the arm chairs, Scott standing with a gun pointed at them. Fallon staring up the barrel of the gun. Only, in her dreams, the gun would go off. She’d hear the noise, it would echo loudly in her ears. And then she’d feel herself slam backwards, knowing she had been hit with a bullet. She always woke up immediately after that. The dream still fresh in her mind. It’s just a dream. A violent dream. she reassured herself. She rose to her feet and made her way over to the closed bedroom door.


She grabbed the doorknob, turned it, and pushed the door open. She exited the bedroom, making her way through the house. It was quiet. She was the only one home. Blake had gone off to the gym, and she wasn’t sure where Naomi was. Fallon frowned. Even though Scott was dead, she could sometimes swear that she could feel his presence. She’d walk into the kitchen, expecting to see him raiding the fridge. But the kitchen always remained empty. A slow shiver of fear snaked down Fallon’s back as she made her way past his bedroom. The door was closed. No one had the nerve to go in there yet.


Only the police had been. They tore the room inside out for further evidence. And they had found. Pictures of Darcy and Brandon as children, newspaper clippings, both old and new. Even a knife who’s blade was stained with dried blood, that was found in a shoebox in Scott’s closet. Fallon still couldn’t believe he was the killer. That he had all that hidden right under their noses. The police had even found a storage space that he had rented. It was downtown, on the second floor of a building. It had been where he had held Michael Olsen captive.


Fallon kept moving. Making her way into the living room. Immediately, her gaze fell on the two arm chairs. Why haven’t we gotten rid of those yet? she thought to herself with a frown creasing her pretty face. All it did was remind her of that night. Of how close she and Darcy had come to dying. It had been two weeks after that night, that realization had hit her. Fallon was afraid of dying. Especially dying before her time. She wanted to die of old age. Not because of illness, an accident, or murder. Just thinking about death sent her into a panic.


She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. After that night, she, Blake and Naomi had sat down and talked. Trying to grasp the fact that Scott was the killer. No one had the faintest idea. They all felt betrayed. Naomi couldn’t believe she actually had found Scott cute. Blake felt stupid for growing close to him. He had taken them as fools. He had hidden it well that he was a psychopath. They’d also spoke about what to do with the house. Should they sell it? Should they keep it? Should they eventually look into another housemate, or to just have the three of them live there? All things to think about, which they hadn’t come to a solution yet.


Personally, Fallon didn’t want another person living in their house. At least not a stranger. If it was someone she knew, and trusted, maybe. Someone who I know is definately not a psychopath. Fallon thought to herself with a frown creasing her pretty face. But who? Gwen Tiller? Marco had left her the house, he had it payed it off for her. So perhaps she wasn’t an option. Amy Rayburn? Shawn was dead and she was still living in what was once the Talley house. Could she afford to live there by herself? She was someone to think about. Fallon made a mental note to ask her.


Fallon had taken a few steps towards the kitchen when, without warning, the front door opened. Fallon spun around, her eyes wide behind her glasses. Her heart thundering in her chest. Expecting to see Scott walk in. No, it was just Blake. He closed the door behind him, and turned to look at her. She played it cool, no sign on her face that he had startled her. She smiled. She was becoming an expert at hiding her emotions. A small smile played on Blake’s lips. He looked freshly showered and was dressed in his street clothes. He raised his hand in greeting.


“Hey Blake! How was work?” Fallon asked curiously.


“It was great!” Blake replied happily. He had taken over Marco’s job as a personal trainer. Because he would go so often, the owner of the gym had called him and asked if he wanted to work there. He had agreed.


“You really seem to love it.” Fallon replied with a chuckle.


“I’m still flattered they would have thought of me.” Blake revealed as he went and sat down in one of the arm chairs.


“Well besides Marco, who else is in great shape but you?” Fallon said. She remained standing.


“Well there was also Sco…” Blake trailed off. He frowned. Shook his head. “Nevermind.” he said.


“It’s weird to say his name, huh?” Fallon asked. She moved over to sit down on the couch.


“I just don’t get it! I understand being a loyal friend, but killing for it?” Blake said.


“Well, just by being best friends with Brandon Convington, you’d have to be insane. A normal person would run away.” Fallon explained.


Blake rose from the arm chair and went to sit down next to her on the couch. “Had I been there, you know he wouldn’t have had the chance to even pull out the gun.” he reassured Fallon.


“I should have suspected him once he came through the front door. Dressed all in black. But I was panicking. I thought he was my friend. I thought he was going to help us.” Fallon explained.

“You couldn’t have known. None of us could.” Blake told her, sympathy glinting in his dark eyes.


“I guess you’re right.” Fallon replied with a thin smile.


That’s when the front door opened yet again. “I’m home! And need help with these bags!” Naomi’s voice came from outside.


“Let’s go help.” Fallon said as she got to her feet. Blake stood up and followed her out the door.








A light spring breeze wafted through the open window. Bringing along the scent of pine with it. Sitting on the couch, Darcy took a deep breath, letting it invade her senses. She loved the smell of fresh pine. It was her favorite scent. The late afternoon sun caught the light of the ring on her finger, making it sparkle. With a smile, Darcy couldn’t help but to look down at it again for what seemed like the four thousandth time. She was getting married, she couldn’t believe it. She thought back to the night that Campbell proposed to her.


She had just come home from answering questions from the police. Campbell was waiting for her in her kitchen, a box of chocolates, a bottle of champagne and a ring box on the kitchen counter. Despite being held at gunpoint a few hours before, she was overcome with a great sense of joy. At first, she was too surprised to answer Campbell. When he had asked again, she had accepted. He put the ring on her finger and they enjoyed the bottle of champagne. After that, they had taken it to the bedroom, where they had been intimate. Darcy had woken up the morning after, gazing at her ring that reflected the sunlight. And then she had turned to gaze at the man who was going to be husband.


For the next two months, Darcy had been busy working, and planning for her wedding. It had been Campbell’s idea to head back up to Rocky Point and try again. Last time they were there, they had been interrupted by the killer. Scott, the killer. Darcy thought to herself. They had been there for a few days now. And everything was going just perfectly. This was what a real getaway was about. Darcy felt completely relaxed. They’d swam in the lake, cooked food by a bonfire, gone hiking in the woods. One day they’d never left the bed, enjoying each other’s company. Tonight there was going to be a romantic bubble bath for two in the claw foot tub.


Darcy couldn’t help the wide grin that played on her lips. Scott had gone to the convience store to pick up some bubble bath lotion. There was a time Darcy would have been nervous to stay alone. But that was of the past. Scott was dead. There was nothing to worry about. When they had walked into the cabin, Darcy had gone to look to see if the shotgun was still there. It was, hidden behind the dressing screen. Darcy didn’t plan on using it like last time, she was just curious to see if it was still there. It had probably saved their lives. Scott had run off when he saw her wielding it through the window.


Things were good now. Darcy didn’t tend to dwell on the past. Everything that had happened to her, she had pushed it to the back of her mind. Even her hair had grown out. No longer was it boy short, now, she wore it in a blonder, fashionable shoulder-length bob. She didn’t feel so self-concious anymore. The involuntary haircut had been courtesy of Scott trying to scare her senseless. He had actually broke into her home and cut off her hair while she slept. And it looks amazing now, so it all worked out in the end. she thought to herself. She looked up as the front door suddenly opened.


“You look happy, what were you thinking about?” Campbell asked as he walked into the cabin, closing the door behind him. He put down the bag he was carrying.


“Just how relaxing this is!” Darcy replied cheerfuly. He walked over and planted a soft kiss on her lips before he sat down next to her.


“Enjoy it while it lasts. It’s back to West Valley tomorrow.” he told her with a chuckle.


“Yeah it’s back to reality! And I have an engagement dinner party to plan!” Darcy replied.



“That’s still a week away, right?” Campbell asked curiously.


“Yeah but it’ll be here sooner than you think!” she told him.


“Who do you plan on inviting?” he asked her.


“Fallon, Naomi, Blake, Ellie, Faye, Adam, Meredith, Ruby, Jeremy, Gwen, and my parents, of course.” Darcy replied.


“That’s a good amount of people.” Campbell replied with a nod.


“Should I invite Amy?” Darcy asked, raising an eyebrow.


“Well she did save your life. And you guys are technically on good terms now. I don’t see why not. One more person isn’t going to hurt.” Campbell revealed.


“You’re right. And it also doesn’t necessarily mean everyone I invite will come. Some people may already have plans for that night.” she replied.


“That’s true. I’m sure she’d appreciate the invite.” Campbell pointed out.


“I’ll go over to her place when we get back tomorrow and tell her.” Darcy said.


“Meanwhile, why don’t you come see what I bought?” Campbell replied with a devilish smirk playing on his face.


“You mean you bought more than just bubble bath lotion?” Darcy asked with a smirk as Campbell got to his feet and went over to the bag he had brought in.


“Well, come take a look and see!” he told her.


Chuckling, Darcy got to her feet and made her way over to see what Campbell had bought.








Amy walked out of the nursery. A smile playing on her lips. The room was coming along nicely. There was a few finishing touches to do before it was completely done. Everything would be ready by the time the baby was born. It was better to be prepared than to wait until the last minute. She closed the door behind her and stood out in the second floor hallway. She rubbed her stomach affectionaly. Even though Shawn was gone forever, there was a part of him that was growing inside of her. She couldn’t wait for her daughter to be born. We’re having a girl! she thought to herself.


Amy was trying to keep positive. She was trying to put everything that had happened behind her. Things did seem to be looking up. She had visited her family, even if it was for a day or two, was reconnecting with Darcy, and the most important, Shawn’s killer had been caught. That was her doing. She remembered that night. She was all dressed up, ready to head over to the grand reopening of Surge. Sure, she was pregnant, but she didn’t plan on drinking or staying long. She’d come down the stairs and was going to grab her purse when she had heard a scream. It had come from outside.


Amy had peeked out the living room window. The street was deserted until someone came running out of the darkness. It was Darcy. She was in full panic mode. Amy could see the look of horror on her face. She ran to Fallon’s house across the street, and was pounding on the front door. Amy had then seen another figure come out from the darkness. A black cloaked costume. Amy had a feeling it was the killer. Fallon had opened the door, and Darcy had thrown herself Inside the house. The door was slammed shut.


Amy couldn’t move away from the window. The killer was still outside. She had watched with wide eyes as the killer quickly took off his costume. She had gasped when she had seen who it was. Scott. She didn’t consider him a friend, but he was an acquaintance. Before he tossed his costume into the bushes, he pulled out a gun. He had checked to see if it was loaded, hiding it underneath his shirt. And then he had casually strolled up to the front door, letting himself in with his keys. That’s all Amy needed to see. She had pulled out her phone and had dialed the police.


They had pulled up a few minutes later, their red and blue lights, and sirens off. They swarmed the front lawn, running towards the front door. They kicked down the front door, moving quickly into the house. She heard the gunshots echoe through the house across the street. Amy had sucked in a breath, holding it, waiting to see who walked out of the house. She was relieved to see Fallon and Darcy walk out the front door, escorted by police. They both looked upset, but unscathed.


Completely forgetting about her night out at Surge, Amy had moved away from the window and had hurried across the street. The police stopped her but she had explained she lived across the street and was the one who had called them. They had stepped aside, letting her through. She had gone straight over to Darcy. As they spoke, a gurney was rolled out, a body lay on it, covered by a white sheet splattered with bright crimson. Amy assumed it was Scott underneath, and that he was dead. She was surprised, after she had explained herself, that Darcy had given her a hug.


Darcy had even thanked her for saving them. For the briefest moment, Amy felt like they had been transported back into time when they were still friends. Never would she have expected to be hugging Darcy again. It gave her hope, that maybe they could rekindle their friendship. And slowly, they were. So much, that Amy was considering to ask Darcy and Campbell to be her child’s godparents. She hoped they would say yes when the time came to ask them. Amy headed down the stairs, descending them until she reached the main floor of the house.


Amy was headed for the kitchen when there was a knock at the front door. A frown creased her face. I’m not expecting anyone. she thought to herself. She turned and made her way over to the front door. She unlocked it, and pulled the door open. The front porch was empty. Another frown creased her face as she took a step outside. She scanned her surroundings. Who had knocked on her door if there was no one in sight? She crossed the front lawn, peering both ways down the sidewalk. Empty. Was someone playing a prank on her? She was oblivious to the figure slipping into the house behind her.


With one more uneasy glance around, Amy turned and headed back up the walkway to the front door. She stepped into the house, closing the door and locking it behind her. That was weird. she thought to herself with a frown. Maybe it was some neighbourhood kids playing a prank on her. She shook her head in dissaproval. And headed into the kitchen. She stepped through the kitchen doorway, and stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes widened in surprise as a gasp escaped her lips. She stared at the figure who was leaning against the kitchen counter. Amy blinked hard. Thinking she was imagining things.


The figure smiled. “Surprise!” the teenage girl said.


“What are… what are YOU doing here?” Amy asked.


The young girl frowned. “Aren’t you happy to see me?” she asked.


“I just didn’t expect to see you in my kitchen. Jillyan, what are you doing here?” Amy asked.


“You said I could come visit anytime! So here I am!” her younger sister replied.


Finally, Amy smiled. She hurried across the kitchen and hugged her sister. “I’m SO happy you’re here! But does mom know?” Amy asked curiously.


“She gave me the okay when I asked her. I thought I’d surprise you!” Jillyan explained.


“You did! You did! But what about school?” Amy asked.


“School is done until september. We finished earlier this year.” Jillyan told her.


“So you’ll be here until september?” Amy asked. Excitement glinted in her eyes.


“I’ll stay for as long as you want me to! You’re expecting. You should have someone to help you around the house.” Jillyan explained.


Amy smiled broadly, hugging her younger sister again. “You’re welcome to stay here for as long as you want!” she told Jillyan. “Heck, maybe if I talk to mom I can convince her to have you move here!” she continued.


“That would be amazing! I’m bored of Newcrest!” Jillyan replied.


“But what about all your friends?” Amy asked, cocking an eyebrow.


“They can come visit. Or I’ll visit them. It’s only two hours away. Most of them drive and have their own cars.” Jillyan revealed.


“Well, if you do move here, we can look into getting you a car.” Amy explained.


“That would be great!” Jillyan replied, excitement dripping from her voice.


“And I can introduce you to some kids your age. There’s a lot of them. We’ll get to that as soon as possible.” Amy told her sister.


“I had heard on the news about what had happened to that Skye Cosgrove girl.” Jillyan explained, eyes wide.


“Yeah. She was the queen Bee of West Valley High. The queen Bee of the whole teenage scene in town.” Amy explained.


“And who’s the queen now?” Jillyan asked curiously.


“That would be Hanna Workman. Once a follower, now the leader.” Amy replied, rolling her eyes.


“Hmmm. Interesting!” Jillyan replied with a devilish smirk playing on her lips.


“I know that look! What are you plotting?” Amy asked with a chuckle.


“Nothing! I’m just thinking maybe I should meet this Hanna girl.” Jillyan explained to Amy.


“Let’s go take a look at the guest room. You can sleep in there.” Amy told her.


“Sounds like a plan. Lead the way!” Jillyan replied. She followed Amy out of the kitchen.








Dusk. A light breeze made the leaves on the trees dance. Stars twinkled in a black velvet sky. Voices chattered from backyards. The smell of barbecue filled the air. Two teen girls hurried down the sidewalk, laughing, heading to a house party. The ring of a bicycle bell. A dog barked happily. It was just another regular night in West Valley. Inside the Raines household, it was quiet. The silence was broken by the sound of footsteps as someone made their way into the kitchen. It was Adam. He looked around nervously. As if he was going to get caught doing something he shouldn’t.


But there was no one else home. Derek and Wendy had gone out to eat at some fancy restaurant. Isabel had gone to Surge. She had complained about not going out for an entire week, so she had gone off to the club alone. And Sasha had gone off to a barbecue. Adam wasn’t exactly sure where it was being held. All he knew was that it was taking place in someone’s backyard. So he was home alone. Soon, he would be off to meet Meredith. They had made plans to hang out at her place. Ruby had gone off over to Jeremy’s, and Meredith had the whole house to herself.


Adam glanced nervously around another time. If anyone had been home, he wouldn’t be doing this. If anyone had seen him, he could have gotten in a lot of trouble. He just wanted to have a good time. Somewhere in the back of his subconcious, he knew it was wrong, yet it didn’t stop him from going out and buying the pills. Someone downtown was selling. He slid his hand into his jean pocket, and pulled out the small pill bottle. He placed it down on the counter in front of him. He took a deep breath, staring at the bottle. He was planning on bringing it with him to Meredith’s.


He stared at the label on the pill bottle. Staring at the name of what he had bought. ROHYPNOL.










The faint smell of barbecue still lingered through the night air. Ruby’s stomach grumbled hungrily as she headed down the sidewalk. She looked down at her dress. She was on her way over to Jeremy’s. He had asked her to dress up. She had wondered why, but hadn’t questioned him. Or what his intentions were. So she had walked over, leaving the car at home with Meredith. At one time, Ruby would have been wary to walk over in the night, but now that the West Valley killer was dead, she had no worries. In fact, she found it soothing. A light breeze made the leaves dance in the shadows.


Ruby hummed to herself as her heels clicked against the pavement. The silence was suddenly broken by a sudden loud yowl. Ruby stopped and listened. Something scampered across her path, she jumped slightly, relaxing when she saw it was just a cat. It ran into the bushes across the street, dissappearing from view. Don’t get paranoid! she thought to herself, a small chuckle escaping from between her lips. She stopped in front of a house. There had been a FOR SALE sign on it, and now, it was replaced with a SOLD sign. New neighbours. Ruby didn’t know why, but that excited her. Perhaps it was because West Valley was now somewhere safe to live.


Ruby smiled, and looked both ways before crossing the street. Another block left to go before she would arrive to Jeremy’s. Things were going great between them. They were even more closer now. Ruby wondered if maybe he was going to pop the question tonight. Just the thought of it made her pick up her pace. Could he be proposing? she thought to herself with a wide smile playing on her lips. Or maybe he was going to ask her to come to Hollywood with him. He was due to start filming a movie there in the next few weeks. That would be less exciting for her, but still something she would love to experience. She’d never been to Hollywood.


She was still smiling to herself as Jeremy’s home came into view. She slowed down her pace, smoothing out her hair and her dress. She wanted to make sure she looked perfect. She headed up the walkway, and up the porch steps to the front door. She reached out with a hand and knocked on the door. Took a step back, a wide smile on her lips. A few moments later the door opened, and Jeremy peered out at her. He was dressed nicely in jeans, a button down shirt, and a tie. Ruby thought he looked amazing. Then again, he always did. He was a movie star, after all. Jeremy stepped aside so she could enter.


“You look amazing.” he told her, closing the door once she stepped through the doorway.


“Thanks! So do you!” she told him.


“Did you eat?” he asked her curiously.


“I didn’t.” she replied.


“Great! I have lobster cooking in the kitchen. How about we sit down for now?” Jeremy asked.


“Sounds good.” she told him as he lead the way over into the living room. They sat down next to each other on the couch. “So what’s the occasion?” Ruby asked with a small smile.


Jeremy laughed in response. “All will be revealed shortly!” he told her, his eyes shining with excitement.


“If it’s a trip to Hollywood, I accept!” she told him.


He laughed again. “You’ll see.” he told her, patting her on the knee.


“So are you excited for your next movie?” Ruby asked.


“Well first, let me say that I wouldn’t even take the role if things weren’t calm here in town.” Jeremy explained.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Ruby replied, rolling her eyes in fake annoyance.


“I know you will be. That’s why I’m going. This has a longer shoot, but I’ll be able to come back to West Valley every few weeks.” Jeremy said.


“Oh good, I’m glad! I don’t have to wait a month to see you.” she replied.


“It’s a lead role. With the possibility of it becoming a franchise! Sure, it’s a horror movie, but it’s a great director, great costars and a great story.” Jeremy explained.


“A horror movie?” Ruby asked curiously.


“I know it seems in poor taste, but it’s a huge opportunity!” he told her.


She was about to answer when there was a loud ding. “The lobster is done. Come help me?” Jeremy asked as he got to his feet.


“Sure!” Ruby replied, getting to her feet. She followed him into the kitchen. Her eyes went straight to the stove. There was a big pot with boiling water inside. The smell of cooked lobster invaded her senses. She took a deep breath, a smile of contempt on her face. It reminded Ruby of when she lived back home with her parents. They loved fish and seafood. It was something they almost always ate. Jeremy went to turn off the stove as Ruby glanced around the kitchen. Her eyes fell on the kitchen table. There was a bouquet of flowers on it. The most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. Pink and red colored.


Jeremy came back, a nervous smile on his face. “Do you like it?” he asked.


“Are those for me?” Ruby asked.


“Of course. And so is the ring.” Jeremy replied, blushing.



That’s when Ruby noticed the ring box next to the flowers. She gasped in surprise, turning to look at Jeremy with wide eyes.


“Ruby Fleming, will you marry me?” he asked.


“Oh my god! Oh my.. Yes! Yes I will!” she cried happily, throwing herself into Jeremy’s arms. They shared a passionate kiss.


“I left a bottle of wine in the car. I’ll go get it.” he told her.


“I’ll wait for you to come back before I put the ring on!” she told him, excitement shining in her eyes.


Jeremy walked out of the kitchen. Ruby heard the front door open, and then close. She stared at the ring, she couldn’t wait to put it on. She went over to get a closer look. It was beautiful, a gold band with engravings on it. From outside, she heard a car door slam. Ruby went over and smelled the flowers. They smelled amazing. She straightened up, and frowned. There was a noise. Coming from outside. It sounded like a struggle. There was a short cry, and then something was slammed against the side of the house. It startled Ruby, she jumped. Still frowning, she made her way slowly out of the kitchen.


Walking through the silent first floor until she reached the front door. She reached out, grabbed the handle, and pushed the door open. She peered out at the darkness beyond. She reached out and clicked on the light for the outside porch. It remained dark. Muttering under her breath, Ruby stepped out onto the porch. She took a deep breath, and slowly descended the porch steps. Her foot hit something. She looked down and saw a wine bottle. She gazed around. There was the car. But no sign of Jeremy. She bent down, picked up the bottle and placed it on the porch step. She called out Jeremy’s name.


No reply. She called out to him again. Silence. Just the soft whisper of a breeze. Ruby shivered, and not because she was cold. She had a bad feeling. Her stomach fluttered nervously as she took a few more steps into the darkness. The shadows seemed to be closing in on her, yet she couldn’t turn away. All her senses screamed at her to go back into the house, yet she kept on. Making her way across the grass. She called out to Jeremy one last time. Still no reply. She tried to keep calm. She took a deep breath and made her way towards the side of the house. I wish I had a flashlight. she thought to herself.



Suddenly, she was falling. She tripped over something, the ground rushing up to meet her. Ruby let out a small shriek as she hit the grass. Ow! she thought, sitting up and climbing to her feet. She looked down at what she had fallen over. Not what. Who. Ruby blinked hard. Once. Twice. Jeremy. Lying on his side in the grass. For a moment Ruby wondered what he was doing there. And then she saw the blood. Her eyes widened in surprise. She took a hesitant step forward. And saw the large knife rammed through his head. Ruby’s stomach leaped to her throat, feeling like she had been submerged in ice cold water. She stared at Jeremy’s limp form.


No. This isn’t happening again! her mind screamed back at her. Ruby took a deep breath, and screamed. Screamed again. Letting out her horror. Jeremy was dead. But he just proposed to me! she thought to herself. Her eyes stung, as tears began cascading down her cheeks. She let out another scream that echoed through the darkness.









































7 thoughts on “S03xE01 – PERFECT ILLUSION

  1. I’m still alive! I just moved, lol. And having some issues with my internet! But I promise this blog/series is very much still alive as well! I will continue on the next episode once my issues are resolved!


  2. Adam is odd, he brought poison to kill Meredith and people will understand Scott was an other victim of the true killer, maybe Brandon or somebody else.


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