S04xE05 – WORK


Moonlight glowed in from the window. Basking Darcy in it’s soft white rays. She lay in bed, head on the pillow, her eyes closed. A small smile of contempt touching the corner of her lips. It was a few days after her wedding. And she was definitely enjoying the newlywed life. Her eyes fluttered open as she turned to face her husband, Campbell. Only he wasn’t there. His side of the bed was empty. Darcy blinked softly and sat up. Her eyes falling on the bedside clock. It was a little after two in the morning. A frown creased her pretty face. Where’s is he? she thought to herself. The rest of the bedroom was shrouded in darkness where the moonlight didn’t reach. Yet something in the shadows stirred, catching Darcy’s attention. She opened her mouth to speak, to call out, yet she couldn’t seem to find her voice.


For a brief moment she thought it was Campbell. Yet as the shadowy figure lurched towards the bed, she got the strongest feeling that it wasn’t her husband. Darcy’s eyes widened slowly in fear as she clutched the bedspread. It wasn’t Campbell who stood at the foot of the bed. It was Faye Abernathy. And she looked like something out of a horror film. Her face was pasty white, her eyes rimmed with black. The right side of her body flopped loosely, revealing blood and gore beneath. She had been killed while she and Darcy had been held captive by the West Valley killer. She had been chainsawed through the upper body while Darcy had watched on in horror. She remembered the other girl’s blood splashing the front of her wedding dress and face. Darcy opened her mouth to scream but no sound escaped from her lips.


This can’t be happening! Darcy’s mind screamed. She watched as Faye lifted her hand and pointed a finger right at her. Blaming her, accusing her for her death. Finally able to find her voice, Darcy scrambled back against the headboard of the bed with a small shriek. She reached out to turn on the bedside lamp, but in her terrified state she was only able to knock it to the floor. Looking back to where Faye was standing, she saw the other girl was no longer there. Panic glinting in her eyes, Darcy scanned the darkness of the room. Had Faye left the room? No. For suddenly, she was in Darcy’s face. Faye opened her mouth and let an inhuman shriek that seemed to be make the walls tremble. The stench of decay that poured out of the dead girl’s mouth hit Darcy full on in the face.


With a scream, Darcy jumped out of the bed. By the time her feet hit the floor, she knew she had been dreaming. For she snapped back to reality. She looked around the room. Instead of darkness, sunlight streamed in from the bedroom window. There was no sign of Faye. The dead girl’s face flashed through Darcy’s mind. A slow icy cold shiver of fear snaked down her spine as she shivered. She turned to see if she had woken Campbell up. His side of the bed was still empty. That’s when the she heard the booming sounds of a video game coming from downstairs. Darcy couldn’t help but smile. She knew that sound too well. Campbell was playing ZOMBIE MASSACRE again. He’d recently bought the video game a few days prior and couldn’t stop playing it. Shaking her head, Darcy grabbed her cellphone and peered down at the screen.


First day of work together! Are you ready?! – Jane

Said the text message. Of course Darcy was ready. It was her first day at her new job, and seeing the text message brought butterflies to Darcy’s stomach. She was finally back to work. The clothing store she had owned in the past had been burned down to the ground. The killer’s doing. Darcy had thought her life was over. All her hard work had come down in a blaze of flames. That’s when out of the blue, Jane Porter had reached out to her. She was starting a new company in West Valley, and she wanted Darcy, out of all people, to be her partner. Of course Darcy had accepted the job offer. She would be out of her mind to pass on working with one of her favorite designers. Jane was very well known in the fashion world. Darcy loved her clothes, she even owned a few pieces. They were stylish and better yet, affordable.


Texting Jane back, Darcy made her way over to her closet. I better start getting ready if I want to be on time. she thought to herself. Looking quickly look in the closet, she pulled out a dress. The label on the back read JANE PORTER in intricate script. She wasn’t looking to stroke Jane’s ego, the dress had truly caught her eye. It was just a coincidence. Laying the dress down on the bed, Darcy hurried out of the bedroom. She made her way down the upstairs hallway and into the bathroom. She closed the door behind her as she made her way over to the shower. She turned it on, adjusted the water pressure before slipping out of her pyjamas and getting under the stream of water. The water was warm, and Darcy would have stayed under the shower if she wasn’t pressed for time. She had to cut it short, turning the water off and stepping out of the shower.


With a towel wrapped around her body, she hurried back down the hallway and into the bedroom. A few minutes later, she was dressed and ready to go. She peered at the bedside clock. It had only taken her four minutes to get ready. The fastest I’ve ever been. she thought to herself with a small smile on her lips. She took one last look at herself in the mirror before she headed across the floor and out of the bedroom. She made her way down the stairs, her heels clicking. The sounds of ZOMBIE MASSACRE were louder now. Darcy made her way into the living room. Campbell was sitting on the edge of the couch, concentrating on the video game. For a brief moment, Darcy had the urge to sneak up on him. She decided not to, and instead walked in front of the television, blocking Campbell’s view.


“Hey! Whoa… looking good there, wife!” he said, taking in Darcy’s appearance.


She giggled. “Thank you, husband!” she told him. She went over to him and planted a soft kiss on his lips.


“Back to being a working girl, huh? I was getting used to having you around the house.” he told her.


“I could never pass up the chance of working with Jane Porter!” she explained.


“You’re going to do great! It must be a little nerve-wracking, first day and all. But I’ve seen what you can do, and Jane is going to be very impressed.” Campbell replied.


02-09-18_1-41-09 PM

“Aww. That’s sweet of you to say!” Darcy said, giving him another kiss.


“Don’t I make the best husband?” he asked her with a wide grin.


Darcy giggled. “You sure do! Anyway. I gotta go if I want to be on time!” she told him, peering at the clock.


“Good luck! Maybe I’ll swing by with some lunch and we can have lunch together.” Campbell explained.


“That’d be great! I’ll call you and let you know when my lunch is! Bye!” Darcy called out as she hurried out of the living room.


Grabbing her keys and her purse by the front door, she headed out of the house, closing the door behind her. Even though Campbell was home, she locked the front door behind her. You could never be too sure in the town of West Valley. The killer lurked day and night. It just wasn’t safe to leave your doors unlocked. With the sun shining in a cloudless bright blue sky, Darcy made her way over to her car. She would have walked if she had some time to spare. Taking the car would get her to the store faster. She slid into the drivers seat, closing the door as she did so. She stuck the key in the ignition, the engine roaring to life. Darcy smiled. She loved the car Campbell had gotten her. It had been an engagement gift. Who buys their fiancee a car for an engagement gift?! Darcy thought to herself as she fiddled with the radio.


Not only did the car have great speed, it also had a killer sound system. Music blared out from the speakers as Darcy lowered the windows down. “The Greatest” by Sia, one of her favorite songs at the moment as she pulled away from the curb. The ride was smooth, Darcy slid on her sunglasses as she headed through the neighborhood. She came to a stop sign, and waved at the small group of people crossing the street. It was Warren Bigg’s mother with her two granddaughters in tow. They seemed to have a day planned to be spent at the park. They waved back at Darcy who drove off once they were safely on the other side of the street. She drummed her fingernails against the steering wheel as she turned the corner, finding herself in downtown West Valley.


The shop should be just up ahead. she thought to herself, the butterflies in her stomach returning. She took in a deep breath as she lowered the volume on the sound system. She pulled the car up to the curb in front of the store. She slid off her sunglasses, sliding them into a compartment. She raised the windows up, giving herself a last glance in the rear-view mirror before she killed the engine. She pushed open the driver side door, pulling the keys out of the ignition as she stepped out onto the street. She closed the door behind her and pressed down on the mechanical lock on her keys. The car chirped in response as she made her way around the front, stepping up onto the curb in front of the store. She looked up at the building, a small smile touching the corner of her lips.


In about an hour or so, the store would be open to the public. Here goes. she thought to herself. She took another deep breath and headed towards the entrance. Her heels clicked against the pavement as she headed up the steps to the door. She pushed it open, the door swung open easily as she stepped inside. A bell attached to the top of the door rang. Darcy scanned her surroundings. The inside of the store was much bigger than the inside of her own store. Her store that was now a distant memory. It seemed like the fire that happened ages ago, when actually only a few months had passed. There was nothing now where the building had once stood. It was an empty lot. The town of West Valley had no idea what to do with the space.


There were rumors about building an apartment complex, but it was exactly just that, rumors. Pushing those thoughts away, Darcy looked around for Jane. There was no sign of her. She must be around here somewhere. Darcy thought to herself with a slight frown creasing her forehead. After all, the door had been unlocked. With a slight shrug of her shoulders, Darcy approached the main counter. There was a cash register, and displays of makeup on the counter. Darcy picked up a lipstick, inspecting the color. Navy Blue Sky, it was called. It wasn’t a color she would wear, it was more Ellie Jacks’ type. It occurred to Darcy that she hadn’t seen Ellie in a while. She made a mental note of giving the other girl a call once she returned home from work.


Darcy had picked up a perfume bottle when a familiar voice spoke from behind her. “That’s Lilac Passion. Lilac is my favorite scent, you know.” said the voice.


Darcy turned. Standing before her, looking amazing, was Jane. “I love the scent of lilac too!” she told Jane.


“I’m so excited for today! And you’re early! Always a plus in my book.” Jane explained.


Darcy mentally patted herself on the shoulder. “The store looks great!” she told Jane.


Jane looked around with a nod. “Once we open, we’re going to be bombarded with people. I hope you’re ready!” she told Darcy with a smile.


“I can handle customers.” Darcy replied, looking proud.


“And the media is coming. They’ll want to hear about the event I have planned.” Jane replied.


“An event? For when?” Darcy replied, arching an eyebrow.


“For tonight. Short notice, I know!” Jane explained.


“Tonight?” Darcy’s eyes widened in surprise.


02-10-18_12-48-55 AM

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. We’re just going to present ourselves. We’re going to talk about our designs. And there will be food and refreshments. So be at the banquet hall tonight at seven sharp. And dress to kill.” Jane replied with a smile before she sauntered away.


“Dress to kill.” Darcy repeated softly to herself.


Jane turned and looked at her, looking her up and down and nodded with satisfaction. “I see you’re wearing one of my designs. Nice touch. Now come on, we have lots of work to do.” she explained.


Oh boy. This is going to be interesting. Darcy thought to herself as she followed after Jane.















02-11-18_10-35-57 AM

Speaking of Ellie, she was not having a good day. And the day had just started. It hadn’t been long since she had woken up. Her eyes had fluttered open, the bright light of the sun blinding her. She had threw the covers over with a loud groan, lying there in the bed for a few moments. From underneath the covers, she had listened to how quiet the house was. There was no Tyson, and her mother was no longer alive. Funny how one can get used to having such a lively house, but now the silence brought a feeling of unease. She wouldn’t admit that to anyone. She was Ellie Jacks, she was edgy and she was known to take no crap from anyone. Stalling, she had finally gotten out of bed with a deep sigh. She had to get ready and head off to work.


Christy had asked for the morning off, she had a doctor’s appointment. She had scheduled it weeks ago. Which meant Ellie had to head over to Surge that morning instead. She had almost forgotten, Christy had reminded her the night before. She and Christy co-owned the club together. One would usually take the day shift, and the other would take the night shift. The club was open all day, that’s what made it one of West Valley’s best hot spots. Ellie was a night owl, she usually liked working the night shift when the club would really come alive. But today, this is my fate. Ellie had thought to herself with a grimace as she made her way into the bathroom to shower and get ready. The shower had helped a little, she felt more awake once she was done.


It was once she was dressed that she noticed there was a problem with the shower. Even though she had turned it off, it was still leaking water. It was not the time to be having problems with the house. She had to get to work. With a big sigh, she had headed out of the bathroom and back into her bedroom. She muttered softly to herself as she found her phone on the night table. Her first call was to the club. Daffodil, a bartender with an unusual hippie name, had answered the phone. Ellie explained to her that she would be late for work. She had told Daffodil that until she arrived, she was in charge. To make sure things ran smoothly until she got there. The other girl on the other end of the line had sounded a little nervous, but promised to do her best. Ellie had thanked her before hanging up the phone.


She’ll be fine. Ellie had thought to herself as she clicked on her web browser on the phone. It took about a minute, but she was able to find the phone number for a plumbing company. LORENZO LEAKS PLUMBING, it was called. A frown had creased Ellie’s face at the slightly obscene name of the company. Who’s Lorenzo? And where exactly does he leak from? she had thought to herself. Pushing the thought away, she had dialed the number and listened as the phone rang. A few minutes later, she was off the phone. Lorenzo himself was on his way over to her house. She had explained it was an emergency. It needed to be taken care of immediately because she had to head over to work. She was so impatient, she had even gone to wait on the front porch. Soon enough, a white and blue van had pulled up to the curb in front of the house.


Lorenzo looked like your typical plumber. A beefy man who had he been a few pounds heavier, would have been called obese. He wore a company t-shirt that was about two sizes too small. The bottom of his belly poked out from underneath the t-shirt. He wore baggy jeans that seemed to threaten to drop at any second. That’s all I need, to see his plumbers crack. Ellie had thought to herself, rolling her eyes in annoyance. He had black slicked back hair, and a toothpick sticking out from between his teeth. Ellie noticed the way he had looked at her. As if he was undressing her with his eyes. She had shuddered internally, almost telling him that she didn’t need a plumber after all. Besides, how hard could it be to fix a leak? But he was there now, and it would have taken her much longer if she were to try and fix the leak herself.


So she had lead him inside the house. He looked around as she lead him for the stairs. He must have noticed how quiet it was, because he asked her if she lived alone. Yes, my parents were brutally murdered and my son was taken away from me by his deadbeat dad. she had thought to herself. She had changed the subject, leading him upstairs to the bathroom. She stood in the doorway as he quickly got to work. Instead of watching him, her mind had drifted away. She was thinking about Tyson. She was worried sick about him. She hadn’t spoken to him in weeks. She had tried to call Gage, only to discover he had disconnected his number. There was no other way she could contact him. Even though she had wanted to kill him, she had a feeling he was taking good care of their son. At least she hoped so.


It was a few days later when she had gotten a bright idea. It had come to her suddenly while she had been sitting on the couch reading a book. She had dropped the book, jumping to her feet. She had hurried over to the desk and had fired up the computer. It had taken less time than she had expected, but soon she had Gage’s mother’s house number. The wonders of the internet. Ellie had thought to herself as she had dialed the phone number. She and Marilyn Clayton had never gotten along. Gage’s mother was the type who volunteered at the hospital, who lead welcome wagons, she threw tupperware parties and drove around in a station wagon. She knew Gage had driven her crazy growing up, which had brought a smile to Ellie’s lips. So once Marilyn had answered the phone, she sounded surprised to hear it was Ellie who was calling.


Ellie skipped the pleasantries. She was forward and direct. She asked Marilyn if she had spoken to Gage. If by any chance, had he maybe even stopped by with Tyson? She was surprised when Marilyn had said yes. Gage and Tyson had just been there the day prior. He’s my grandson too, you know. Marilyn had replied in her nasally voice that always reminded Ellie of nails on a chalkboard. Marilyn had said that Tyson was just fine. He was enjoying spending time with his father. That surprised Ellie as well. She thought Tyson would have been miserable. But it made her feel slightly better that Tyson was doing alright. He was safer where he was, nowhere near West Valley. Ellie didn’t have to worry about the killer getting to her son. She could focus on work, and focus on protecting herself.


Ellie snapped back to the present. Lorenzo was done. The leak had been fixed. She gave him a thin smile as she lead the way out of the bathroom and into the upstairs hallway. They descended the stairs to the main floor of the house. Lorenzo stood by the front door as Ellie went to get her purse. She pulled out her checkbook. Lorenzo told her the price. It wasn’t as much as she thought it would be. With a wink, he told her he had given her a special price. Ellie would have been flattered if she would have been interested. She handed him over the cheque, arching an eyebrow as he took his time to head out. He turned to her, asking her if she would like to get together sometime for dinner. She resisted the urge to laugh in his face. The only answer she had was ushering him out the door, stating she was a lesbian.


02-14-18_1-26-28 PM

She let out a deep sigh of relief as she closed the door, Lorenzo heading back to his van. Instead of heading outside, Ellie waited for him to leave. He would have probably offered her a ride to Surge. I’d rather be thrown to a pack of hungry lions. Ellie thought to herself. Peeking through the glass of the front door, she saw Lorenzo’s van pull away from the curb. Finally! she thought as she grabbed her purse and pulled open the front door. She stepped outside in the warm sun, closing and locking the door behind her as she did so. She turned, looking both ways down the street. Hoping Lorenzo hadn’t had a change of heart and was going to pull the van back up in front of the house. There was no sign of him. Ellie hurried down the walkway and over to the sidewalk. She decided she would take a shortcut, it would get her to Surge faster.


And it’ll keep me out of sight from Lorenzo and his leakage. she thought to herself with a disgusted grimace on her face. Soon, Ellie found herself on a dirt path as she made her way into the forest. It bordered the suburbs, and on the other side, was downtown. If she stuck to the path, she would reach her destination in a few minutes. Birds chirped happily around her as she made her way down the path. Sunlight beamed down from in between the leaves of the trees high above Ellie’s head. The air was fresher in the forest, Ellie took in a deep breath and couldn’t help but smile. Her feet crunched on the dirt path as she kept walking. Suddenly, she stopped. There was a sensation at the base of her spine. A kind of pressure. As if someone’s eyes were on her. Watching her. Ellie turned slightly to look behind her shoulder.


All she could see was the ocean of trees behind her. If someone was there, she couldn’t see them. Ellie took a few hesitant steps backwards. Silence now except for the sound of her soft breathing. She realized the birds had stopped their chirping. As if something had frightened them into silence. Ellie blinked softly as she took another step back. The sensation that she was being watched grew stronger. She opened her mouth to call out, but couldn’t seem to find her voice. Instead, she turned, and kept moving down the dirt path. Calm down. It’s probably just someone out for a walk. she thought to herself with a frown creasing her face. She was aware the forest was still silent, she tried to ignore it. That’s when she skidded to a stop, almost tripping over her own feet, a noise breaking the silence of the forest.


A twig snapped, somewhere nearby. She didn’t know why, but it made her pulse pick up it’s pace. There was definitely someone there, hidden between the trees. Ellie’s eyes scanned her surroundings. Trying to locate the source of the noise. For all you know, it could be a squirrel. she thought to herself. She doubted that was the answer. She was aware of what could happen in West Valley. That noise that you would usually shrug off without a second thought, could be danger approaching. Or worse, it could be death. Ellie’s eyes darted nervously around, expecting to see the West Valley killer. She had a feeling that was who it was. He, or she, was nearby, about to make Ellie their next victim. She wasn’t sticking around to find out.


03-19-18_11-41-03 PM

So Ellie hurried down the dirt path. Every once in a while throwing a glance over her shoulder. Moments later the silence of the forest was replaced with the sound of traffic. Out of the corner of her eye, Ellie thought she saw a shadowy figure duck down behind a tree. Instead of turning and going to investigate, she knew she had to keep moving. A heavy sigh of relief escaped her lips as she emerged out onto the sidewalk. She was just a few doors down from Surge. She felt better, safer. There were people on the sidewalk, heading to and from stores. Enjoying the nice day. Ellie felt a pang of envy. She wished she could be that carefree. But she had seen too much. She had experienced true horror. And it was something she would never forget.


She let out a deep breath. Glanced over her shoulder, almost expecting to see the killer looming behind her with a knife held high in the air. But it was just her imagination running wild. There was no one behind her. With her heels clicking on the blacktop, Ellie made her way towards Surge.















03-20-18_4-43-16 PM

It felt great to finally be out of the hospital bed. She could wear her own clothes now, instead of having to wear the hideous gown the hospital had provided her with. No more nurses coming in to check on her, or the steady beeping of the machines that were hooked up to her. Amy was finally home. She had been released that afternoon. It had come as a relief. She had been sitting up in her hospital bed when the doctor had entered the room. He had a smile on his face, a contrast to his usual frown. Amy had a feeling that he was going to deliver her good news. And he did. He told her she was free to go. All the tests they had performed on her had come back negative. Amy had let out a sigh of relief, it was like a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders.


Most importantly, there seemed to be nothing wrong with the baby. It was just fine, growing inside of her. That’s what had worried Amy the most. She knew the pain she had felt in her stomach wasn’t normal. It had been so intense, she had fainted in the middle of the kitchen. Sometimes things like that happened, the doctor had explained. But he had reassured her that the baby was just fine. And so was she. A nurse had come in a few minutes later to unhook her from the machines. She gave Amy her privacy, turning her back while she got dressed. Once she was ready, they headed out into the hall to the nurses station where she signed her release forms. A wide smile played on Amy’s lips as she had taken the elevator down to the main lobby of the hospital.


The first thing she saw once she stepped out of the elevator was her younger sister. Jillyan held a large bouquet of different colored balloons in her hand. She had a wide smile on her face. Amy grinned back at her as she walked over to her. They hugged tightly before Jillyan handed her the balloons. Amy had no clue what she was going to do with them, but she had thanked her sister anyway. Arm in arm, they headed out of the hospital and into the bright sunlight. They had headed over to the car, Jillyan insisting that she drive back home. Amy didn’t argue with her. She just wanted to be back in the comfort of their own home. It was a struggle to stuff the balloons into the backseat of the car, but finally they were on their way. Jillyan drove carefully through the neighborhood, considering she only had her driver’s permit.


A few minutes later, they had pulled up to the curb in front of the house. Jillyan killed the engine as she hopped out of the car, hurrying to the other side to let Amy out. I could get used to this special treatment!  Amy had thought to herself with a slight smile playing on the corner of her lips. Stepping on the curb, she looked up at the house. Nothing seemed to have changed since she had seen it last. It seemed like Jillyan had taken good care of it while she was away. Amy let her sister lead the way up to the front door. Unlocking the door, they walked into the house. The silence was welcoming, unlike at the hospital where there was always something going on. Such as the day where the West Valley killer had been lurking the halls of the hospital.


03-20-18_5-12-17 PM

Remembering that day, it made an icy cold shiver of fear snake down Amy’s spine. Whoever the killer was, he or she was not afraid of the security roaming every floor of the hospital. There had been security even outside of her own room. But it hadn’t stopped the killer from terrorizing Isabel Marcus. The girl had come to visit Amy, and had run into the killer instead. Luckily, she had gotten away before she could fall victim to the killer’s knife. Amy had heard about it later on when the security guard outside her door had come into the room to tell her what had happened. Amy had been worried, her heart racing, even though the security guard had reassured her he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.


Now, in the living room, Amy found herself moving. Heading out into the front hall of the house and over to the front door. Making sure it was locked. It was. Even though that doesn’t make a difference sometimes. she thought to herself with a slight frown. Locked doors couldn’t keep the killer out, it seemed. At least she wasn’t alone in the house. Jillyan was upstairs in her room, talking on the phone with her friend Hanna. Amy could hear her sister’s laughter. It brought a small smile to her lips. She was glad that Jillyan had come to West Valley to stay with her. And once school started up again in the fall, she would probably attend West Valley High. Amy rubbed her belly, in just a few months the baby would be born as well. She was beyond excited, even if she was going to be a single mother.


She still couldn’t believe that Shawn was dead. She thought it was just a nightmare that she couldn’t wake up from. But no, this was reality. He was gone forever. He’d never get to meet his baby. They would never get married. With those thoughts in her mind, she couldn’t help but think of Darcy. The other girl had finally gotten married while she was still in the hospital. At least she gets the fairy tale life.  Amy thought to herself. Sure, Darcy had been through a lot. But things were looking up for her now. She was married, and she was starting a new business. Amy couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous of her. They had been friends once upon a time. It seemed so long ago, looking back now. At least they were on slighter friendlier terms. They weren’t going around slapping each other anymore.


“Is there someone outside?” a voice said, breaking Amy out of her thoughts.


Amy turned away from the front door to see Jillyan standing behind her. She had been so wrapped up in her thoughts she hadn’t even heard her sister come down the stairs. “Oh. No. Just making sure the door is locked.” she told Jillyan.


03-20-18_5-58-24 PM

The worried look on her younger sister’s face disappeared. “I’m done on the phone so we can spend time together.” Jillyan explained.


“You mean you actually want to spend time with your older sister?!” Amy teased in mock surprise.


Jillyan giggled softly. “If that’s okay with you.” she replied.


“I think I can make some time in my busy schedule.” Amy replied with a smile. She lead the way back into the living room as they sat down on the couch, making themselves comfortable.


“How are you feeling?” Jillyan asked. There was a quick glint of worry in her eyes.


“Better. Relieved that the baby is fine.” Amy replied. She rubbed her belly again. “And relieved that you’re here. I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t.” she said.


“I’m sorry I wasn’t home when you… felt sick.” Jillyan replied.


“You couldn’t have known what was going to happen. At least you helped me. You’re really mature for your age.” Amy said.


Jillyan blushed slightly. “I think it’s because of West Valley. It forces you to grow up. What with the murders and all.” she explained.


“Any normal person would stay away from here. And yet even though you knew about the murders, you came to stay with me.” Amy said.


03-20-18_6-04-57 PM

“Well you’re my sister and I love you. I didn’t like the fact knowing that you were here in this town all by yourself.” Jillyan replied.


Smiling, Amy reached over and wrapped her sister in a tight hug.















03-20-18_7-57-48 PM

Dusk. A soft breeze whispered through the tree leaves. A crescent moon hung lazily in the black canopy that was the sky. It was a starless night. As if the stars had gone into hiding. As if they knew that something was coming. Something with bad intentions. There was no sign of life on the sidewalks either. The townspeople had hurried inside once the bright orb that was the sun had set. The houses came alive, the windows lighting up as if on cue. It was wise to stay inside once it got dark. Yet there were some people who were indifferent. Why should they stop living their lives just because there was a killer out there, hiding in the dark? The killer struck at random, there was no specific list about who was going to get murdered next. However, this particular street was silent.


Gwen felt a little on edge as she stepped away from the window. Something had drawn her over to it, she had pulled back the curtains to stare out into the night beyond. The thick black shadows seemed to be closing in on the house. You’re just being paranoid because you’re home alone.  she thought to herself. She had no plans for the night while her housemates had left earlier. Fallon had gone to help Darcy set up her work event, and Naomi had gone over to Warren’s. She had gotten a phone call earlier, something about Warren’s mother wanting to meet her. She had gotten dressed and left in a hurry without even saying goodbye. Gwen had no idea what was going on with Naomi and Warren. Last she had heard, they were staying away from each other.


That made Gwen think of Marco. He had left her, and she couldn’t help but wonder what he was up to. Had he met someone new? She hadn’t. She was still too traumatized about how things had ended with him. He hadn’t just left her, he had left town. It had happened suddenly without any warning. Stop thinking about him. Gwen scolded herself as she made her way into the kitchen. The fridge ticked on with a hum, breaking the silence of the room. Gwen jumped slightly, rolling her eyes at how jumpy she was. She made her way over to the fridge, pulling it open and peering inside. She pulled out a can of soda, popping it open and taking a long sip as she closed the fridge door with her hip.


Her eyes ticked nervously around the kitchen, listening to the hum of the refrigerator. She wished someone would come home so she wouldn’t be alone. She assumed it would be Naomi who would return home first. Fallon was too busy with the event to be home anytime before midnight. Gwen had been invited to go, but she had declined. She just wasn’t in the mood to get dressed up and be around a lot of people. Now she was kicking herself for not attending. Not when every little sound was making her jump. Dumping the empty soda can away, she made her way out of the kitchen and into the living room. She had moved into the house not too long ago. She had asked Naomi if she could be their housemate. It was better than living by herself.


Especially after she had been attacked by the killer. She had been lucky. She had escaped. Not before he, or she, had chased her around downtown. She thought she wasn’t going to make it out alive, but fate had different plans for her. She had escaped with minor injuries. There wasn’t a day that passed where she didn’t think about that night. She never had thought of herself as a fighter, but she had fought the killer. She had fought for her life, and she had survived to see another day. Was there a higher power looking down on her from somewhere? Protecting her? So many others had died. People Gwen cared about, had died. What made her any different from them? It was rare to encounter the West Valley killer and make it out alive. Anyone hardly ever did.


Like Edwin Cosgrove.  Gwen thought to herself with a frown as she sat down on the couch. He had been the killer’s latest victim. Gwen had seen it on the news before her friends had asked her if she had heard about it. Maybe they should have started taking bets about who was going to die next. Whoever got it right would get to keep the money. That was until they were killed themselves. Gwen shook the morbid thoughts away as she grabbed the remote and turned on the television. Infomercial after infomercial, sitcoms, some cheesy eighties movies. Growing restless, Gwen turned the television off and got to her feet. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she wandered around the living room. Suddenly, there was a shrill ring. It took Gwen a moment to realize it was the phone.


She grabbed the phone, answering it. “Hello?” she said into the phone.


Silence on the other end. Gwen frowned, trying to ignore the uneasy feeling that wrapped itself around her. “Hello?” she said again, a little more gruff.


Static. And then a voice. “Hello, Gwen.” said an all too familiar voice.


Gwen’s blood ran cold. She knew that voice. She could identify it in her sleep. It was the killer. She sucked in a breath of surprise. “What do you want?” she asked.


“To talk.” the killer replied.


“Well dial someone else.” Gwen said, trying to stay calm.


“I’d call Naomi or Fallon, but they’re not home. Right?” the killer taunted.


Gwen swallowed hard. “How did you know that?” she asked, even though she was sure she knew the answer.


“I’m watching. I’m always watching.” the killer said with a giggle.


A shiver of fear snaked down Gwen’s back. On instinct, she turned to look towards the window. Darkness beyond the glass. “I’m nothing special to watch.” she said into the phone.


“Wrong. I’m watching you more than ever since you got away from me.” the killer replied.


“Leave me alone!” she cried. She couldn’t help it.


“I will. For now. Only after you answer a simple question.” the killer said.


“What question?” she asked, her voice wavering.


“Who is going to die tonight?” the killer asked.


03-20-18_9-16-22 PM

Gwen let out a gasp. She’d played this game before. Someone’s going to die tonight!? she thought to herself. “I…I don’t know! How could I?” she asked.


The killer let out a sigh of disappointment. “That’s not the answer I was looking for.” they replied. “Lucky for you, you’re safe. But someone’s life is about to end. I gotta go get to that. Remember, I’m always watching you. Always!” the killer replied.


With a click, there was the dial tone in Gwen’s ear. She lowered the phone, wondering who’s life was about to end.















Julie wasn’t home. She had gone off somewhere with Aiden. Megan wasn’t exactly sure where her sister and her boyfriend had gone. Probably somewhere private to bang their brains out. she thought to herself as she rolled her eyes. She was home alone, which she usually didn’t mind. But on this particular night, she also felt somewhat on edge. As if she was expecting something bad to happen. She couldn’t quite put her finger on why she felt that way. Every little noise in the house had her eyes darting around nervously. She knew she had nothing to worry about. The alarm system was on, and every once in a while a police cruiser would drive by the house. It was something her father had set up before he had been killed.


He had been on the police squad and had worried for the safety of his daughters. Instead, it had been him who had been killed. No one had protected him as he had gone to investigate a strange noise at St-Gregory’s church. The first killer, Scott Emerson, had been waiting there. And just when her father had let his guard down for a moment, Scott had pounced on him. Megan blinked softly, willing back the tears that threatened to cascade down her cheeks. Her father’s death had brought their mother back. She knew she could confide in her mother, but she was at work at that moment. Megan had the urge to pick up the phone and call her mother, but she decided against it. It could wait, she didn’t want to bother her.


Crossing the living room floor, Megan went over to the window. She pulled back the curtains and looked out to the darkness beyond. The police cruiser drove by, it’s lights off. Megan waved, feeling better. She stepped away from the window, the curtains falling back into place. She wandered over to the mirror to look at her reflection. She still couldn’t believe how good she looked. Hanna had given her a makeover. No longer did she look rough and punk. Her new image was demure and girly, just like most of the other girls she went to school with. Hanna had been right, it had made her more popular. Everyone had been shocked to see her new look. Thinking about it now, it brought a smile to her lips. She’d never seen so many jaws drop just to someone’s new appearance.


Charlie had been the most surprised of all. His eyes had nearly bugged out of his head when he had seen her. They were still broken up, he had finally began to keep his distance from her. But when he saw her at the mall with Hanna, he began to call and text her again. So had other boys, like Dante Newberry and Paul Hathaway, who was Hanna’s boyfriend. She had kept that piece of information to herself. It wasn’t only the boys who called and texted, the girls did too. They now seemed eager to hang out with her. Megan liked the attention she was getting. She thought maybe it was best to use it to her advantage. When she wasn’t doing something with Hanna and the other popular girls, she and Charlie were becoming close again. She had overreacted, she had realized.


03-31-18_1-29-51 PM

Perhaps breaking up with him wasn’t the smartest idea. Since they had been broken up, Charlie hadn’t been with any other girls. Not even with Jillyan, who she had thought that were was something going on between the two of them. They were just friends. Megan had apologized to the other girl. She had more serious things to worry about, like the health of her sister and her unborn baby. Jillyan had accepted Megan’s apology and they too were starting to become good friends. Standing in front of the mirror, Megan turned to the left, and then to the right, studying her reflection. She wondered what had made her dress more differently than the other girls in West Valley. Was she just rebelling? Did it have something to do with her mother not being around for two years?


Megan looked up. What was that noise? she thought to herself. She listened carefully. And let out a deep breath that she didn’t realize she had been holding. It was her phone, ringing from the living room. She made her way back into the living room, searching for where she had left her phone. She spotted it on one of the couch pillows. She picked it up, looking down at the screen. CHARLIE OLSEN flashed up at her. With a smile, she pressed a button, answering the call as she brought the phone up to her ear.


“Hello?” she said.


“Hey. It’s me.” Charlie’s voice came from the other end of the line.


“Hi, me.” Megan replied with a giggle.


Charlie laughed in response. “What are you doing?” he asked her.


“Absolutely nothing. How about you?” she asked him.


“I’m bored. Do you want to get together?” he asked her.


“I’m supposed to stay in tonight. No one is here.” she explained.


“Oh come on! I had a great idea. Let’s meet at the country club.” Charlie replied.


03-31-18_1-46-59 PM

Megan frowned. “Isn’t it already closed?” she asked curiously.


“Yeah. Haven’t you ever heard of sneaking in?” Charlie replied with a chuckle.


“Aren’t we going to get in trouble?” Megan replied. Although the idea of sneaking into the country club sounded enticing.


“Even the security guard is gone for the night.” Charlie replied.


Megan laughed. “Fine. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” she told him.


“Great! See you in a bit!” Charlie replied excitedly before hanging up the phone.


Shaking her head, Megan put her phone away. She knew what she was about to do was wrong, but she didn’t seem to care. She went over to the window, pulling the curtains back once again to peer outside. No police cruiser. I have to do this quick. she thought to herself as she hurried out of the living room and into the main entryway. She disarmed the security system, pulled open the front door, and stepped out into the night. She closed the door behind her, locking it before she hurried down the walkway and over to the sidewalk. She peered down both ways of the street. Still no sign of the police cruiser. With her heart thudding in her chest, she stepped off the curb and hurried to the other side of the street. She cut through someone’s side yard, blending into the shadows.


It was darker than she expected. She wanted to pull out her phone so she could use the flashlight, but decided against it. It would only make her be seen. That’s the last thing she wanted. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be out. If her sister or mother found out, she’d be grounded until she was forty. She cut through someone’s backyard, stopping in her tracks when the motion sensor light suddenly flashed on. It was so bright, she shielded her eyes before she kept moving, emerging onto another residential street. She recognized the house. The Cosgrove house. The Cosgrove family had lived there. Only Olivia remained now. Her husband and her daughter had been killed in that house. If she were Olivia, Megan would have moved. There were too many horrifying memories there.


03-31-18_2-12-28 PM

Megan hurried down the sidewalk. The country club was just around the corner. How ironic was it that Olivia Cosgrove lived within walking distance of there? Suddenly, headlights filled her vision. With a gasp, Megan dove behind a bush. She waited, her heart pounding as the car drove past. Once it was out of sight, Megan got to her feet and made her way around the corner. There was the country club, just up ahead. The building loomed over her, dark and foreboding. Megan looked around. No sign of Charlie. Was he already inside? Quickly and silently, she made her way over to the entrance. She reached out, grabbed the handle, and pulled. To her surprise, the door opened easily. With a quick glance over her shoulder, Megan stepped inside the building, the door swinging shut behind her.


“Charlie!” she called out in a loud whisper.


No reply. He had probably not arrived yet. The silence of the country club was eerie. Megan stood in the main entrance. No one behind the main desk. No surprise there. Megan thought to herself. It had been a few hours since the club had closed for the night. Megan wondered what they were going to do there. Play tennis? Go swimming? Sweat it out in the sauna? Her footsteps echoed off the walls as she took a few steps deeper into the building. She called out Charlie’s name again. Still no reply. Megan crossed her arms over her chest, waiting. There were barely any lights on in the building, and the shadows loomed black and thick around her. An icy cold shiver of fear snaked down her spine. What was taking Charlie so long? Megan’s eyes darted around nervously.


She went to reach for her phone to call Charlie when suddenly, from the shadows behind her, a hand clamped down on her shoulder. Megan’s eyes widened as she let out a startled scream of surprise.


“What are you doing here?!” asked an unfamiliar male voice from the darkness behind her as she was suddenly yanked roughly backwards into the shadows. There was the sound of a scuffle as Megan let out another scream that echoed through the empty country club.


06-07-18_12-58-26 PM















Suspenseful music blared out from the surround sound system. Sitting comfortably on the couch, eyes glued to the screen, was Preston. He dug his hand into the bowl of popcorn at his side, stuffing them into his mouth. It was a quiet night. After a nice calm dinner with Beth, she had gone out. She had asked Preston to come with her, she was headed over to Surge. Preston had almost agreed, but changed his mind at the last minute. A quiet night at home sounded more pleasing to him. So he had declined, telling Beth he would join her next time. With a shrug of her shoulders, Beth had headed out without a second thought, closing the front door behind her. A few minutes later, Preston had gone over to lock the door. It was better to be safer than sorry.


06-07-18_1-20-21 PM

He had felt a bit uneasy being home alone, but he had pushed those feelings away as he had headed back into the kitchen. After putting the dirty plates into the dishwasher, he had made his way into the living room. He had plopped down on the couch, a sigh escaping his lips as he turned on the television. Flicking through the channels, he saw there was nothing good playing. But then a movie caught his attention. A thriller he had wanted to see. It was funny that since a killer was on the loose in the town of West Valley, there seemed to be a lot of horror and thriller movies playing on television. Preston thought it was kind of in poor taste. Many people had died so far. The population of the small town was winding down slowly. If the killer isn’t caught soon, there will be no one left. he had thought to himself as he had gotten up and headed back into the kitchen.


Soon the sound of popping kernels filled the kitchen as Preston stood by the counter. He watched the popcorn form with a small smile playing on his lips. Soon, the popcorn was done, there wasn’t a burnt one in the batch. He dumped them into a bowl and made his way out of the kitchen and back into the living room. Sitting back down on the couch, he brought his attention back to the movie. Unaware of the shadowy figure that passed by the outside of the living room window. There was someone out there, lurking in the shadows of the night. The figure disappeared from sight just as Preston looked up. The uneasy feeling he had felt earlier had returned. With a frown on his face, he reached over and muted the television. Listening carefully. He heard something. Slowly, Preston stood up from the couch.


Someone was outside. On the front porch. He could hear the scuffle of shoes. Preston sucked in a deep breath. His eyes scanned the room for his phone. Should I call the police? he thought to himself. Slowly, as silently as he could, he made his way across the living room floor and out into the hallway. He had left his phone upstairs in his bedroom. But if he had to, he could use the house phone. The nearest one was in the kitchen. Maybe it was just Beth, who had returned home because she had forgotten something. So Preston waited, hoping the front door would open and Beth would enter. The door remained closed. His heart began to race a little faster. He took a step closer towards the kitchen, keeping his eyes on the front door. Through the glass, he could make out a shadowy figure standing out on the front porch.


Preston sucked in another deep breath, ready to turn and run for the kitchen when suddenly, through the glass, the shadowy figure disappeared. Who was that?! he thought to himself as he took a few hesitant steps towards the front door. Was it the killer? Or was it someone entirely different? Slowly, quietly, Preston made his way over to the door. His hand trembled slightly as it hovered over the lock. And then quickly, he unlocked the door and threw it open. He flinched, waiting for someone to come flying at him. Silence. A soft wind ruffled the leaves outside. Preston stepped out onto the front porch, looking around. He wanted to call out, but couldn’t seem to find his voice. The front yard was empty, illuminated by the porch light. Was someone playing a prank on him? Preston hoped not.


06-08-18_1-12-50 PM

For a moment, he thought this had something to do with the video. The video that Alexander had leaked online. Of them being intimate together. Things with that had gotten quiet. He had thought maybe people had forgotten about it. What if they hadn’t? What if the shadowy figure he had seen was someone trying to intimidate him? Another frown creased Preston’s face. Will people ever leave it alone? Or is it something that is going to follow me from here on out? he couldn’t help but think to himself. With another glance to make sure there was no one around, he turned to head back inside. That’s when he saw the piece of paper. It was taped to the front door. And it had his name on it. He pulled it off and looked down at the paper in his hand. He didn’t recognize the handwriting. He couldn’t tell if it was male or female.


What is this? Preston thought to himself as he stepped back inside the house, closing and locking the front door behind him. With the note in his hand, he made his way back into the living room. He glanced quickly at the television screen. The movie he had been watching was over, another movie was playing. Sitting on the couch, Preston turned off the television. He focused on the paper in his hand, unfolding it and reading it. It was a letter of apology. From Alexander. For a moment, Preston’s heart jumped. Alexander had been around? Had he delivered the note himself? Or did someone do it for him? Why hadn’t he knocked or rang the doorbell? Preston would have loved to talk to him. He read the letter again. Alexander regretted what he had done, and hoped Preston could find it in his heart to forgive him.


Forgive him? I don’t know. But he does seem truly sorry. Preston thought to himself. He frowned, he’d have to think about it. Maybe Alexander deserved a second chance. With everything that was happening in West Valley, maybe the video wasn’t such a big traumatic event that he had made it out to be. People around him were dying. People he knew. Blake Tucker, Faye Abernathy, and Edwin Cosgrove. They were dead. Preston had been shocked to hear the news. He wondered who was going to be the next victim? Who would be the next to fall under the killer’s knife blade? And was the killer actually Brandon Covington or someone completely different? Just thinking of Brandon’s name made a slow shiver of fear snake down his spine.


Preston had heard the story. How Brandon had snapped, killing his father after his mother’s untimely death. How he had spent years behind the walls of a mental institution. How he had escaped, disappearing without a trace. For some reason, people had thought Brandon had died. But he was very much alive. He was somewhere, calling the shots on as to who lived and who died. Most of his attention seemed focused on Darcy, though. He wanted her alive, at least for the time being. If I was her, I’d change my name and hide out in a cave somewhere far from civilization. Preston thought to himself with a frown creasing his forehead. He brought his attention back to the letter in his hand. Maybe he could get a hold of Alexander on the phone before he headed out of West Valley.















The rest of the day had passed by in a blur. Darcy had been kept busy at work. Once the doors to the store had opened, people came rushing in and out all day long. And they didn’t leave empty handed. It was just the first day and business had been booming. Darcy could barely get a break in, getting five minutes to have something to eat before getting back to work. At times Darcy looked over at Jane, who’s eyes flashed with excitement. It was as if she knew she had something special there. As if she knew this was the beginning of an exciting time ahead. Lots of money was going to be made. Jane’s excitement was catching, soon enough Darcy had felt it too. More so when people she knew had come into the store. She had served Fallon, Naomi, Isabel and Stephanie Workman.


06-11-18_1-11-55 PM

They had all left with purchases, wide smiles on their faces. Then, Darcy’s excitement had slowly turned into nervousness. The reporters had shown up, ready to interview herself and Jane. They had closed the store doors for a few minutes while the reporters asked them questions about their new business. With the cameras flashing and the microphones in her face, it made Darcy think back to not that long ago when she had returned home. From being held captive by the West Valley killer. How the reporters had hounded her with questions about the two months that she had been gone. But that was not the case now. She was being questioned about happier things. She had to suck in a deep breath, pushing back the troubling thoughts out of her mind.


Luckily the reporters didn’t stay long. Jane must have sensed the uneasy feeling on Darcy, and had sent them on their way. The store opened once more, a wave of people coming in as they got back to work. It hadn’t felt like a few hours had passed, but then Jane had sent Darcy home. Telling her to go get ready for their event. Feeling tired yet eager, Darcy had headed back home. Stepping in the door, she saw Campbell was waiting for her, already dressed. He looked great, she couldn’t help but think to herself. Giving him a kiss, she had hurried upstairs to get ready. After choosing a dress from her closet, she had hurried to the bathroom to take a shower. She had gotten ready in record time, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Jane had said to dress to kill, and she truly felt she had.


Darcy had headed back downstairs to where Campbell was waiting. His eyes widened when he saw her. She knew he approved. A small giggle had escaped her lips as they headed out of the house. Campbell had drove to the banquet hall, driving in silence. She could tell he was also excited for her. Almost the whole town had been invited to this event. Reaching their destination, they had left the car for valet. Soon they were heading up the steps, pushing the door open and entering the building. Classical music played from the speakers as Darcy took a look around. People had already begun to take their seats. Even her parents were there. Darcy had gone over to see them, her father and mother hugging her tightly in a group hug. She could tell they were proud of her.


She had gotten back on her feet since the destruction of her own store, which had affected them as well. No parent wanted to see their only child’s livelihood burn down to the ground. All because a serial killer was obsessed with her. Darcy couldn’t help but wonder if Brandon knew about tonight’s event. Jane hadn’t exactly kept it hush hush. Sure, there was going to be security, which made Darcy feel somewhat better. Yet she gazed around, wondering if Brandon, or the killer, was there at this very instant. That’s why she startled slightly when someone touched her arm. It was just Jane, a wide smile on her face. She looked amazing, also dressed to kill. She’s wearing one of her creations, I’m sure of it. Darcy thought to herself with a smile. Jane handed her a tall glass filled with champagne.


“To our new business.” Jane said with a smile.

“To our new business!” Darcy repeated, clinking her glass lightly against Jane’s.


Darcy took a sip from her glass. This isn’t cheap champagne. she thought to herself. She could tell the difference. She was drinking quality champagne. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her father walk away. He had that bored look on his face she had come to know all too well. She couldn’t help but chuckle, taking another sip from her champagne glass. A woman dressed to the nines walked up to Jane. She introduced her to Darcy, who’s eyes widened in surprise. Meryl Kennedy? Another famous fashion designer! Darcy thought to herself. She reached out with her free hand and shook hands with Meryl. She gushed about how much she loved her designs. Darcy nearly keeled over when Meryl revealed she was a fan of her’s as well. Meryl laughed and placed a soft hand on Darcy’s shoulder before moving on to talk to other people.


“Meryl Kennedy likes MY designs?” Darcy said to Jane once Meryl was out of earshot.


“Is that such a surprise? You have talent, my dear.” Jane replied with a smile playing on her lips.


Darcy was about to reply when Jane was called away. She gave her glass, now empty to Darcy to hold. Darcy watched her sashay away. A waiter came by, taking the glasses out of her hand. Darcy thanked him, spotting her mother. She had a frown on her face, glancing to the door. Sensing something was wrong, Darcy made her way across the floor and over to where her mother stood.


“Everything okay, mom?” she asked curiously.


“I heard the event is about to start, and your father pulled a disappearing act.” her mother replied with a sigh.


A soft chuckle escaped Darcy’s lips. “He probably headed outside. I’ll go see if I can find him.” she told her mother.


She headed across the floor, and out the door into the main lobby. There was no sign of her father. Darcy thought nothing of it as she reached the double glass doors, pushing them open and stepping out into the night. She took in her surroundings. Still no sign of her father. A slight frown creased her pretty face. She didn’t feel worried. Yet. Maybe he went to secretly smoke, which he thinks mom and I don’t know about. she thought to herself as she descended the steps. Her heels clicked against the pavement as she did so. Suddenly, a hand wrapped itself around her arm. She sucked in a deep breath, spinning around. She thought it was her father. Instead, it was Jane who stood before her.


“What are you doing out here? The event is about to start!” Jane revealed.


“Looking for my dad. Have you seen him?” Darcy asked, arching an eyebrow in Jane’s direction.


Jane shook her head. “No. I haven’t. But I’ll keep an eye out for him. Now come on!” she replied, grabbing Darcy’s hand and leading her back inside the banquet hall.


Entering the large room, Darcy saw her mom looking at her with hopeful eyes. Darcy shook her head as Jane lead her to the middle of the room. Darcy’s mother frowned, pulling out her cellphone from her purse. She dialed a number, bringing the phone to her ear. Darcy had to turn her attention away from her mother, since Jane was now talking into the standing microphone in front of her. She thanked everyone for coming, which got a round of applause from the crowd. She introduced Darcy, who hesitated slightly before she leaned into the microphone. She also thanked everyone for coming. She also thanked Jane for picking her as her business partner. She tried to seem excited, which she was, but she was also getting worried about her father. An uneasy feeling seemed to wrap itself around her as she spoke.


Jane was taking questions. Darcy looked out into the sea of faces, spotting her mother. The older woman had the phone to her ear as she walked out of the room. Darcy felt like following, but there was a question from Fallon that was directed towards her. Darcy answered, trying to focus on the question her best friend had asked. Something about a friend discount. Darcy thought. She would have laughed if the uneasy feeling that wrapped itself around her didn’t seem to tighten. A few more questions, which seemed like an eternity, and finally Jane announced for everyone to mingle and enjoy themselves. Darcy hurried across the floor, heading out of the room. She almost collided with her mother, who was coming back inside. The look on her face revealed she hadn’t found her husband.


“I called your father’s cellphone and it just keeps ringing.” her mother said with worry glinting in her eyes.


06-11-18_2-26-04 PM

“I’ll go look for him. You go back inside.” Darcy replied. Her mother nodded and headed back into the room.


A block of ice seemed to settle in Darcy’s stomach as she pulled out her cellphone. She dialed her father’s number, bringing the phone up to her ear. You better answer, dad. she thought to herself. The phone rang as something lead her outside. Maybe her father had gone for a walk and had lost track of time.


“Come on, dad. Pick up the phone.” she whispered softly.


That’s when she heard it. The ringing of a phone. It came from the side of the building. Darcy walked slowly, holding the phone to her ear as she did so. Making her way along the wall of the banquet building until she turned the corner that ran along the side of the building. The ringing of the phone got louder. She recognized the ring tone. It was definitely her father’s phone. What’s he doing here? Darcy thought to herself with a deep frown creasing her face.


“Dad?” she called out.


No reply. “Dad?” she said a little louder, making her way along the wall.


Her heart began to beat a little faster. A few more steps, and she stumbled. A soft gasp escaped her lips as she grabbed the wall to steady herself. She looked down. Her eyes widened in horror. Her mouth opened in shock.


“DAD! NO!” she screamed.


06-11-18_2-44-00 PM

Her father was dead. A cleaver embedded in his skull. Blood stained the dirty blade. Darcy noticed her father had been stripped of his clothes as well. She screamed again, knowing very well the West Valley killer had just claimed another victim.








25 thoughts on “S04xE05 – WORK

  1. This is great. Love it. You never know until close to the end who is going to be the next victim.
    I don’t know why more people aren’t reading this story. I am going to start recommended it to people.
    Your writing is one of the best. The suspense is awesome. I don’t remember reading any other murder mysteries on WordPress

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      1. I don’t think it’s a coincidence knowing the killer has got grievances against Darcy since the beggining. And he called , each time he call somebody to ask who is the next person to die, he kills.
        I say he but he can be a she it’s just easy to me to call the killer him/he.

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      2. Whoever this person is, they have got a male instinct because this person cold kill without having no emotions.


  2. Oh and you’re not alone by the way I can’t seem to beg readers to read. And I don’t think that I am totally crap but maybe I am. And it’s not that I don’t read others because I read lots of them and very very very very few come back and meet mine. Good luck finding those readers let me know where they are so I can get a few myself.


    1. You are also a fan of Western Valley mystery my friend.
      I am too much ashamed of my story because it’s not a serious one it’s a miracle each time somebody reads me.

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      1. OH NO dear friend .. simlit is one of the hardest creative mediums! It is very difficult to get readers .. I love Ms V .. it is why I wanted her in my story for a bit ❤

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      2. I know I have got readers that let me comments I can count on my hands and I have so little views with days with no views at all.
        I love the Charmings too and I like this story with Darcy and the serial killer.
        I am grateful to get fans as you really . It was so unexpected.

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      3. Sometimes I really thought of the same but I am careful, first time for the first criminal I was conned by this idea. And nobody sees Brian.

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